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  1. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    a tank with good cooldown runes has the 40 % speed buff of the war cry pretty much infninitely , mages and dwarfs DONT have such a thing so tanks run with perma 40 % speed and you cry that you wont catch them ?Charge update was UBER BROKEN a max hp and armor tank the other day just spammmed it at me it was dealing 8k per hit BUT HE PERMASTUNS you to death 8k 8k 8k 8k 8k and you are just looking at the screen waiting for your death
  2. GeneraldeBrigada

    GeneraldeBrigada Forum Greenhorn

    Hello good day!
    In my opinion the R209 looks great, ball show, very good indeed. I'll talk a little bit about what I saw as good and bad in the Mechanical class (class I play in). This new update that comes by has its negative and positive points, for example:

    Positive point of the mechanic
    • Use index and critical damage as the other classes and not only depend on damage and speed
    It was the only positive point that I came up with regarding the improvement of the mechanic, but it does not mean that it is just that. The Mechanic probably has improved his performance in the groups even more, because now they will be like any other class. We will not have anything more unique, such as the Tesla Tower (immunity for 10 seconds) and Tower Machine Gun (extremely strong), it will be equality for all (I guess :rolleyes:)

    Negative points of the mechanic

    • HP of Mechanical towers is not good for infernal levels
    • Tactical cannon with only 1 vapor recovery (no one will use this)
    • Tesla tower is more or less (I didn't like it)
    Now that the mechanics will use index, they will no longer use Sapphires and will start using critical impact stones so they can get better performance in the game. Otherwise, they will have to replace their speed equipment with new equipment, with index. This may take a while. And do I think that now that the Mechanic will have less speed do not think that they should increase the animation of the skills that had been reduced long ago?
    This is my feedback, thank you!​
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  3. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro


    But the best solution could be to remove the stun effect from assault, as warrior will not be able to permastun anymore.
    Assault its the best skill from-a-distance ( in pvp ) and excellent skill for pve farming while inside large mobgroup.

    I'm mostly a war and I totally agree with others to nerf Assault skill.
    Just simply remove stun effect but leave bleeding-attack combo.

    DK will still have IronBrow and Earthquake stun skills.

    While removing Assault stun effect , why do not simply decrease the speed of Earthquake animation skill ?
  4. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    You just removed update #209 from the test server, will you keep putting it off again? :eek:
  5. molnijanx

    molnijanx Someday Author

    runes can get ewery char in game, speed buff hawe rangers and dwarfs, about mages don`t remember.
    "you are just looking at the screen waiting for your death" it is normal situation when you play against stronger playrs...
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  6. dahvrok

    dahvrok Forum Greenhorn

    I remember that there have being more class revalancings. Why did one happen now since there wasnt a new class added? Maybe due to new maps? Are we gonna see a new class soon?
  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    When you dont know what are we talking about just stay shut so that you dont look like a fool. He wasnt a stronger player.... i have defeated him many times but i guess you havent played against cube set BUSTKNIGHT, altough this was before 209 and the assault upgrade for 5 points its now gone so there wont be perma spam one skill so i guess this is a good step in right direction
  8. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    wait so explosive arrow, ice missiles, fireballs and frozen sphere are removed from the game?
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  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Don't be willfully ignorant

    Frozen sphere can't be spammed

    And the problem with the spam, is not because of the skills themselves, it's because of bonus sets
    If you want to start balancing pvp, you have to start by deactivate those bonus sets in pvp, this was always a suggestion by the experts
  10. C8ilutzu

    C8ilutzu Forum Greenhorn

    And if we already deactivated wisdom in pvp , we want to deactivate the bonus sets in pvp ... why aren't we deactivate the clsses in pvp too? or maybe their existence?

    Sry but id don't see the point of balancing like this... that would mean to equal a lot of hard work with 0
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They deactivated wisdom because wisdom was one of the reasons why pvp was broken

    It should at least partially solve the problems of oneshotting others in pvp

    Now, deactivating bonus sets will solve another complaint about pvp, which is ability spam without punishment and that made pvp unbalanced as well

    Now, the real balancing of pvp will probably come through the honor tree
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  12. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    My guildmate has 170 mana after the release, and he can still vomit 10 of them in about 4 seconds... I'd call that spam, especially with such an overpowered skill.
  13. -metzelmaschine-

    -metzelmaschine- Forum Greenhorn

    If you cant dodge a frozen sphere, you are just bad, sry thats the truth
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Yes, and how many and how powerful are those runes?Because that's a pretty extraordinary claim, pardon me if i am a bit skeptical about that

    But it seems to me that this complaint was generated by b*tthurt over this release who brought mages on the level of other classes in pve, so i do not think there is a rational basis for this complaint, it can be pretty much ignored
    By the way, according to your definition, if your mana was high, you could "spam" this skill, it had limited use in pvp of course and i do not think people will be using frozen sphere in pvp even today, why is it now that you are complaining?

    It's not spam, because you have to be careful with how you use this ability, you have to worry about your mana, and because of that it can't be spammed
  15. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    so you clearly haven't seen the new frozen sphere..

    @sargon234 I never stated it's a common thing, but since DKs got nerfed due to SWs were constantly crying about the TOP DKs, why couldn't we complain about feats the top SWs can do?? You don't have to be careful with it, especially not in melee range, since you can instantly splode it in the face of your enemy, and it's radius was pretty much buffed when they changed it to deal full damage in the whole area.

    There is no [EDIT]hurt about buffing sws, even though it wasn't as much needed as crybabies made it seem here. I know multiple mages who were soloing infernal3 everything with green with ease before the patch... Just like me on my DK. The difference is, they are still doing fine since they can avoid hits, and mow down everything. However DKs are screwed, because we got the chance to get an extra 5% of armor damage reduction, while monsters hit twice as hard as before, even though BP stated they would deal 30% less than in R207. So if there is any [EDIT]hurt here, it's about BP bulls[EDIT]ing us again
  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    SO then you clearly didnt undestand why they even buffed the mage..... after such a statement ,,,,
    Every class was able to do inf 3 but all the classes ckilled the boss for like 30-46 sec while mages did it for 1min ad 30 sec which is Double,,,,, and that wasnt because of the player stats,,,,, srsly stop calling other people whining babies when you yourself dont know the thing you are talking about.
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  17. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Yea sure it was much needed because killing an inf3 boss with green in 1 min is too slow. You are still missing the point tho. Idgaf about the sw buff. I care about the lies in the patchnotes.
  18. Kaydranzer

    Kaydranzer Someday Author

    What melee range? If you go that close to a DK you are pretty much dead.
    I like to quote some "Top DK's" like you call them.
    "If a mage can kill you, you are just bad".

    This means something, since its coming right from DK's themselves.

    I really like to know, how your mate is able to toss out so many spheres.
    In my skill description, a frozen sphere costs 50 mana, so versus one opponent, i can fire it 3-4 times IF i hit the target. Even if your mate has 50% cost reduction(which is not possible) you need 200+ mana to cast 10 spheres.

    Stop bringing up fake bs to justify a mage nerf. Mage was after lvl50 by far the weakest and now he finally got a chance to shine. GFY.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  19. haykit03

    haykit03 Forum Greenhorn

    damn no wisdom in pvp thats bad idea
  20. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    ye alost other bad idea was perma healing tanks in pvp thanks to wisdom upgrades. now atleast its more skillfull match
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