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Discussion in 'Guild Introductions' started by FallenTV, Apr 3, 2020.

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  1. FallenTV

    FallenTV Forum Greenhorn


    Hello to all the players that speak the portuguese language. FairyTail is a guild that started in 2013 and that has been disbanded in 2016.3 years after being dissolved and several players have stopped playing, including me the ex-guild master(Fallen). I hereby call on all who still play to return to the guild, we will make it reborn and become one of the largest guilds in the world Heredur server. Let's give a new meaning to the game, friendships, struggles for pvp supremacy, farms of all kinds, let's be FAIRYTAIL.

    Master: Fallen

    Come and join the guild, become FairyTail, carry the guild name across the kingdom of duria, for events, for pvp. Let's make FairyTail big again.​
  2. gabriel379

    gabriel379 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello i would like to enter im a lvl 55 dwarf nick Licke
  3. basilis474

    basilis474 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi if you want send me invite my name is Thewonderboy
  4. Poiani

    Poiani Forum Greenhorn

    hi you are still recruiting ?
  5. AvalonSpirit

    AvalonSpirit Forum Greenhorn

    hi fallen,I am an old friend of yours and I started playing again
    nick: Avalonspirit
  6. mortaius

    mortaius Forum Greenhorn

    if you are based in server heredur i can join? lvl 55 war nick poppasauro
    i reached lvl 55 somedays ago

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