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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    first u removed essence in pvp wich was ok, but what about health potions? this really removes fun from pvp when dk who are hard to kill if they are op use pots like crazy,, remove health potions from pvp
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  2. draco994

    draco994 Active Author

    you can also pot and are ample in pw maps to farm... until it is legal, we cant complain.. yes but removing it is an option to make it more fun... but sw like chars cant regen unlike ranger with wolves and dk wild swing ... so it is unjustice to there char.
  3. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Come on, now, give us some respect.
    People were directed to design the program to certain specifications. Someone had the authority to OK that design. Someone is still responsible for how the matching works, and how well it works.
    If the Admins are powerless, and BigPoint is completely calling the shots, why not just own up to it?
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  4. No PvP is not always fair right now. Yes, the developers are working on balancing PvP (Match making, skills, etc). No, I will not allow you two to keep bickering like kindergartners. One more unproductive word from either of you on this thread and those posts will be deleted too and you may find it difficult to post for a while. The forums are a place for idea exchange, not personal attacks.
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  5. velimir84

    velimir84 Forum Apprentice

    Yes we know how you working on balance. i play this game for a 3 years, arena was same in all this years. You didn't do anything except you remove ss, in that 3 years. Always lower rank get better, why some centurion can't get any legionars, no chance to see in arena. Why some sesoned koto got's some centurions, maybe few times. But marshals always got lower rank in fame 5% and more than him. Do not excuse admins because didn't do anything for balance, only for money, they change all game to payers have easier way to do anything in this game, and you can't deny it.
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Papreni ... but you said ... you don't play the arena. :D
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  7. Voldermordt

    Voldermordt Forum Greenhorn

    And here's my 2 cents for you all to read. It is not really rocket science is it, all they have to do is limit the lvl 35 and above to fight each other and leave the rest below lvl 35 to fight it out with a 5 lvl difference buffer on either side. It is not fair at all for players to be forced to join a fight at lvl 34 fame against a lvl 40 fame player, they have no chance at all when once stunned to be obliterated with 1 or 2 shots from a strong player and believe me the attack speed of many players these days are well over 2.35 att/sec and thats before bonuses from the arena added on. This would allow a lot of beginner arena players to have a lot more fun in the arena without feeling that their toon is complete crap, we all want to have fun and this I believe would allow a lot more players to play the arena. I don't know about you but fighting the same players for 3 yrs has gotten a bit dull for me, I need fresh meat lol. Thanks for reading.
  8. hmm

    hmm Forum Apprentice

    They miss something on their algorithm for matching imo, you can say that when you see a 4 members teams with legionaire(s) in the team to be favored against a 5 member team with strongers players.
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No they are not missing anything.
    It is simple ... that is the pool of players available at that time (playing arena).
    It is better to play and lose ... instead of waiting 3 days for fight.
  10. Voldermordt

    Voldermordt Forum Greenhorn

    OK, here's another idea I just thought of and maybe it could be the answer to all the problems of the arena. Everyone is saying that there is a major difference between ftp toons and ptp toons and they are right but I see a way to fix that problem once and for all. Everyone does farming and see's white items on the ground and that is usually where they stay, on the ground, if the game makers started a new arena up that used these white items for competition ftp players could compete just as well as ptp players. What I am suggesting is that white items could be crafted just like green/blue/pink items into new items that do not have any gem slots on them at all just stat bonuses like normal items do now, so you get 4 x white gloves for example and join them together and get a white/green glove from it (this item has 1 bonus stat just like a normal green item but no gem slots and so on and son on till you get white/legendary items (no gem slots ). This way everyone in the game can play in the arena with these new items and put no gems on them. It is quite obvious to me that these items would be of little use to players for farming as the stats would not be good enough in the game area, I could be wrong but I doubt it, these items are only for use in the FTP arena. I think a new page of backpacks would be necessary to hold these new items available for anders of course and this would re-emburse the makers of the game for the effort needed to make up the new arena. Just an idea but I think it could work.
  11. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    It could work, but then the game would have to make to eSport category or completely monthly recurring payment for playing the game.
    You do realize that people are spending money on gems, potions, glyphs and jesters > for being better in pvp / shortcut the farming.
    I wouldn't think anyone spending lot of cash just for PvE....

    fix the problem, create another one:eek:
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  12. Voldermordt

    Voldermordt Forum Greenhorn

    I really do not think the white items intended for the arena would in any way be good enough for PVE, I have a DK (given to me by the game to test the new content) on the test server that has a full setup of legendary items but because I can't get the payment window to come up I can't buy gems to make him stronger/faster etc., due to this he is quite slow in travel, attack and damage and he does not tank well at all, this is what lead me to think that the new white legendary equipment for the arena would not work very well out of the arena but would bring everyone that plays the FTP arena back to the same level playing field, you would have to rely on team work and skill to win and not depend on who has to biggest credit card.
  13. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    If the pvp would shift more to that kind of arena type, you would have to start thinking how to refund the game and it costs.
    Simply there is no point to pay if you can get it free. You can enter in the arena as a free to play with the players with similar
    stats in their gear or you could pay mmm lets say 2000usd to enter in the arena to play with the players with similar stats aquired with the said money. I'm not seeing anyone spending that kind of money just for doing Pve unless you are really a rich like a king lol

    I do think that after being a p2w type of game it would be very hard to get into Esport category not only because of the class balance but
    also from the marketing side.
  14. skillarea1

    skillarea1 Active Author

    yes like trakilaki said, not base on program, but on players available

    and why some time 2 player field marshal on same group, its for balancing of distribution for honor point, drakensang focusing on honor point not on win
    but i like it, and release 155, its next step for more balance

    what will u choose on 6v6 ( example) ??
    you are team red team , with strong player, and always win, but u got 200 honor point/ play
    you are blue team, you are the only ONE strongest player and always lose, but u got 1500 honor/ play

    some time on 3v3, its event worst, your team win, but strongets get 1500 point and you just got 50 point, fell happy about your win
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  15. Theranger

    Theranger Someday Author

    Pvp by itself is not flawed, the matching system of pvp is such that at a given time it matches players that are online and registered. Also depends on your lvl . I have been in 3v3's at lvl 37 on tegan server where i was alone vs 3 other players in a 3v3 xD. But at the same time in duel system im matched vs same or lower ranked players . i believe dso tried to implement the balancing system somewhat , lot of players didnt get matches at lvl 45 at all . Even now on Tegan server some players dont get matches at all probably because of the matching criteria not getting fulfilled or a bug . Its not a perfect system , but it works . Try for better equips and farm when you can . Levelling my char myself and it does get tougher but not for long.
  16. hmm

    hmm Forum Apprentice

    you seem to miss the part whos is favored and why?
  17. radiantsapphire

    radiantsapphire Forum Apprentice

    The solution is here:
    Change the way you give out honor points. What do you expect when you beat a boss, and what do you think you will get when you defeat a regular monster? If you are a weak low lvl player and get into the arena with a marshal, although you get smashed, you get more points then he does, you will be happy. If people feel happy at smashing the weak, and they use pots or buffs, team up with other strong guys, then because it is an easy win, you will not get favorable rewards. And, although it won't be easy, maybe we can choose the opponent's strength(like easy, hard, very hard,...), of course the points will be different. There will always be someone who wants to play against experienced players, and others want to smash people just for the fun of it. If new players get more points, they can use the points to get better gear, they will know that there is another way to make their character strong, then more will join PVP, at least that is what we all hope for.
  18. bruluci

    bruluci Forum Apprentice

    Ranking based on skill

    The ranking system has always been solely based on "total honor points'
    This doesn't say much much for the skill level of a player, rather how many matches they played...

    If the ranking system was reworked to include percentage based levels (eg. kill to death ratio, win to loss... ect)
    it could give us something to work with on distributing honor points more effectively (eg. more honor for defeating higher ranked opponents) and would make balancing teams much more efficient.

    There are plenty of paper marshals in the game that really aren't any good at pvp.... just spammed their way up the the ladder.

    Also. More points distributed for assists! the MVP of a match (especially in ctf) is not always the player with the most points scored.
    But rather the player who recovered/saved the flag a dozen times. In short, there is not much reward for defense.

    Just my 2 cents, hope it helps!
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  19. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Having played over 2000 PvP matches I can say that there definitely are critical bugs in the match making system.
    Most notable one would be that most of the time stronger players are grouped into one side and the weaker players are grouped into the other side.
    This leads to that the outcome of the match is decisive even before it starts.
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  20. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    It's hard to find an open post about pvp, so I ended up here.
    PvP is incredibly hard to play now. It's been getting steadily harder to play for the last few weeks. I don't know if it is lag related, or due to a change in signal priorities, or keyboard control, but it has been steadily harder for me to move around and activate skills. One or two seconds may not seem like much per move, but it is enough to hand your head to your opponent.
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