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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by pipiw, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. pipiw

    pipiw Forum Greenhorn

    i would like to suggest some map theme that we already consider it as future content..
    we have many inspirational idea from many culture and myth for each map right...
    we have kingshill how we would feel like in medival age,
    we have werian sanctuary which designed to be gotic city and map like in european,
    we have Resistance Command Center which designed to be looks like a resistance from war between human and drake race(dragon age),
    we have jarlshofn and hognis mine which describe as viking cultural area,
    we have ellonidos which is looks like greek and some middle east structure,
    we have atlantis which is looks like under water city,
    we have watery grave which is raised from Hades myth with its ferryman coin to Mortis,
    but we dont have Asian Cultural Structure such myth from japan, china, or many else..
    and also we dont have Pirrate grove island which keep many secret and treasure inside the Island,
    why wont the theme in level 50 Cap is about Forest, mystical jungle, which many Pirate laying there with many myth and legend about them...or we can take Asian Myth and theme to have more richer content inside it..Asia is huge wide continent also many country laying on there... we can take one or more example as great inspirational Idea for next theme..
    and i would like to suggest the paralel world for the next Ammon quest is for level 45-50 which has content new uniques for the ammon quest(it should has new set for higher level and more powerful and strong)..
    also i would to suggest about new content for Knowledge talent..please make the 7 path become 10 slot skill not only 7 skills because we need more slot to put such consumables item and new skill in our Shortcut skills, dont make this 10 Slot knowledge talent as the new knowledge talent instead keep on low level talent but upgrade it to be more richer content..adding only 1 slot on knowledge talent not really help to player for arranging their skills and item, in level 50 i could imagine how many item and skills we need to set together to make efficient way to play..
    please consider my idea to be one of urs idea to suggest for developer my respectful (CM)..
    i would like to contribute more and more if u really responding our idea and post..
    thank you for ur attention.. :D
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