Flute of Sanctuary 1/1

Discussion in 'Quests' started by skulos, Sep 5, 2021.

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  1. skulos

    skulos Forum Greenhorn

    What the hell is the drop rate of this quest item ? Not only this one , but some others as well . Been farming this for around 4 hours already and still did not drop . It is driving me crazy how ******* LOW those drop rates are ...
  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    They are really low. You say 4 hours? It took me days wandering all maps and suddenly o foe dropped it for me. Take it easy
  3. skulos

    skulos Forum Greenhorn

    Now I see 4 hours are nothing lol . It is 2nd day today I am farming it and still no luck .

    EDIT : Just dropped for me now . :D
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2021
  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I mapped the entire Twisted Woods and then some before mine dropped. Meanwhile, a friend got it in literally the first group of monsters we cleared in the Twisted Woods.
  5. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    About this one, found it and turned it in by Conlan. Got another quest, can't remember what it was, it's not in my list of quests.
    Did go back to Conlan again, but he hadn't got another quest.
    Thnx to the video from duck (https://board-en.drakensang.com/threads/artayas-clearing.84509/#post-776107) found out i had to go to Cara in Twylyl Dall, but there was no ''?'' on the map.

    Does anyone knows what to do here?

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