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Discussion in 'Guild Introductions' started by Pauss, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice


    Well it's about time to make this oficial, a lot of the players that play on server Heredur may think that the FaıryTaıl guild isn't native english speaking but it is. Some may ask why the guild name is FaıryTaıl, well the guild has the same name of an anime and inclusive some of our members like to watch that anime and the other reason was because of the fairy pet, one of the first pets of the game. Here in our guild we have some rules, requests and notices are:

      • We do acept level 55.
      • We do events together and we farm at parallel worlds.
      • We are active players so we just acept active ones.
      • Fouls of respect entitle you to expulsion so respect others, they are not just players, they are your new family.
      • We acept players that can speak english and we acept players that speak portuguese too.
    Master: Fallen
    Officers: Queen77, Goldenfairyshot, Jhonsnow16, Mateea

    We are here only to show you our guild and if someone wishes to join this big family that we believe that someday will be one of the greatest of the server just need to contact one of the officers.
    Well going back to the point, while beliving that it will be one of the strongest guilds not only about power level but too at friendship level and loyalty which we believe that are ties that can never be broken, we can keep going forward and fighting against all of dracania enemies.

    With everything said i just need to coment this... Good game to all of you in name of the entire guild FaıryTaıl ;)
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  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Pauss and welcome to EN DSO Forums! Nice guild presentation you have in there! All the best of luck with your recruitment endeavours;

    kind regards.
  3. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    Hello Shine2 thank you for your lovely words ;)
  4. Vongrant

    Vongrant Forum Greenhorn

  5. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    thank you vongrant!
  6. MaxiiGaming

    MaxiiGaming Forum Greenhorn

    I might be interested, My ign is charizardfury. I am a lvl 55 dk. I don't play very often because im very bussy, so i normally get kicked out of guilds. If you are willing to let me join that would be great. My dk isn't very strong yet, but that just takes some time. When im online im very social and helpfull. Also fairytail was a great inspiration for me when i was younger and it helped me through some tough times, so I think this guild will suit me well.
  7. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    Hello maxii, already invited :) if someone else is interested please feel free to post it here.
  8. LuanaMessiah

    LuanaMessiah Forum Greenhorn

    Good Luck , the guild is very good.
  9. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

  10. C8ilutzu

    C8ilutzu Forum Greenhorn

    Can i join you guys?
    My character is a lvl 55 Dk ( i am kinda new , i did 55 about 2 weeks ago )
    Also i like your description and i have seen Fairy Tail too :D
    My name in Game is N0sf3ratus :D
    Let me know if you are interested to add me in pls :3
    Thank you for your time!
  11. Wizard31

    Wizard31 Forum Greenhorn

    Hey! Im a 55lvl ranger , pretty active right now and great fan of anime btw. I would really apreciate an invite, cuz my char is pretty bad and i need help if possible. Name Wiz31
  12. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    Acepted both of you.

  13. DaBiorni

    DaBiorni Forum Apprentice

    Hello, I am a level 46 Ranger, I would like to join your guild for the fact that I am a HUGE FairyTail fan and also I have been dying to find a guild that uses discord and actively uses it. In game IGN : Bj0rni
  14. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    Hi bj0rni you were invited, if someone else want to join just send message in here with nickname
  15. Haniball

    Haniball Forum Apprentice

    I would very much like to join but i can't play 24/7 because I am trully busy. IF you can find a spot for a player active 3-4 days / week let me know :) greetings!
  16. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    Hi, and what's your nickname ingame?
  17. mintrar

    mintrar Forum Greenhorn

    Hello there. I would like to join your guild. My character is a mage, not to strong (leveled 55 during Big game hunt event). I'm not able to play many hours per day, work has to be done :D. My character name: Mateea. Thanks.
  18. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    The guild is full at the moment but if something comes up i'll let you know.
  19. Baread

    Baread Forum Greenhorn

    Hello there. I would like to join your guild. My character is a ranger, i am level 53.
    Nick: Baread58
  20. Pauss

    Pauss Forum Apprentice

    At the moment the guild has 3 free slots if someone is interested just need to post his nickname here.

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