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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Without IE11 ... you can't.
    Renaming two different shortcuts and adjusting their properties like this
    is only good when a same game version is running both on TS and live servers.
    If the game version is not the same you will have to download the contents over and over again ... every time you go form TS to live server and vice versa.
    That is why i am using IE.

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  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I am only using IE 11 for test server and usually using the client for the normal game - still need to do the download every time I leave IE11 for TS and switch to playing on the client. Should I just play on IE11 every time?
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I play only in IE11 both on TS and Grimmag.
    It is fast and easy ... you don't have to wait at all. Just switch servers whenever you like.
    You can try this way ... make a backup for "dllcache" folder and manifest.xml.
    Just copy paste them back in the DSOclient folder when you are done with TS.
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  4. XXXStardust

    XXXStardust Forum Greenhorn

    i was playing on ts and i think the testing dummies are better to have armor and resistance like mobs. (50% at the livel of dummy)
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  5. Erebus

    Erebus User

    Okay, that's enough, we've been tolerant to criticizable levels with the off-topic. In light of the massive number of upcoming changes, we're trying to mantain as much of an open space for you to provide feedback, analysis, and such, but you know just as good as everyone else how critical hit rate works, it doesn't matter which way you reason it, understand it, or whatever, for practical purposes we all know what's the result of having CHR in a build, so, kindly stop flaming.

    This is a general warning, we have a big game-changing release upon us, up to you if you decide to use your time to fling manure at one another instead of going to the Test Server, actually test the release, and provide well analyzed and well thought feedback so that we reduce the chances of some classes getting a "short straw", best regards.

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
  6. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    I logged in today on the Test Server, and I was curious about some changes:
    - 1H Wisdom damage being of 60% and 2H damage ups to only 50% (not a complaint, but very excited btw).
    - Resources (Concentration, Mana, Steam, Rage) now has a plane value instead of the % one it used to have, stackable only up to 20 units. This seems to me like a Nerf. Maybe it should be percentages again.
    - The group ability that increases 20% attack speed and 10% movement speed has a very short duration (5 seconds), maybe this should be increased to a 10 or 15 seconds, as no one would prefer this to the Second Chance or the other one (don't remember the name).

    Changes are a part of any game, I used to Blade Dance all around with the 5pts Cooldown ability, the new bleed doesn't fit my gameplay style, so I have to spend those points somewhere else, and I appreciate the increased curation of the Final Blow to 30% instead of 10%.

    That's all the Feedback I can give, we must adapt again. Nothing have been lost.
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  7. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    What the bloody hell does that mean? . . "lifetime of the bullet"???
  8. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    it means that it will now travel 50% further exploding at the end. so to deal good dmg, you now need to keep greater distance from the mob or boss. it will only be a slight benefit with static bosses (or with tank). otherwise, it is a big nerf concerning both pvp and pve.

    by the time you throw the sphere and it reaches the end, anyone, including mobs will be able to get past the point of explosion. in PvP it would be easily avoidable, as it is hard to make a direct hit even now, with longer distance and so the missile travel time, opponents will have plenty of time to react and avoid the area of explosion moving away from it, or directly towards you.

    soloing heredur/bear with it would be close to impossible. they follow you so you need to run 3x the distance of the sphere, shot it, so it travels its distance and hits the boss which travels towards you. in the past it was 2x or so. now much worse.

    with normal mobs, e.g. q3 map1, you pretty much to shoot it before the mobs appear, because if you see them, they are already past the point of explosion (will be as they also start walking towards you). so you again need to run far from them and shoot back, or have some measure of distance like Guardian or Tank which keeps mobs in place.

    overall, a very bad change.

    it would be nice, indeed, promoting 1h setups, if it counted in pvp. wisdom doesn't count anymore, and 1h setups are useless in PVE anyway. not sure why did they even bother inventing this difference.
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  9. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Not to disagree with you on any of your other points, but this one isn't very good. You just compensate by aiming in front of their current position by standing further back.
  10. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    This is NOT good. DEVs -- Are you LISTENING? Attacking towards the bottom of the screen the FS already doesn't explode till the EDGE of the screen. More "set" distance means that we will have to attack things we CAN NOT SEE.
    This is definately NOT good.

    FS needs to explode where the mouse was when it was cast. Badly need to be able to "aim" the explosion, both in direction and distance.
    You can't lead a target you can't see.

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  11. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I really don't care, but I wish mages the best) and trust me, having done it all solo on all levels, the shorter the ice sphere the better. you already aim in front. with the change, you need to move way further back. with the boss it will mean extra couple of seconds for every hit, so you create the distance required. try it with the Bear. stand next to him, and love back to make a direct hit - that's wasted time plus you need a space for that. now, with the change - its double the distance, and double the space, and double the time. and it's all assuming you move much faster than him. if you are just a little faster, God bless you to hit him.

    but, as I said, you mages decide what's good for you)
  12. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Please change icesphere distance back(minimum requirement).
    If you want to enhance its behavior, how's this for an idea.
    Change the 1st 2 point skill selection to decide if it explodes on impact or "goes the distance " and explodes then. Exploding on impact would work nicely on bosses and exploding on distance would suite me fine on maps where I want to hit the "big guy" behind the minions.
    If you can only do 1 change... make it explode on impact then the distance can be higher also
  13. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Do you also know if its speed was increased aswell ? If its still slow as hell or doesnt explode on impact then its a big nerf for this skill.Will be good when soloing static bosses but for the bosses that move it will be a pain EDIT to make it hit .

    The fact that it has a better range is good since the SW is not supposed to tank the bosses or get near or else its like 1hit KO, but the frozen sphere must either travel faster so it wont miss the boss entirely or explode on impact.

    Having to move even further back and increase the distance between you and the boss will only increase the time that it takes for u to kill that boss.When fightning bosses that move u had to stand still for a very short amount of time in front of the boss and move right when the boss was about to hit u in order to make him stay in one place and attack with the sphere.Now u will have to move even further away and the boss will start coming after u by the time u reposition and fire making the sphere miss.
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  14. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Since sws are greedy around here and asking for even more buffs even tho they are getting exactly what they begged for, I might as well...

    Change back the 5 point talent on the DKs banner. It is used against single targets, so the new effect is completely useless.

    Also increase our base damage just like it was increased on the other classes.

    Also also revert the change on the 5 point talent of charge, and disable the talent for pvp. I understand chainstun is problematic there, but in pve it's just a gimmicky fun build I like farming my infernals with, because pinballing around is fun.
  15. Struble

    Struble Board Analyst

    So after a test on the testserver with my mage, I got to be honest I absolutely don't like the increased travel distance of the frozen sphere, it is way to hard to hit oppenents perfectly wich makes the extra % dmg still useless. Yeh, the first shot you can hit almost perfectly on mobs running towards you, but for a second 'perfect' hit you will already have to run away from the mobs.

    Like I saw in the last posts above me, against ranged bosses and mobs this is great, not a buff tho, just an extra thingy I guess? But overall its a nerf.
    The idea of letting you to chose the distance by clicking with mouse on a place on your screen might be amazingly good and not overpowered either since you still need to aim right. (Just like the Rocket of the dwarf).
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  16. DSO Production Team

    DSO Production Team Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Dear heroes!

    Here is the changelog for the version we will put on the testserver today:


    Skills / Skill Talents


    • we have changed the targeting for the Frozen Sphere skill - the explosion now triggers at the position where you were pointing at, the moment were are using the skill, so you can decide where it explodes
      which synergizes with it's group talent healing effect
    • we have also removed the damage gradient for the Frozen Sphere explosion, means that it should always deal the 200% (or 350%) base damage
    • fixed an issue with the Group Effect of Frost Nova, which healed enemies instead of damaging them

    • fixed the Bloody Wild Swing Group Effect - it now triggers per critical hit and not only once

    • we have removed Ancient Wisdom from the Daily Deal
    • the dropchance of Ancient Wisdom was raised
    • Ancient Wisdom now drops in the stacks up to 20 (even more incl. bonusses from runes, events, mentor, etc.)
    • Worthy Bosses will have a 100% dropchance for a max stacksize of wisdom
    • still work in progress

    Adjusted damage output and health points of bosses:
    • Due to popular demand, we will release a detailed list to shed more light on the individual changes to the bosses with the next changelog - for now, please fight them and let us know what you think
    Upcoming changes (not included yet):
    • Bosses with several stages/lifes (i.e.: Destruktor/Sharr' Kharab/etc.) will have noticeably less HP to adjust the length of all bossfights

    • we have implemented hints for the new wisdom talents, the group talents and the new group widget
      • the wisdom talent hints will trigger as soon as you reach level 10 (with unlocking the wisdom talent tree)
      • the group talent hints will trigger as soon as you reach level 13 (with unlocking the group talent tree)
      • the group widget hint will trigger when you join a group for the first time after unlocking the group talent tree

    • the group member tooltip now also states the active essence of the player
    Dungeons / Loot

    • we have changed the camera settings for Yolotl (Balor bossfight) - you should have slightly more overview now
    • we have updated the lootlist of the Sentinels chest - it now can drop the Lesser Rune of the Wisdom Seeker
    • we have increased the droprate of mystic cubes (a change in the mechanic lowered it)
    • we haveupdated the random monster abilities:
    Monster AbilityChange
    • ranged monsters like the undead mage or archers will not get the teleport ability anymore
    • ranged monsters have now the possibility to get the triple hit ability
      • if you get hit by an enemy with the triple hit ability it will deal 2 additional hits with one attack causing 33% damage based on the monsters base damage as physical damage
    Note that we are still working on this ability change and there might be some enemies still getting the teleport talent even if they are not supposed to get it.

    Wisdom and Group Talents Reset Costs

    • Increased reset costs
      • Was 1 copper per talent point
      • Is 1silver per talent point
    General information

    • Things are still work in progress and may/will change
    • Please focus on the PVE experience in terms of testing
    • Localization always takes a little bit longer, so make sure to test in english to have the latest textual information, etc.
    • Fixed a lot of bugs and issues with the group/wisdom skills
    • Ingredient bag now auomatically opens, when using the workbench. Tooltip for ingredient bag button added
    • The button to select the amount of items to be crafted will now longer be displayed for locked recipes
    • Improved workbench behavior: When a tab is selected, the list will always be reset and the first entry of the tab will be displayed on top
    • Known issues: some recipes are not working yet
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  17. Galvard

    Galvard Forum Mogul

    It should be good to increase speed of the racket. It flies very slowly. My dwarf can run faster than the racket. In long distance it takes several seconds than racket is at target. But some times targets is away in the time.
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  18. os_boris

    os_boris Forum Greenhorn

    Dwarfs have too much unnecessary skills.
    For example:
    1) for pve: Iron dwarf, oil slick - who can use it???
    2) for pvp: dwarf in the box, oil slick, bomb - absolute unusable skills.

    dwarf in the box - it is really like joke and never can be used in pvp.
    bomb - it is too slow and very slow skills. it is like child's attempt to throw stone to enemy but he can't))

    I believe that developers can review dwarf's skills. Because now is time for rebalance.
  19. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    please dont nerf this . its even not pvp related anymore. i need to evade from mobersons

  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Everything is the same ... it only has different explanation in the tooltip.
    Without this talent Adrenaline has 40% travel speed over 4 seconds.
    By selecting this talent you are getting additional 20% travel speed and 1 second duration.
    In total - 60% travel speed over 5 seconds. Same as before.
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