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  1. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    I'm surprised noone has complained about these potions yet. They only offer temporary stat increases, and the prices are likely to be pretty high. Sure, you can use them nicely for boss runs, but they still suck up a ton of money from those of us who haven't crafted all our items yet.
  2. os_boris

    os_boris Forum Greenhorn

    The problem is not only reduce something for pvp but also separate the skills which useful for pvp and for pve.
    If we want a fair game then we need skills for pvp and skills for pve. And the percentage of these skills should be equal for all classes.
    The main disbalance is that some classes perfect for pvp others for pve. For example SW by design is very good class for pvp but have many problems in pve. On the other hand dwarfs is perfect for pve but have a lot of problems in pvp. And when DSO team tries to change SW for better experience in pve then it make disbalance in pvp. The same story for other classes. It is not enough only make other figure for the same skills. Story about nerfing is more sad.) People want benefits and when DSO take it away then people are unhappy again.
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  3. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Agreed. There isn't a simple solution, but I wish people weren't so obsessed with pvp in this. If they wanted to do that, there should be a mode where everyone has the same exact stats, and it's up to them to use skill to win.
  4. mago

    mago Advanced

    in the update r_208 the new radius effect in addition to causing 100% damage in the explosion has a negative effect of 33% more damage to the beam for 2.5 seconds. wanted to know why 33% were not being added.


    new effect. "33% more damage"[​IMG]
  5. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    @mago are you for real? Your damage is not a constant, so just by 2 hits you certainly can't say the 33% damage is not added...
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  6. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    Devs, why no more mana crystal?
    why no more movement speed points?
    why destruction skill is 100 mana now? :eek:. change it back pls to 50 mana
    Skill consequences (teleport jump, mage) have 1 sec movement speed, is bad joke. Add 3 sec to be good... All classes have movement speed ability, only mage have nothing...

    And where is new maps? or new content or some fun?
    All this changes on Ts - you make a big nerf pve chars and nothing more... this game is so old - and nothing new fun
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  7. We lost mana crystal??! Omg way to make us even weaker than we already are as a class. :(
  8. KubQn

    KubQn Forum Apprentice

    I disagree with that one. If they do nothing on ice bolt there is actually no point using it as well as using Q8 set instead of magic missle. Since Q8 set doesn't have any effect on boss it is 30%*3=90% and magic missle is 100% + regen 5 mana per auto attack. That make Q8 set weaker than simple missle w/o any set. (I'm talking about boss fights ofc, Q8 make's u do maps faster but let's be honest that the main goal is the boss not the map.)
  9. ICELance

    ICELance Forum Greenhorn

    Did you just compared a flat skill Vs (another skill + end stage armor unique effect + [2\2] set effect + special condition *mobs only*) ?? this all because you dont want to feel bad about picking grimmag robe?
    i'm speechless......
  10. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    The current "essence indicator" is not practical as it is not displayed directly.
    What about replacing the "add to buddy list" button with essence icon? I have absolutely no idea how useful the button is, but player can be easily added via the Social features dialog -> tab Groups.
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  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    me feeling bad about picking grimmag robe ? feeling better ? what ? I have both sets. I have played with q8 , and i saying what it should be. DSO should not be uhhhhh pick this and that and here you go you all look the same .

    Anyway anothert argument. I prefer the 2/2 karabosa set with modificator , you cant use it with the q8 set, and what if i compared a flat skill vs a set skill ? All ppl here are talking about ranger q7 set and tank q4 adn q7 so what is wrong with me saying what would be bad ?
    You want your q8 set to farm mobs good use it, i like my build so your statements is just straight up what a new player can say because he saw on yourube everyone with q7 set using the q8 set so you presumed its the only valid option.
    And yes i compared them because they will probably never make a set for magic missle so there is no other way comparing them
  12. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    ...I was looking for it.

    What you say is more practical, they could put an essence icon and also show the information as it now seems.
  13. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    Hi, I just tried something that I do not know whether to take it as a bug or it's just the resistance of said boos,
    tested with Grimmag q1 and Heredur q3 :eek:

    1- The automatic turrets of the dwarf stick 50% less damage in Grimmag boos unlike the boss Heredur

    the damage is 100% and even superior of that character.

    2 The same thing happens with the warrior, the damage caused with the Dragon Anger in Grimmag is 50%

    less than what it causes to Heredur in its 100% :eek:
  14. ldso

    ldso Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you for your thoughts, they are certainly appreciated.

    However, it seems that you were gravely mistaken in assuming incorrectly that Q8’s ice missiles can provide 120% damage with three 40% damage ice missiles, which unfortunately nullifies the majority of your post. The ice missile skill’s damage is 40% only when it’s a single shot by itself, without Q8’s three. Putting on the Q8 set automatically reduces the damage of each ice missile to 30%, as you will be able to see by observing the skill description on the talent page. Thus, the total damage is 90% and most certainly not 120% as you said - again, this is a critical issue against bosses as it is weaker than magic missile, on top of offering zero mana reduction and zero frost damage.

    Due to the distractions, there is a need to clarify again that the main points of my post were regarding comparative mana relief abilities and efficiency in boss fights. I brought the 40% to 30% topic up only because it had already been mentioned earlier in this thread by user ICElance, and this example serves as a stark reminder that these kinds of changes are not helpful to a skill that is already not playable against any bosses, Q8 set or not - lower damage, on top of zero mana reduction, zero frost damage, etc. - whereas for magic missile you still have everything that comes with it, with mana-earning being the most crucial.

    Even if the ice missiles were dealing 120% damage (which they are not), I daresay that many spellweavers in this game wouldn’t have minded a decrease in ice missile damage as long as the corresponding set buffs worked on boss maps, since mana reduction is a key component of ice missile that makes it comparable to magic missile and its mana-earning ability. There is a huge, huge difference between a small ‘nerf’ in a skill and a complete handicap in playing. Ice missiles and Q8 set are both currently severely handicapped against bosses in comparison to the other skill options.

    Side note: you opined that you find ice missiles/Q8 set to be “perfect” and that they “don’t need to be changed whatsoever” because you don’t want any changes in the ice missiles to “force the mages who don’t use it to use it” - since you are a mage who does not use it, and you don’t want to be ‘forced to use it.’ This is heavily flawed and biased, unfortunately (although it certainly could have been unintentional).

    While I do understand that a bit of bias is inescapable for everyone, these issues with ice missiles/the Q8 set have been mentioned and frequently brought up for a long, long while already by both Q8 users and non-Q8 users, mages and non-mages - as you can see by scouring the forums for old posts. The time has finally come for a change.

    You yourself stated that “Q8 is giving you a spell to use instead of MS” - that is exactly my point. As I mentioned in my original post, that is exactly why ice missiles/Q8 set need to be fixed, because they are unable to be used instead of magic missile, neither effectively nor comparatively.

    The different PW sets are designed for different skills that are designed for different playing styles. In discussing what you wrote, you left out something that is imperative to consider - wearing certain PW sets means sacrificing others. An SW wearing the Q8 set will be unable to use things like the black spider adornment from the New Moon event (which gives 5% additional damage, and also even 10% additional crit if you pair it with the cloak, as most do). That SW is also unable to wear the Witch Seeker torso, which would be a vital requirement to attaining the popular bonuses in the Witch Seeker set, which include additional 11% attack speed, 22% max damage, and 33% mana. Additionally, there are mages who opt to use Q1 torso, Q5 shoulders, or both.

    These combinations, among others, are currently more popular with players in the end game stages than Q8 set, which most of them have been forced to move away from - which interestingly brings me back to another point you made - spellweavers are most certainly not feeling forced to use Q8; if anything, it’s the exact opposite. The ones who are using it are being forced to move away from Q8 set to magic missile, and not the other way around. If there’s a class with members that feel ‘forced’ to use a certain set, rangers are a much better example - since many feel ‘forced’ to use Q7 set because of the overwhelming benefits in comparison to the other sets - but that’s another story, and for another time.

    There needs to be a balance that allows these different sets and playing styles to be usable in pve in their different ways, as comparatively as possible. The mages in my character pool have also moved on with the other players to the aforementioned sets and combinations - yet many still see and have seen these issues persist with the ice missiles/Q8 set for a long, long time.

    You acknowledged that Q8 set replaces magic missile with ice missile. So the huge, lingering question is:

    Why have a set that calls for ice missile instead of magic missile but doesn’t actually let you use ice missile instead of magic missile?

    It simply doesn’t make sense.

    Lol, gotta love those tongue twisters.

    In this particular case, DSO’s intentions were not matched by the performed result, which is why fixing is needed.

    With that said, in pve, we are not playing 2 separate games here, one for farming and one for bosses. We are playing one game that includes both farming and bosses. Ice missiles/Q8 set have not been viable options for bosses for a long while now. The ice missiles/Q8 set in their current state are far, far from “perfect,” as are many other sets and things in the game that still have flaws, but that’s why we can provide constructive criticism on them in the form of feedback on these lovely forums, for example. I simply chose to address this one particular issue in the sw class today, as I was reminded of how long-standing it was through the recent changes. There are certainly other issues across the different classes and gear that still need to be addressed, without a doubt.

    Thanks again for your opinion and post, I appreciated them as I do with everyone.
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  15. KubQn

    KubQn Forum Apprentice

    Well said, nothing to add.

    About feedback (not sure if they were mentioned before because it's like impossible to not see them):

    After 'mining' ores there is a chance for weapon to dissapear (visual bug) and player holds nothing...

    Another one is that when I open party window after like 0.5s everyone is 'going offline' and you're unable to see their location.

    About those animations I like that you added them and at the same time I hate it. I mean it's cool but it will waste us so much time and when I'll see it for the 5000th time I will be sick of it.
    Maybe to save those animations do something like: After mining 500 ores you're going to do it x2 times faster; after 2000 you can choose to animation dissapear or you 'one shot it' / something like that...

    Group talents: Hard to say since you didn't think about giving us max lvl of them too... What can I do with 3 points? I won't waste that much time on stablebuild to lvl up it just to be able to test it...

    Potions: They give us so much boost damn... 80% crit on inf3 is nothing hard to do now. I'm like 100% sure that they will be unable to buy just for gold (I hope), but it will force us to effort.
    My suggestion as a example: To create a crit potion for 2h duration you need to: Buy recipe for 100G (each time), loot 10 stuff from x boss (ex. Mortis), complete short challenge like kill x monster's in y location with z time (rewarding us in 3rd item), grab those x new alchemy items. As a result we get 1 crit potion.
  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Now let me answer :D . I understand where are you coming but if this debuff was procced on bosses, will you ever consider using eanyhing else ? Probably not because it will be the go to set, it will pretty much make the mages like the tanks ( since most of the use q7 ) and use the same combo. I mean each build should be unique . Yours lets say beats mine on maps but i beat you at the boss and in the end its the same because you are faster at part 1, me at part 2 and gg

    The set is specific:
    1) its made for minion farming
    2) its a pvp tool
    3) i think better to make ti 100 % dmg like 40 + 2x30 rather than proc the debuff. I dont care about my build so much but it will be just stupid to see 1 set everywhere, arena mob farming , boss farming ?. I dont see why are you having such a probem when you can use MS on the boss and then ice missle on the mobs.

    Such a buff will be just too op.
    Mages got enough buffs in this patch and they are good. Yes these buff are making q4 more appealing but thats good.

    And think about it how many " basic atacks " do other classes have against bosses.Rangers green arrow, tanks mostly the lv1 skills and for the dwarfs is the same ? So why should the mage be special and get yet 4th or 5th buff even though he is already gonna be really good .

    "They are being forced to move away from Q8 set to magic missile, and not the other way around.- your statement is the perfect example . If the buff procs it will make ppl who dont use it use it becaus it will give too many things to miss. Heck 18 mana thunder ? permanent spam ? and you say that this wont make q8 the go to set ? uhhh wrong . Even mana build mages will just say bb to everything and just use this. It drives the diversity in this game away
  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Played ts for 20 mins today, new build obviously
    Regarding the talent skills
    It would be advisable to give all classes at least 10 more points to spend
    It would make us more versatile in pve and pvp and allow us to use different sets of combos we cannot currently do
  18. FlVit972

    FlVit972 Forum Greenhorn

    Thr problem is not q8 buff effect directly but frost effects, they ALL don't work on boss. Q8 is directly impacted yes but it's not the only one, ALL mages skills based on frost effects don't work at boss. You compare with green arrow of rangers but their skill just slows the bosses by 30% and all skills which double the damage on marked ennemies work, bleed effects of war work and electric effect and burn fire too, only frost effects don't work, why??? What's the difference between this and the others?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  19. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    About the HUD

    I really don't like the potions overlaid of life bar and resources, for my mode of gaming, I need to see clearly and fast what happens with hp and resources.

    Groups tab need to show a icon with class, this thing is cool when you enter in a randon group.

    Level and wisdow bar need a option to be hidden please!

    Combat value shown in the inventory instead HUD will be cool too.
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  20. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Those and many more components should have such option. It has been mentioned in point 10 of this post. It is difficult to see especially far corners of the display.
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