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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Denton72, Jul 27, 2022.

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  1. Denton72

    Denton72 Forum Greenhorn

    Wanted to get back in to the game
    Starting i see my old character lvl 48 dragonknight,
    And 1st thing my golden horned armor is just gone and my knight is half naked.
    I wondered if was hacked checking the forums i have noticed it was an update that deleted "old items" (how touching).
    And of course i got compensation on log in and i notice how bad these items i got that it killed my best stuff that i grinned for seems forever and i was happy with.
    Starting with random loot "Legend". After 10-15 min to check what little i had save I decided to combine some gems to notice crafting was completely revamped I likED the idea of how was it revamped BUT then I noticed I need shinny dust for that! o_O My initial reaction was: "wait what? Why?!" I just wanted to combine 3 gems in to 1 bigger, I don't want to grind gems and turn them to dust. But fuu i decided to check the price for dust maybe its same price 3 for one bigger and And AND that's that when i got even higher dissapointed.
    I figured it's just a corporate marketing trick to grind harder or buy gems with real money. Game was grindy before but now its just a joke. And to waste gold, and gem a rare gem of polished quality only gives 20x of the (I am sorry) poop dust you require now 4 of the same gems basically to do it. If the cost was 1x gem, 40x dust it would make sense, it could be a very nice improvement. You could sacrifice any gem and get same result a gem of higher quality, but it cost 1x gem, 50x dust. The cost is just higher, absurd. And then i noticed that i cant combine i am lacking an achivement. ;-;. Craft certain amount of splintered and polished gems. So i did craft some 1-2 gems to only noticed progress not going up. PERFECT! i just did 0 progress. Good start! Then i relog and i have achievementS unlocked but then i loose connection for 3-10 sec(and thats each time i relog a character periodicly) and all progress lost. ;-;. With some hard moments i do manage to craft the needed gems. -200 gold when it was free. ;-;
    And Again I found a new feature, customization you unlock a new armor. You can make a costume out of it, NEAT!.... disappointment after disappointment. Andremant only, gold is there to make you only cry that you can't use it at all and andermant grind is absurd long not to mention in the pass how easy was it to spend them by mistake with a single click if you pressed on something you didn't want to(like revive).
    And biggest nail was all items that got deleted were still there All of them. THEY Didn't delete the items from the game they deleted from peoples characters and hide behind words "incompatible (*my EDIT meme*)".
    Trying to just play, as teleportation goes the prices for teleportations are mega joke from silver now to gold prices is wow at best silver price for teleportation was nice towns are free ok i can handle it, but the location near the town 20gold( I didn't count 98 silvers(They could have just added 99 to make it even mall shop equivalent xD :D) to gleaming mountains. From that point i understand the only way I am traveling now is on foot.
    I was hoping from that moment that if I kill a monster I wouldn't have to pay money for actually killing (to kill a monster you need to have 1 gold per monster that would be a fun 1st april fools day no?)
    I will give it a shot for a day or so in game time. I hope gameplay is a bit better.
    But i feel all the updates was landed on the peoples wallets then in favor of community and gamers happiness. I am surprised this game is even alive after all this time. BUt i feel i am going to abandon this whats left of a game shell. Honestly i miss the old versioNS of drakensang sure they were buggy mess but they were not monetized like this. This is just sad to see. I do not enjoy such gold spending.
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  2. Talbor

    Talbor Advanced

    Just wait until you go to upgrade runes & see the gold cost, lol. Gems drop more often, but you'll need A LOT for grinding to upgrade. Some events have some dust as rewards, but most are miniscule amounts. I would just focus on getting to level 100 & work on crafting quest as you go.
  3. orbarber32

    orbarber32 Forum Greenhorn

    This is why I am quitting the game. Before the latest expansion, my character kicked serious butt. But since then, it has become impossible for me to compete in pve, and very difficult to complete events. I don't have time available in my life to dedicate 12-15 hours a day playing a game, which is what would be required to be competitive again. You are taking the game in the wrong direction, and I am done.