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  1. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Storytellers of Duria,

    Forum story contest for week 3 has now started. Contest ends Thursday, December 19th.

    Rakorus Munterium asked himself, whether (and above all how) the Atlanteans celebrated the Winter Solistice Festival, as a sparkly decorated Christmas tree suddenly snapped him out his train of thought.
  2. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    The decorative crystals balls hanging from the tree are assortments made from pure Andermant and Viscanium.
  3. *Man-In-Black*

    *Man-In-Black* Forum Apprentice

    But there was something strange about the tree, it was pulsing with a malevolent green light, from which he couldn't tear his gaze and was slowly pulling him in deeper, paralysing and hypnotising him.
  4. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    Perched, high above .. a lone figure stood, an aura of silent strength surrounded his being.... taken aback, Rakorous remembered his Fathers words....."follow him, my son, for he is at his gentlest when he is strong.. and at his strongest when he is gentle"...
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  5. Grave

    Grave Forum Apprentice

    "Beware of Silvimer, the evil sage who attacks Atlantis every Christmas with his tricks."
  6. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Rakorous wasn't even able to utter a single word, but he quickly dropped his ocean blue necklace before he saw Silvimer's figure fade away like a cold winter breeze.

    Edit: How do you continue the story when kiwigal1244 edited the post after Grave posted......... I seriously don't know how to continue so I'm just assuming the guy perched on top is Silvimer.........
  7. zipperlock

    zipperlock Forum Greenhorn

    Although Rakorus faintly recalled the fables of Silvimer once told my his ancestors, he was not deterred as he picked up his necklace and proceeded to continue his quest to see Queen J'Ibal in Ashraya to find the answers he seeked regarding the Winter Solistice Festival.
  8. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    He ventured down into Suvius Volcano, and saw Saemus O'Brannigan already in his cups, dancing drunkenly and singing Christmas songs in between sips of spiced wine.
  9. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    There he saw a glorious feast and gathering of warriors, basked in wine and bonfire light they danced and laughed like mad men.
  10. Grave

    Grave Forum Apprentice

    FYI: I think thats 2 sentences but i'll continue.

    Rakorus moved on to find Queen J'Ibal in Ashraya as he decided people in Suvius were all drunk and hoped that Atlantis isn't like this!
  11. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    When Rakorus reached Atlantis, he saw tattered signs, overturned tables, collapsed pillars, and immediately knew that Atlantis was in a great calamity.
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  12. *Man-In-Black*

    *Man-In-Black* Forum Apprentice

    A man in green robes and a white beard, carrying a sack appeared and said sadly, "They have fled, they were attacked whilst celebrating Yule, can you find them and protect them whilst they celebrate?".
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  13. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    Rakorus was about to answer when he noticed gold coins falling from the bag, as well as the flipper of one of the Atlanteans.
  14. Ffs

    Ffs Forum Apprentice

    The moment he realized it and drew his sword, the man smiled summoned a huge meteor - burning him to ashes - when he snapped out of the dream and found himself back at the Suvious Mounts staring at a young beautiful figure, it was Silvimer.
  15. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    Silvimer is bathe in an eerie sunlight glow, hovering above him reaching out a hand.
  16. oo7abhishekcool

    oo7abhishekcool Forum Greenhorn

    He stood holding her hand and unable to recognise her, he asked,"Who are you and where am I, young lady" decently.
  17. Brian1919

    Brian1919 Junior Expert

    "Young lady?!" exclaimed Norm, completely confused, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
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  18. Desertdragon

    Desertdragon Forum Apprentice

    Apparently Rakorus had never left Mount Suvius but had joined the people there in their celebration and got drunk.
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  19. Grave

    Grave Forum Apprentice

    After awaking from another dream, Rakorous found out he was talking to the novice adventurer Norm, who was nowhere as beautiful as the women he saw in his dreams.
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  20. achen

    achen Forum Newbie

    Rakorus decided to take a break on the hills as he thought he must be going crazy if he dreamed a dream.
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