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  1. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Hello Heroes and Heroines of Duria,

    Advent 2 of the Forum Contest:

    The prince turned to me and said: “There may not be much to celebrate in these times, but this precisely is all the more reason to do so.“

    Rules recap:
    • Pick up the story where the previous posting left off.
    • Every player may post one sentence per day.
    • Please try to respect the previously posted contributions.
  2. *Man-In-Black*

    *Man-In-Black* Forum Apprentice

    "I quite agree", I replied, "We must celebrate every victory, no matter how small, the morale of the warriors is all important".
  3. Meshkis

    Meshkis Forum Greenhorn

    Then Prince and few of his soldier planned where the celebration could take place.
  4. Marce

    Marce Junior Expert

    "Kingshill is the most suitable place, it will allow us to drink and be merry together with the strong and up and coming heroes of Duria."
  5. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Just as the spacious town is being remodeled and decorated for the carnival, a knight in pure black armor riding on a pitch black horse crashed through the gates of the city.
  6. Desertdragon

    Desertdragon Forum Apprentice

    His very presence brought fear to the hearts of the onlookers and they were hit by the sudden realization of their weakness.
  7. HacBe

    HacBe Someday Author

    It was Sargon with his armee of thousands of little warriors and he has planed to attack us now.
  8. *Man-In-Black*

    *Man-In-Black* Forum Apprentice

    But Sargon had chosen a bad time to attack, as the Prince rallied the warriors gathered for the celebration with a wild battle cry, beheading Sargon with one massive blow and then leading his men to slaughter Sargon's army.
  9. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    The Prince was oblivious that the Sargon he beheaded was only an illusion, his real body is lurking somewhere...
  10. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Thankfully, the prince's right hand man is an unparalleled spellweaver who quickly noticed Sargon's evil intentions and notified the prince of the situation.
  11. Meshkis

    Meshkis Forum Greenhorn

    Situation was bad this time and the prince with his honor warriors will need to raise their weapons again soon because Sargon was just checking the defence of Kingshill.
  12. Marce

    Marce Junior Expert

    "A plan must be made, shall we go on the offense or defence, and do we have enough people to stay behind as a select group advances on Sargon's whereabouts?" Asked the prince.
  13. Ffs

    Ffs Forum Apprentice

    As we dispatched a group of rangers with tracker wolves to find the Sargon's whereabouts and assembled an army of experienced warriors, I sank back on my royal throne staring at the ruins that were once the Helios games celebrations.
  14. *Man-In-Black*

    *Man-In-Black* Forum Apprentice

    The Prince came up with an idea, and turning to the assembled troops called out "I need a brave, strong and courageous warrior, one who upholds the ideals of Duria, one who will accept an impossible, possibly suicidal mission".
  15. Meshkis

    Meshkis Forum Greenhorn

    And then someone from the crowd said : " It will be me! I will go on that quest!" then crowd splited in two and everybody saw a man standing witg shining gold plate armors decorated with red gems.
  16. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Because the prince immediately recognized the man as Damon, one of his closest friends, he is torn between the choice of sending his friend to death or endangering the whole country.
  17. oo7abhishekcool

    oo7abhishekcool Forum Greenhorn

    But the prince had no choice, he gave Damon his ancestor's Guardian Amulet for protection and sadly farewelled him.
  18. *Man-In-Black*

    *Man-In-Black* Forum Apprentice

    Damon pondered his mission, to infiltrate Sargon's fortress and kill him in his own lair, he'd need to find armour and weapons that would help him merge in on his journey.
  19. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    With no time left, Damon thought, "an evil for an evil, a dark for a dark" and opened up his family's forbidden wardrobe containing a pitch black dark set so dark that it feels like the shadows themself.
  20. Meshkis

    Meshkis Forum Greenhorn

    When he put on the armors he felt like something is burning his skin he thought the armors are cursed but the real thing was that those armors had special powers.
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