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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by afhamreudk2, Mar 25, 2020.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. afhamreudk2

    afhamreudk2 Forum Apprentice

    Dear forum members,
    i want to talk about a huge problem, which might be not in everyone's mind. But still is something that must be changed. I have thought about this a few years ago but did not really have a problem with it myself, so I did not really care. A friend of mine might be in kind of a dilemma due to this problem, which is why I want to share it with you.
    Sending screens to the support to ban someone that does not behave properly (e.g. insulting others) is the right thing to do, of course. The only problem are those people that does not behave properly and abuse the support's power. There are a lot of people disliking other players (e.g. cuz they are better in PvP or unimportant stuff like that). Faking a screenshot is a piece of cake. You can either use photoshop, which would not be the easiest way. Or you can simply create a new character and 'steal' the 'victims' name by using greek/ russian letters and insult yourself or someone and taking a screenshot of this scenario. A screenshot is a picture. It is NOT possible to confirm who really appears in that screenshot. There are a lot of people suffering from this unarguably huge problem. There are players getting temporarily banned (such as a really dear friend of mine) or others, who are close to a permanent ban. This is really something that has to change. It is simply way too easy to create a false scenario on a screenshot.
    I hope my words reach at least a few of you. The more people know about this problem, the more might change.
    Thanks for your attention and time. :)
  2. .alexanderk.

    .alexanderk. Forum Greenhorn

    Hello guys. It's a good thing that this thread on forum opened since there's a huge problem with it on grimmag. People like me are getting banned everyday for absolutely no reason when we haven't said anything that violates the terms of use. A screen is a screen-there's no lie about, it but the main reason why people get banned because of this is due to Support's deficient close look at the matters. It is unfair that people use support's power due to support not checking the account logs and messages of our characters. We are asked for proofs that the screen that was sent to report us is fake but the proofs are right in front of them since they're the ones in charge of everything. Checking the logs is the easiest thing to do and something must be done about it. Banned people due to this unacceptable way then are forced to change their in-game name so that they won't be banned again but it usually doesn't work since the people who want others banned are committed enough to photoshop well other people's names. The people who get banned aren't random: they're the ones who are hated by a certain player who tries to wipe us all out from this game. Let it be known,players on grimmag are on a crisis due to this unfortunate issue.

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