Female Steam Mechanicus [Mystery]

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  1. TheGR8onE

    TheGR8onE Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    With dusk slowly descending, all was finally peaceful in the picturesque town of Grimford. After a long and arduous day's work, only a few high-pitched cries of gremlins could be heard from the far-away Darbmoor.

    Over a period of many days now, the Ranger Katos had observed how one Steam Mechanicus after the other had appeared shortly after the dwarf lady's arrival in town. Katos’ curiousity grew almost by the hour, until he couldn't take it anymore.

    Cautiously, Katos approached Gruscha who had just been conversing with Clara Lectura in one tent over. Now adjusting a glowing lamp, Kato talked to her in his deep, dark voice: “Welcome, Gruscha from the nation of dwarves. Would you be so kind but to answer me one question, so that I may know more about your culture?“


    Gruscha quickly passed him a second tankard and raised hers. “Of course! But only when you drink with me!“

    Katos hesitated briefly, then took a gulp. “Now ... I’ve noticed that from among all the hardworking Steam Mechanics who have passed by here, not one has been female. Why is that?“

    The old lady dwarf smiled. “You are not the first to have asked this question. A Spellweaver also approached me about the same thing. I can only tell you what I said to him.“

    The ranger slowly put down his tankard and looked eagerly into her eyes.

    “I myself am a Steam Mechanica. And the leader of our order, Agrascha Carpenter from Myrdosch, is a woman as well. I can assure you that in terms of craftsmanship and energy, we women are no way inferior to our men!“

    Katos looked into her proud face and waited for an explanation he did not get. “You haven’t answered my question yet, fair Gruscha.“

    “Why - you are certainly right, my dear. The thing is, it’s just as much a riddle to me as it is to you. Now what did this Spellweaver say again? Oh yes, he believes it is a conspiracy … his name? I believe it was … Rakorus.“
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  2. TheGR8onE

    TheGR8onE Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    A sky painted blue and pink greeted Grimford to a new day. The dwarf Grusha had risen early from her bed that morning. Now standing in front of her door, she conducted a few of her morning stretches and exercises. Something her great-grandmother Karnascha had urged her to do long ago in order to take care of her back.
    Grusha went to a barrel and splashed her face with a handful of water – and that was just about it for washing, she didn't want to over do it – when a noise began to draw nearer. A noise, which she'd only heard before in her home of Andrakasch: the roaring whirr of a steam-powered engine – or maybe even two? She looked around, but saw nothing. Shortly thereafter, the loud sound of crunching metal reverberated in the old dwarf's ear, before a clanking person lumbered up to her.

    The old dwarf looked up in astonishment. A young dwarf was running towards her, draped in a filthy tunic and sporting a short pipe in her mouth. On her hands and feet, she wore ridiculously large, red-golden steam mechanic gloves and boots, which appeared to be mounted to some kind of mechanical steam device. They couldn't possibly be … rocket blasters, could they?

    “Grusha, ya old gal! What are you doing out here in this one-horse town?“ Despite being dressed in peculiar garb, the old and beautiful dwarf's eyes twinkled with an old familiar self-confidence, but were now coupled with something new – rage, as Grusha surprisingly determined.

    “Tonioscha? In the flesh! Tonioscha Stronghammer!“ The old Steam Mechanic hastily toweled off her face. “Where have you been keeping yourself? Where are the other young women from our craft? And what the heck are you wearing on your feet?“

    “One question at a time, my dear. The Black Knights abducted me – and also an entire generation of young mechanics who were just about to be taken into the alliance.“

    “Abducted?“ Grusha frowned and rubbed her rosy-colored cheeks. “Come, Toni, let's drink a shroom-slogger to the horror.“ She quickly filled two tankards of beer and offered Tonioscha one. “You poor thing. Tell me what happened?“

    Tonioscha clomped closer, clonking with her metal, and took a big swig of beer. The tankard looked like a toy in her gigantic metal gloves. Afterward, she heaved a sigh of relief, as if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders. “The Black Knights wanted us to build something for them. An incubator. But to do this, they needed an army of mechanics and a mastermind – me.“

    The old dwarf had to involuntarily smile. Tonioscha Stronghammer was always very convinced of herself and her talents – rightly so, as Grusha so graciously admitted. Tonioscha was one of the youngest master mechanics to have ever received a guild wrench. But an incubator … what could possibly be bred in it. I mean, what was it meant for? For little Black Knights?“

    “They wanted to hatch dragonspawn eggs, presumably to use them as weapons! Fyrgon curse them all and their draconian minions!“ Tonioscha spat some bear onto the floor. “And now onto your other questions. I must find allies to fight the Black Knights. Maybe the people from this new alliance we joined will help me. And then I will trudge off and liberate the other young Steam Mechanics!“

    “Oh, that's why there are no young mechanics about? I'm not the only one who has been wondering about that.“ She furrowed her brow. “Black Knights … does that have anything to do with Sargon?“

    “I don't think so. I believe, there's much more to it. The Black Knights met with a powerful dragon-being or some other thing.“

    “Mysterious.“ Grusha pointed to the young dwarf's feet, “And what pray tell are your new boots for?“

    “Jet-boots. I secretly built them to escape.“ She twirled around like a dancer, whilst the boots let off a deep whistle of steam. “They even work better than planned.“

    “And you weren't even able to test them beforehand? You know that could have ended badly,“ scolded Grusha her lovingly.

    Tonioscha raised one fine eyebrow and smirked confidently. “You know, I would never build anything without rhyme or reason. Plus, you know my motto: Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk."
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  3. TheGR8onE

    TheGR8onE Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    The Dragan’s Vanguard will lurk the lands of Drakensang Online until:Sunday 09.02 at 23:59 (11:59)pm (CET +2)

    You will have to find NPC Tonischa Stronghammer if you want Drakens and the Onyx Dragon.
    You can encounter Black Knights also if you did not accept Tonioscha’s quest – but it is not recommened.

    NPC Tonioscha Stronghammer will be present in the following areas:

    Rootrock Cavern

    Loxley Caverns

    Fortress Teganswall

    Eternal Watch

    Mount Suvius

    Temple Sector

    The Gleaming Mountains
    Note: Currently the Dragan’s Vanguard will allow you to get the Onyx Dragon – however, keep in mind – this is an evolving story – which means – the rewards will change in future.
    The first appearance of Dragan’s Vanguard will explain the long absence of the female Steam Mechanica but who knows what the future holds?;)
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