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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by beno0812, Feb 28, 2021.

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  1. beno0812

    beno0812 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi All!
    How can I farm XP alone, if I just finished all the questions? I am a 77 level steam mechanikus and I do not play very often, so I must play alone. Where can I get XP for 100 lv?

    Furthermore I ask you, where can I get Legendary items? The drops are very low in this new version, but it would be great to get some items, that I can craft, because I am not too strong.

  2. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Veteran

    At level 77, if you've finished all your quests, you can farm places like the Great Desert or Suburbs of Cardhun on the highest difficulty you can handle. If you're strong, you can also head to Grimmagstone Parallel Worlds and just farm the circle in the first map. I'm going to suggest you stack XP buffs to reduce the time spent (Runes of Insight, daily quests from the middle category, Jindo pet dog, 600 andermant buff from the shop, etc).

    As for Legendary items, their drops are more frequent in higher difficulties. But of course, you can't play those if you're weak. I suggest playing in a group whenever possible.
  3. dkarl

    dkarl Old Hand

    I have an alternative suggestion: Avoid gaining XP. Keep playtime to a minimum until BP makes adequate improvements to key elements of the game.

    I'm not recommending that you adopt a twink mentality, but leveling up is currently a disadvantage to the player. Every time you increase a level, the mobs get stronger … but you don't.

    Toons get stronger in several ways (others will let you know if I missed anything significant):
    1. Wisdom -- points you apply in the wisdom tree can bolster your offensive strength, your defensive strength, give you more resources, more attack speed, more food speed, etc. Unfortunately, in DSO-DL, gaining Wisdom is a very slow slog. Wisdom drops randomly from mobs, but at a much lower frequency than pre-CE (r245). Wisdom supposedly drops from Bosses, but perhaps only in Parallel Worlds; I've never dropped Wisdom from a scaling dungeon Boss post-CE. There are now sometimes Wisdom rewards in both the individual and multiple-challenge bonuses, but they are pitiful compared to pre-CE daily challenge rewards. BP must rectify the Wisdom drop situation.
    2. Runes -- can also impact a variety of attributes. Runes only drop at Infernal and higher difficulty levels. You can buy them from various vendors, but they aren't cheap. BP also nerfed these out of certain events (e.g., the monthly Moon events were always good pre-CE for a couple of weapon speed runes). I doubt BP will change Rune availability; they want your purchases.
    3. Gems -- gem drops do appear to be slightly better in r247; I semi-regularly drop polished gems from even Painful mode mobs. But I mean, one or two every few hours. So, unless you're already OP and farming Merciless or Bloodshed, you won't farm enough gems to compensate for the higher strength of mobs as you level up. Again, you can buy gems from BP.
    4. Equipment -- Farming on higher difficulty levels might result in you dropping a piece of equipment with base stats and/or transferable enchantments that make your toon 1% better in a given stat; but you have to be very lucky to drop something useful often enough to again compensate for how much weaker you toon is relative to the mobs at each level-up.
    5. Pets -- you can upgrade pets with Altered Crescerite. In the past, when you found a duplicate of a pet you already owned, you could just pay a bit of gold and "melt" it on the workbench for 1 or a few AC … now you have to pay the Tamer NPC 3500 Andermant for a single-use device to convert a pet to AC.
    Bottom line, my approach is still wait and see. I stopped doing post-CE quests nearly two months ago. I'm spending most of my play time experimenting with other toons, both on the live and test servers; if an opportunity arises to get some Wisdom from a daily challenge, I'll usually make the effort with my main toon. Otherwise, it's mostly sitting on the sidelines, hoping BP will wise up and "correct" at least a couple of these major game nerfs before the remaining players quit for good.
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