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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Mal3ficent, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    I think the new animations still need some fine tuning.
    Smash is where you can see the problem. With BoW active, smashing continuously shows you different speeds in the animation/skill, sometimes the char stops before the next smash... so it doesn't seem constant at all. Plus, before this, smash had different animations for 1H and 2H... now both have the same range for the animation. It really looks like EDIT and seems slower than before to me. Fix it!
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  2. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that Anders don't drop as regularly since the new Andermant daily thing has been introduced ??
    Is this another not so subtle money grab from bugpoint ?
    If you want to do something to help the American Servers merge Tegan and Agathon
  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I've seen tons of anders dropping from the pws. No change from my perspective.
  4. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Since the new webpage (not really Rel 196 but close), if I log in and read a day's worth of posts on the forum, by the time I click the "Play Now" button, my session has expired (Error 19). The session timeout needs to be expanded as sometimes, just closing the browser doesn't work and I have to completely reboot.
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  5. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I have not seen a difference in ander drops either the PW or the day version of the moon events.

    I am seeing a weird delay when using skills while going 2h in both my DK and SW. Skill on the bar blinks, but there is a delay of the skill actually happening. Still have ms of 12 to 14, and it doesn't seem to happen when 1H. Not the most disturbing thing, but weird.
  6. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Can't say that sounds surprising... but still, no clear info... or maybe it was that kinda "fix", if you know what I mean xD.
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  7. I have actually gotten a pretty decent amount of Andermants. Others also stated that there seems to be no change, so we can conclude that this is not true. :)

    I'd love that. Although not every agrees on this either.
  8. wolfie54

    wolfie54 Active Author

    I have a similar issue from time to time. I have to reboot to be able to complete login process and gain access to the game.
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  9. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    Since the R196 my game experience's lowered a lot. The pointer keeps disappearing causing my char to shoot mindlessly/run in the wrong direction or not responding at all. Before R196 I've never had such issues. First, I thought that it's my mouse issue, so I bought a new one, but it didn't help. Such issues are present only in DSO and are especially annoying at boss fight (I keep dying a lot :/ because of unresponsive char). I have no clue what to do about it :(

    As for the DD it's quite allright, but I'm not using it much as my andermant drop is low.

    Don't understand why the loading screen for the SC scroll was changed - now it's time-consuming.
  10. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    fiuuuu... just in time! i planned to go buying a new mouse this afternoon because of the same problems. Ok so it is a problem of the game. Thanks!
  11. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I haven't experienced any such technical issues in r196, Iselda. But perhaps the game behaves in different way on different operating systems. I used to have game crash problems every now and then before r186 or so (not sure anymore) while my friends did not. Then devs finally solved the issues associated with in-game sounds and all of the sudden all crashes just ceased.

    I'm not so sure about the pace of combat in r196. While for example ranger's Death Sweep feels much faster, the transition between using a Scatter Shot and running seems to be kind of slow. But I thought a part of this patch is making the transition between skills and running more fluent... So I'm a bit confused.

    Also I'm not so sure about the new way party members access the same map. It was presented as a really cool system that solves situations like entering a already cleared out map and thus wasting access tickets and such. Which is great, but it brings some issues like for example you can't invite friends to loot a chest in say Depths of Demise because once you start the first platform trial, other group members get warped to another instance. And by the way I can't seem to even find the announced notification that is supposed to appear before you access the map, that the map has already been cleared.

    As for Daily Deals, it's quite ok. For people who don't buy andermant, it's a bit less exciting since they need to wait for many days till they have enough andermant to spend and receive the selected bonus.
    I would like to suggest that the amount of anders that need to be spent to receive the bronze bonus, is reduced.
  12. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Mighy wild swing animation is to slow now, revert back to as it was.
  13. Forum Greenhorn

    We were farming at q2 and even though we killed the arachna it dropped nothing.
    We were together from the start. We had the same problem at khalys as well. The boss didn't count both times even thought we did all the quests.
    Now at q2 we just did a quick run without killing many monsters, but if the monster kill is necessary why isn't it mentioned at the quests?
    Its really sad losing loot due to things like that ( people exploiting bugs and not being punished).
    We lose our loot and nobody cares about doing something right.
    If the monster count is necessary add it to the quest.
    Here are some screens from me and my party (banned party :p)
  14. Infinity2013

    Infinity2013 Forum Greenhorn

    I must say the new animation for Ranger's Hunting Arrow somehow caused my attack speed to be slower than before, now is like a fish bone stucked inside the throat... it just feels not right and slower.. like 0.5 sec delayed for every arrow output compared to last time.. is this a silent nerf for Ranger?
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