Suggestion Fixing DK Skills (& Wisdom) !

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by raider, Sep 1, 2020.

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  1. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    You are the one keep talking about i7.. From your posts I think u want to be able to Solo it. (I didn't say other classses can)

    And I've already said this again and again:
  2. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    These are the facts:

    - Worst survival: +30% life < range. Range is 10 times better.
    - Worst DPS: SM deals 3x DK damage. Other classes easily double... ;)
    - Worst AoE (on main attack). Penalized on the map.
    - Worst armor break. Especially on the map (fails 1 out of 5).
    - Worst slowdown, no doubt.


    Yes, it can heal consistently, sure, but the 1cd potion is the best healing in the game. Range > Healing. Range is just too strong, enemies are slow in this game.

    Conclusion: only a miracle can save DK.

    SM is the best pve class (insane dmg), followed by SW (thanks to Singo OP) and finally Ranger (good dmg, STOP). DK is just for a laugh :D Simple truth. It is a high-risk, low-reward class. Other classes have better rewards for less risk...

    SW does less damage than Ranger, right, but "Singo + Guardian" is too strong with Bosses. If you take out Q7 and Q8, SW would be the best class because he has the best skills. SW was the worst before the wisdom change, in 220 he is very strong. The game is simply broken, end of story. :)
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  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Try that in inf5+... aka the difficulties DK has true problems with.
  4. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

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  5. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    If even Guardian does not work at high difficulty, compared to a DK, a SW can still:

    - Range (hit and run). Really easy against some Bosses.
    - Slowdown Boss with Singo and Ice. Static enemies inside Singularity don't attack, in practice.
    - You're dealing even more damage than DK...

    If you don't take advantage of range and slowdowns, you only have 30% less health than DK and you can spam life potions to heal, which is ridiculous.

    The problem is not SW, but there is no reason to use DK; the fact that ranged classes have more survivability (thanks to range) and dmg, better armor break and AoE. This makes DK useless, simple.

    This is absurd, right? If I die easier because I have to dodge in melee and do less damage, why use DK?

    The problem is not only DK's abilities but also the changes introduced by the change of wisdom.
    1cd potions are ridiculous, powerful attacks shouldn't always be spam and some sets are only broken for certain classes, like Q8 for SM which is just too strong.
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  6. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count


    And you wanna complain about what exactly?
    90% of dks dont even have that hp on 2h

    and who needs him?

    Stop whining
    Stop whining
    Stop whining
    well then I guess they dont need solo leaderboard
    but it is something privy only to ranged players right?
    because dks is melee we are not entitled to solo leaderboard
    dk being tank is a big no no as it boosts boss hp insanely
    lowers group total dps
    and who on earth wants to rely on other to farm for them when youre end game?
    youre just wrong dude

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  7. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Say what?!
    Whose genius idea was that?!
  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Thing is, if you place it on boss, and you stand with the boss in the singu to have cooldowns shortened, your whole "range" argument fails. If you place it on yourself, the boss doesn't get slowdown, and on most bosses you can't even do that, because you have to escape constantly. Besides, many bosses, like Dragan, are resistant to the Singu's slowdown (to more than that actually).

    Potion cooldowns are another problem... of course it breaks the balance.

    That guy is using tonics, and that's not for mana (would be way more than 190 with tonics for mana). Probably for HP.

    You are whining man, whining terribly, like you were hurt in the lower back or something... He literally said:
    So that's one top player you're mentioning over and over. Also, that guy was for sure using red essences with some elemental enchantment from DoE. That's not something everybody has at hand. On top of that, there's not even video to it, just some private message based on some feeling. Like, you know, it could as well have been 5 minutes, and we can't tell the difference in any way.

    Most people do solo ranks on max inf1, few top players do on inf3, and virtually nobody does higher than that. And top DKs have no problems on inf3, nor on inf4.

    You're just wrong.
    He literally said that changes must be made for 1h builds to be more viable and you're attacking a strawman that they aren't?

    All you're doing is putting up strawmans and attacking them.

    Actually, all the mobs get about 30% additional hp for every group member above 1. So, if a group member (like a tank) is there, but does virtually no damage, the group may be slowed down. Normally, the tank would make others not have to care about getting hit and be able to attack instead of dodging, effectively increasing the group's damage output by a lot. In the past it was quite problematic to run without tank, almost impossible. Most tanks were being jerks to everyone save for dwarfs, because they knew they'd be wanted in a group anyways. Dwarfs were OP and that's why even those tanks respected them. So people were complaining about tanks being too much needed... and, as always, BP in few updates' span made a bunch of changes that, intentionally or not, left us with what we have now. And that's why I'm so wary of these complaints of DKs, because you're being a bit... too vocal... and BP may take some of them too literally.
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  9. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Right I knew something like that.

    But he said it like as if it's going by the total Hp of a group.
    "Normally" is the key word.

    Now, impossible without full group of Damagers. (And DK damagers are.. not quite efficient)

    And somehow, all Classes, except DKs, have those guardians/summons etc.
    If not, can easily teleport/jump away and keep shooting with Auto-Aim.
    Normally, Devs don't act if you ain't being vocal about the problems.. And usually don't either even when you are vocal.

    Are we exeggerating? Uhm.. Maybe a little bit.. But not much.
  10. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    In reality we are not exaggerating a bit, look at how many things emerge in a deeply broken game!

    With lv50 they created the tank 1h without damage and from a single skill and here we needed another 2h set to play alone double costs but everyone forgets it. The dwarves at that time were more Op than ever and this created numerous problems for other classes who could not find a group. The same can be said with the mage at lv45 and the rangers were suffering from the lack of an armor breaker!

    They have never managed to balance the game and this ultimately leads to a breaking point that empties the servers but this is hands down the worst time!

    The fact that each member of the group increases the life of the leaders is an old thing for this reason, either you have the same damage and rather high or it is not convenient to make a group of 5. It is obvious that in this way you create groups of 3 or at most 4 and those that do not harm are excluded! Wanting is an inverse situation to the one proposed at lv 50!
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  11. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    I will answer this question, U NEED IT, That's right, you !
    until you show me a video how u kill mortis inf7 u need it !
  12. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    Sure, but in both cases - range or singo - he is getting better results than DK. And this not only SW, every other class.

    Cheap 1cd potions are stupid, and they're one of the problems. Second problem the 220 in general, it broke some mechanics. There is no reason to go 1H, damage is low even 2H ... the game has too many problems.
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  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    only mortis!!!
    and who farms mortis on i7?
    what on earth will you gain from either the map or mortis himself on i7?
  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Rings of Death with best possible damage enchantments to soul-core-craft the best offensive rings ever!
  15. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Do you have any idea what it means to have 2 sets and the costs to make them and then be excluded from the game from inf5 to inf7? Why do you have to play alone against a high-level boss?

    But mortis I can't do it alone, is that the problem?

    99.99% of DKs can't play solo against a single boss in inf7, isn't that a problem?

    Obviously it must be a support class as they have said live but replaceable as users want, who are interested in playing alone or without Dk. Wow, maybe it's better to delete everything! independent classes and everyone does what they want!

    Which is called balance!
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  16. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Yes, delete the only Melee class of the game which "causing the issues" aaaand problem solved!
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  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    its called equipment refiner after augmenting <- it works
  18. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    While changing some skills I use, I just realised that how bad having 3 secs cooldown on "Mighty Wild Swing"
    It's literally our best chance against mobs coming from every angle (although it needs Damage buff too!) but I always find myself waiting for its cooldown..

    Now if it is because of the 5 pts Healing ability upgrade.. It doesn't make sense.
    You could as well lower that Heal % to 15 while lowering the cooldown of skill to 1 or 2 secs.
    It will alone improve DKs in PvE by a lot. (Not against Bosses thou)

    1st Swing, "Bloody Wild Swing" is sadly not much use late-game thanks to very low damage..

    Ps. I have some suggested value changes for both in 1st post.
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  19. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    On hordes you don't need that much damage really, not even in endgame.

    You are suggesting a nerf to DK here.

    I say, it's a mirror of what we've had when rangers got screwed because of cries of some people. It's just if you guys make them finally truly screw DKs (which are not as screwed as you all make it look to be), it will be way more severe than what happened to ranger.
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  20. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    To me with proper set it's probably not needed in End-game but otherwise it is needed..

    It's way too Low Direct and Indirect (Bleed) Damage that you better not use it, even though there is a Group talent related to it..

    Now if it had some more Damage, BWS & MWS could make PvE a lot easier for DKs and give them a better stand against other Classes.
    Except Bosses that is. (That needs higher Smash damage % at the least!)
    That's not my only suggestion to that specific Skill though. (Check OP, Damage increase)

    I remembered that Heal as %30. It's actually %20 (Dragon Hide is %30)
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