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  1. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Dso developer team thank you for your fast response for these changes.
    Im waiting for the resources to be given so i can test the frozen sphere.

    About the dwarf buffs on the turrets i think the problem was the hp not the dmg, but a little dmg doesnt hurt anybody , tho since they can now crit and they hit ( machine gun hits 2 or 3 times a sec a the 75 to 125 buff now with crit ? ) i mean im seriously questioning it. I dont know yet but we will see once the resources are given to test the things.
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  2. Moot

    Moot Active Author


    @DSO Production Team
    I find the the dmg buffs to the SM turrets a bit too much with the possibility to crit as well. Also could DK get some love too? A lot of us don't want to be pushed into the tank playstyle, because tanks can't do anything on their own, and are not needed by "dps classes", however the current changes to DK on the test server are aimed to do exactly that. There is no reason for other classes to have more offensive capabilities than a 2h DK, so it would be nice if we didn't get kicked into the mud
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  3. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    So out of the possible 3175, we can only get 1665?
  4. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

  5. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Ok here are a few points of feedback. First, thanks BP for the reply that shows you are at least watching this thread to some degree. I need clarification on a couple of things:

    General Changes

    • Monster Damage Values have been reduced for all Infernal Difficulties
    • Armor and Resistance Values have been reduced on all Difficulties (except Normal)
    Reduced. This is self evident and describes exactly what was changed. I don't have any questions.
    Normal Content

    • Monsters in the Deeps of Demise have been rebalanced
    • Adjusted Damage Values for all Bosses
    • Adjusted Health Point Values for all Bosses
    Adjusted, and rebalanced; what does this mean? Were they increased? Were they decreased? I see nothing in this post about damage and health being increased, but if they were reduced, it seems you would type that instead of adjusted.
    As for "rebalanced", what was wrong with them before? Too strong? Too weak? This is important to be clear on because whether or not I agree with the change itself, I think it's only fair to publish the actual type of adjustment.

    Parallel Worlds

    • Monsters in the Mortis Chunk have been rebalanced
    Same as above
    • Adjusted Damage Values for all Bosses
    • Adjusted Health Point Values for all Bosses
    • Grimmag
      • Skill Timing Adjustments
      • Skill Damage Adjustments
    • Herald of the Anderworld
      • Skill Timing Adjustments
      • Skill Damage Adjustments
      Again, what are the values? What adjustments have been made? This is problematic because I am forced to assume the worst, and I do not like to assume things.
    The reason I am bringing it up in this thread is because based on my reading of every single post, especially the well articulated ones by players way better at math and analysis than myself, point to a situation where you are exponentially increasing the difficulty of PvE, especially in solo play. I have never played on the test server, and I haven't read through every thread in this forum, but from what I have read, I don't see the community complaining about PvE being too easy, or asking you to please make it more difficult to play solo. Maybe I am mistaken?
    As for PvP, my understanding (again only from reading this thread) is that the impact of your "adjustments" will be felt more in PvE than PvP. My main toon is a DK, and I only play PvP for the daily challenges, and I've seen unbalance in some aspects, but honestly, I don't care. Take my weapon and make me fight bare fisted and guess what? I don't care. That is somewhat rhetorical because obviously I prefer winning but my point is, the two aspects of the game need to be handled separately. This is just my opinion.

    My DK is 1H and I've adapted nicely, being able to play the style I enjoy playing (though I am forced by logic to maintain a partial 2H build), and I will adapt to the new meta, finding frustration and hopefully some joy along the way. My wisdom is maxed out and I don't mind having to go farm more. Growing stronger and becoming better is what i like.

    The long and short is, what I read and what I experience during play may be two separate things, and I must reserve some judgment before complaining, but please BP, cease with the efforts to make PvE unplayable in solo mode, and do please be more clear when publishing statements or release notes. This will show that you take our feedback to heart, you want us to enjoy playing, and you want to keep enjoying the paycheck I contribute towards.
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  6. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    I do not see badly that the damages in the turrets have increased a little, I believe that this one is correct,
    75% already seemed to me very little, until using critical impact it was not possible to reach the damages without critic of before. :)

    Now the biggest problem is the life of the turrets die of a blow in the infernal boos,
    that makes it very difficult to go to kill a single boos, at least I should hold 3 or 4
    blows it seems to me and I do not necessarily have to go with a shield to Hold my turrets...:confused:
  7. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    There isn't any changes in the singularity right ? I can't log in the test server too see.
    I was kind of hoping to see change in the singularity talent (in PVP wise) As it is, it is only good for shortening the talent cool down if it doesn't get bugged and disappear lol. Maybe you could make more diversity with it and instead of a armor break it could block the enemies / players using their talents like those "grey singularities" in the Mortis Courtroom. This could be the in talents "3 points" or "2 points" e.g.
    My idea is that you could choose to "silent" your opponents using their abilities in the area OR using it for normal armor break.
    Combining those 2 might be too powerful.:oops: Raising the base damage of the SW and increasing the lightning strike damage seems a step in the right direction (for boss fights). Removing the wisdom effect we shall see later. It is hard to givefeedback, you should consider making copy of the normal account to live server. Can't be that complicated ?o_O

    EDIT: I think if you could remove the xp related buffs from the "Blessing Spheres" for lv55 players! That's why many don't even take higher than blue buff. So annoying to get exp buff on Infernal 3 -_- And if you really want to shine, put there a little icon e.g. SHIELD for defensive buff or sword for OFFENSIVE buff.
    I know it's a little offtopic but since you guys are reading this here now :D:D:D:D
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  8. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Not it's not a problem, since turrets no longer draw aggro, so if it gets destroyed in the boss fight, it's because you are bad at positioning, and again no. it should not be able to take 3-4 hits in any boss fight.
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  9. Conqueror21

    Conqueror21 Forum Apprentice

    Some feedback(thoughts) about release 208 (from what we know so far):

    1: I think that the group talents will make each class unique in PVE.So far a RA,a SW,a SM and a 2h DK were all plain damage dealers,while now they have a more specific role in the team.The 1h DK's will have a wider role too but tanking will be far more difficult for them.
    2: I'm glad you guys cared about skills that were "forgotten".Skills like SM's bomb,and oil slick,RA's scatter shot,DK's bloody wild swing and SW's LS(mostly in PVP,5 points talent).Personally I'm not using the q4 set but I'm sure it 'll be empowered from these changes for all classes(more dmg for LS,Tesla causing critical hits,Scattet shot decreasing armor (5 points talent),and Mighty Wild swing having an even larger rage-cost-decrease ( -20 , 3 points talent),so there will be more diversity in the teams.
    Even so you may have to think again about some certain skill-talents.For example bomb's 3rd talent: What it offers renders it immensely strong."Each bomb will explode 3 times"=3xdmg for a skill that already deals a respectable amount of damage,has 0 steam cost and no cooldown+large range+armour break?I know that turrets are destructible,but they got more damage and ,well they deal critical hits now!So 3xdmg is way too much.Last time I saw something similar to this 3x was SW's q8 set,but sets are stronger than talents anyway.Some skills to my mind shouldn't have been adjusted.For example DK's banner 5 points talent and RA's blade dance 5 points talent.The first one was basically, made for q7 set,and the other one would decrease to a great extent the RA's cooldowns.The first one can now be efficient only in q1 circle , while the second one deals a weak bleeding.
    3: Ofcourse the new gem/ess/potions crafting is going to be resourceful and I hope that the crafting-costs will be reasonable.
    4: Please be easy on the nerf:D.I don't know how new f2p characters will go even in norm difficulty having trash items,after leveling up so many lvls in such a short period of time.
    P.S. All this may seem original to some people but,it is only to some extent, so please start working on new q's and events (or let us know, if you already do so).We still have faith in you,if we didn't we wouldn't be here.
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Good thing is the introduction of the mass crafting of gems, that's an highly requested feature, thumbs up
    Another good thing is the crafting bag for ingredients and cores, but why doesn't it include all cores?The core bag needs to include all types of cores

    Interesting is the addition to craft essences and potions and buffs, now it'll be useful to pick up essences

    I hope this doesn't translate into a reduced drop of essences, that would be aweful

    I hope the drop of health spheres gets increased
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  11. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    So far I got x2, x5 and x10 wisdom drops, but still it will take a lot to get to max again.
    I did apreciate the changes to wisdom talents costs (Increased dmg/attack speed with 1/2-hand weapon), that will allow to get more in line with the stats pre R208.

    About changes to SMs, now it is far more easy to survive, compared with the previous R208 version.

    I also started collecting those new crafting items (erbs, ores etc), but still I don't where to find those glass bottles (maybe from Alchemy =potions/essences vendor?)...

    So far it looks OK, now we just need to wait for resources give-away on TS.

    PS: Maybe I give a different meaning to the words "Feedback" and "troll", but anyway I don't have any intention to start another 1v1 conversation on this thread, so I'll just move on.
  12. DSO Production Team

    DSO Production Team Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hey guys,
    we are currently working on setting up two Traders that will sell Wisdom, XP potion for Level 55, Equipment, Gems and Inventory expansion to grant a better test environment. The Traders will be located in Kingshill. ETA is Friday, 13th latest.
    The needed currency to buy those items will be booked via script for every account that was online during 01.04.2018 until the date of script execution (probably tomorrow or Friday).

    Please note that it's a TEST SERVER and there may be resets or rollbacks.

    Thank you!

    Your Drakensang Online Team
  13. AmarWilrick

    AmarWilrick Forum Pro

    Dwarf is the Big looser in this Release :

    Negatif points :

    - Give turrets HP (wich boss will one shoot) and we need wisdom skill to get back 20 steam .
    - Removed speed attack mutiplier from MG turrets (now speed attack is useless) and also reduce basi dmg from 175% to 125%
    - Removed immune from tesla ( basicly tesla is usless now ) ,
    - Removed steam regen from tactical turrets(so now TT are useless)
    - Oil slick is the most useless skill of the game, u should remove it and make new one.

    Positif points ? (wait for testing to say if its positif )

    - Critical Hit for Turrets ( ok but need a big work for all who have dmg speed attack build,big changes )
    - Reworked Bombs skill ? ( will see if it's useful )
  14. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Hold it right there mister. About your points its ok but the MG turret no.
    So you want a speed multiplier with high base dmg and crit ? HELLO ?
    You understand in crit build 300 percent crit dmg is easily done, so each time your turrets crits it wont be 125 but rather 125 +3x125 ???.\
    You get trippled dmg and you dont want to trade speed scaling ? why ? this is dumb ? If my guardian could crit but have 1/4 of my hp ill gladly take it considering you also can atack while the turrets atack adn you dont have agro. This is potentially really really strong, especially for group play.

    Ill quote one youtuber but whatever : "critical is the highest source of damage in any game despite is genre, and raw dps is not supposed to be better"

    So what i see in this thread is that a lot of the dwarfs want the speed multiplicator ? Dont you all understand how good crit is ? Mages 2 basic atacks ( chain lightning and ice missle ) are powerfull only with crit . Otherwise ice missle with 30k dmg deals only 11k which is laughably low, but after you add the crit its a whole new story.
    What im trying to say is try doing some crit and crit dmg build and then say if the turret is weak, even though in the september letter it was stated it should be a supportive skill , bit this change doesnt make it a support skill but rather the go to kill all skill
  15. allcoss

    allcoss Forum Apprentice

    I want to note that all classes except dwarfs have more than one exit from stunning. Why does a dwarf have only one way out of stunning? and just one way of real stunning, which I could use in pvp? This gives a great advantage now to another class over the dwarfs.
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The animation for ore mining or resource gathering are too slow, either make them faster or remove them

    The same should be done to boss animations

    This are just ways to slow the players down,not to improve the estetic of the game
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  17. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master


    With the new patch the DMG of turrets is going way too up, on the other side, it's extremly hard to sustain the dmg.
    The fact the turrets regen 0 steam when are destroyed (wich is every 4-5 secs against bosses), combined with the nerf on tactical turret, make basically impossible to keep em on in the boss fight.
    The talent to regen steam when the turret is destroyed is absolutly needed and this limitate a bit the efficiency of SM. I expect some more adjustment on the base dmg multipliers, and I hope a lesser nerf on the steam regen. ATM the dmg seems too good to be true but the steam regen (which already was awfull) now it's atrocius.

    On a side note, with this pathetic steam regen, skills like Oil slick, steam conductor ena Dwarf-in-a-box will never be used.
    They are still quite useless (the buff from oil slick it's non-existant and the DMG buff canno't be used because it doesn't work on bosses which would be the only case you could use it). Dwarf in a box, could be nice but you remover the talent to decrease it's cost and honestly it costs way too much for what it does.
    Steam conductor was one of my favorite skill but for it's cost considered the steam regen, will never be used again... in the end allo thos buffs will fall short because noone will have the resource to use those skills.
    On a side note, oil slick would be way more atactive it could be casted on a desired location and not under you feets (this is another huge malus).
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  18. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    My feedback is .... IMPLEMENT IT ALREADY :D why so much testing ? theres gonna be like 6 additional hotfixes after the r208 goes live anyway so why not to implement it already ? we will be able to start gathering wisdom :D
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dammit Mrloverson you've been drinking again? Next time wait for me ... solo drinking can harm you :p
    You are "correct" ... i am not using onyxes as well and i still deal the same damage.
    However ... even if I use Royal Blues instead of onyxes ... I do use this

    As for the "Game Balancing" ... looks like no one is playing on TS otherwise you would have seen that the changes are all around. Changed game mechanics in every possible way ... in all dungeons.
    The way the things are ATM on TS this release is far from coming on live servers because it is bugged in almost all features.
    I have found game breaking exploits with some of the new features.

    I am documenting everything and preparing a longer feedback post ... later on.
  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I would love to play more on TS but I have only one page of inventory (thus shortening my runs and thus shortening runs) and I have not gotten to figuring out how to access TS without the need to redownload the entire game (the green bar from the client) every time I switch from Test Server to the normal game and vice versa.
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