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Dear forum reader,

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  1. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online


    Dear community,

    It’s time to put your weapons aside and gather near the campfire! The year is coming to an end but that only means that we can look forward to a brand new one that will be even more amazing than before!

    And what could be better than a themed card to celebrate 2016 and more DSO adventures This is an official call to all creative heroes out there who want to participate in our latest design quest. Join us in our official New Year’s card contest!

    The event – an overview

    There will be three final winners. Their designs will be posted across all our social media channels, placing them in the spotlight they deserve! Since this is a design event, our art team will make the final decision on the three winners.

    As in past design events, we will also hold a community vote to reward other amazing cards.

    Official contest dates:

    Reception of cards starts: 30th of December, right now!
    Reception of cards finishes: 7th of January 12:00 CET
    Facebook community vote: from the 8th to the 10st of January
    Announcement of all winners: 11th of January

    Rules for this event:
    IMPORTANT: If you want to participate, make sure you FOLLOW THESE RULES. You may be disqualified if you do not comply with them! Furthermore, by reading these rules and submitting your design to this contest you are agreeing to all the points displayed here:

    • You can participate with ONE DESIGN per GLOBAL ACCOUNT.
    • The size of the card must be A5 (14.8 x 21 cm). You choose whether you want to create a vertical or a horizontal design, but please stick to this size as we will not accept other sizes!
    • Topic/theme: The world of Drakensang Online + New Year’s
    • We want everyone in this community to understand your message if you choose to write it in your card (it’s not compulsory to write anything though). Please use English as your written language. Some messages you can use are: Happy New Year! - Happy 2016! - Enjoy DSO in 2016! , and so on.
    • Can I use in-game content in my card? Yes, you can certainly use backgrounds or characters from the game but please avoid creating a simple “screenshot-card”. They are rather… unoriginal.
    • We will accept the following two mediums:
    1. Photoshop/digital creations (designs made with Photoshop or similar editing programs). In this case we will need you to include the PSD or similar files in the submission.
    2. Non-Photoshop creations (designs not made with Photoshop or similar editing programs: crayons, pencils, markers…). In this case, please provide us with a high resolution scan of your design. Do not take pictures with cameras!
    • Design restrictions: We want to celebrate the beginning of 2016 so please stick to that topic.
    • Please send high resolution files – drawings or designs that do not have a minimal degree of detail or that are of bad quality will not be taken into consideration.
    • Please, do not plagiarize copyrighted content – if we believe your creation is not completely new or you are stealing from someone we will disqualify you immediately! Of course you can get inspiration from other sources but there is always a significant difference between inspiration and plagiarism.
    Important rule for this contest – pre-selection and community vote
    Once the deadline for this event is over (07.01), the art team along with the community management team will get together and select a final number of card designs that will go through to the finals. We call this the pre-selection process. This final number of designs will then be posted to Facebook (08.01-10.01) for everyone to vote. The final number may vary, depending on general participation.

    At the end of that voting period, we will announce the three final winners chosen by the DSO team plus all the Top 10 designs picked by the community! (Read below to find out about the rewards). By entering your design in this competition you are agreeing to these particular points in their entirety.

    Ok, so, how do you send us your designs?
    • Once you have finished your design and you are happy with it, please send a message to the following email address:
    • Designs sent after the closing date will not be taken into consideration!
    • Please attach your design in the email and provide us with the following information:
    1. Account ID
    2. The name of your character
    3. The server you normally play in
    4. Your country
    5. A brief description about your design (where you got the idea from, for instance)
    • Remember, if you are sending us a Photoshop/media design please provide us with the source files as well. If you are sending a hand-made card, please make sure the scan is of a high resolution and avoid sending us photographs.
    • Take your time when sending us all of this, please. If any information missing, we will not include your design in the competition.
    • Please remember that we will not exchange any special/personal emails with you until the finalists are selected! If you are a finalist, then you will receive a message from us.
    • This means that if you do not get selected for the Community vote round, you have not passed the first selection. As simple as that. We will not hold any kind of correspondence with players who do not pass through to the finals.
    ++ Selected by the team ++

    Three final winners
    35.000 andermant + 30 days of Premium + 1 mount of their choice each (except the PvP Reward mounts and also the Zumpe’s mounts).

    ++ Selected by the community during the Facebook vote ++
    1st prize: 35.000 andermant + 30 days of Premium + 1 Flawless Ruby
    2nd prize: 25.000 andermant + 15 days of Premium + 1 Radiant Ruby
    3rd prize: 15.000 andermant + 15 days of Premium + 1 Radiant Ruby
    4th to 10th prizes: 10.000 andermant + 7 days of Premium + Polished Ruby

    *IMPORTANT NOTE* All votes and results are independent. This means that a single card design could win both the DSO Team vote and the community vote.

    Remember, the topic of the card competition is DSO and the brand new year!
    Have fun creating, enjoy the Christmas vibe and good luck to all of you!

    Your Drakensang Online team
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