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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Misakiiiii, Jan 29, 2021.

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  1. Misakiiiii

    Misakiiiii Forum Apprentice

    ok you say you buff drop rate of wisdom points from boss ...(wha from boss so bad)
    ok i try it cuz you run the event where is only bossees i kill like 120 of it (i mean we cuz you cant do it solo if you not are Boss your self) and i get from 120 only ...............................................................350 wowowo ye i dont have wisdom runes only 2 giving me 40 % drop stack but even with full maxed i dont thing you can't be serious i am new player still but *** you thing to new players play this game you want ppl to sit like 24/7 and play or what how can i get lvl 200 or ppl who want lvl 300 or what is max lvl i start to be bored cuzi cant progress if i cant get wisdom ye i can farm runes but i need stats up for thad jesus if this feels like i am cry babyy yes i am i spend time and i want to spend more on this game but not like this
    this way i will be here in 2030 wait to have lvl 200

    I rly only want play this game DEVS but you need to stop jokoing around i litteraly leave dead game to play game what is going to die

    and make skins,taunts,battle pass if you need money but not paytowin [EDIT]
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  2. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    It was supposed to be "increased"... of course it wasn't. As I wrote elsewhere, they really don't see how much trouble they are in. Every day they postpone necessary fixes, they lose playerbase. Increase by a few % doesn't work. It needs to be increased to old level, which means roughly 7 times.

    Last DTU before CE, I gained 6+ levels of wisdom. This time around, only half a level. With supposed fix in drop.
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  3. Misakiiiii

    Misakiiiii Forum Apprentice

    ye i am stack on lvl 20 like 15 days rly funny

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