Full Moon & New Moon Changes

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  1. Rel 119

    • With Release 119 we will have adjusted the strength of the monsters in the New Moon Event ->
    • the enemies now do less damage and have less HP
    • In addition, the status effect - that one needs to fight Karabossa the Spider Boss – now will last one hour

    Rel 120

    • With Release 120 we will adjust the map of the New Moon Events
    • Some bugs have been fixed (clipping, invisible barriers etc)
    • There will be new NPCs in the location -> for example, the banker kobold will be available
    • The Dark Mage costume will be a permanent version as drop from the boss Karabossa
    • Defending the virgin against the hordes of monsters will be easier -> lesser enemies will appear per wave
    • The "Deliver fuel Englewood " quest will be adjusted -> You have to collect only 250 fairywood , (used to be 500)
    • The drop rate of Fairy wood during the daytime (when the actual event is not on) will be increased
    • The progress drop will slightly be increased

    Rel 121

    -With a release 121 the Ancestral Wolf equipment (Full Moon) and the Witchhunter equipment (New Moon) will be scaling. This means that the equipment is available for all levels starting from level 1 up to 45. The costs for identifying these items was removed.
    • already existing equipment of players will not change – but it will not drop anymore
    • the Witchhunter equipment (old set) will be available via the event merchant, so that players can complete missing parts and still get the set bonus
    • the Ancestral Wolf equipment never had a bonus but the new set will have one
    • the new equipment sets will differ in their names – to avoid confusion with the current ones
    • the new equipment sets will have new bonuses
    • the equipment will have an increased rarity, which means they will drop not as frequent
    • however, the equipment will have a smaller scale of random stats
    • the game design made the comment “we would like the player to be more enthusiastic and excited about the item that the player received, therefore we will increase their rarity but we will definitely improve the stats”
    • negative stats for the New Moon equipment will not totally disappear but decrease significantly
    • a jackpot of Draken drop will be implemented; this means, a stack of approx. 20-200 Draken might drop from the main bosses.


    in very near future both events will receive brand new items and perhaps even extra
    content. Again, this has yet to be confirmed – more information coming soon.
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