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    With R109 we introduced the scaling heroic dungeons - while the heroic dungeons existed earlier before, the scaling did not. Stay tuned, next weeks release 110 will provide a rebalancing and bugfixes:

    Why the changes?
    Our main aim was to enable more areas for you and your level 45 character, where you can hunt for items and glyphs of power equal to your level, mostly, because next to Stalgrad there are no other areas for such a high level. The scaling of the dungeons is also a preparation for future expansions, this way, we do not have to rework them each time again and again. Therefore, we decided to implement the scaling.

    There are always parts on new features that need polishing once they have gone live. Unfortunately, the heroic dungeons are good example for this. The implementation experienced bugs on the way for which we are deeply sorry if they have affected your gaming experience.

    Furthermore, we acknowledge to have missed a clearer explanation about the purpose of the heroic dungeons and we apologize for that. We will do the best we can to brief you on how to enjoy the new kind of dungeons. With your feedback we realized just how you popular the heroic dungeons are among you. Therefore we would like to break this update and its features down, discuss them with you and give you an outlook towards the future.

    Made for Groups:
    The meaning of Scaling: The level of dropped items, as well as the level and strength of monsters in the dungeon all reflect on the level of the player’s hero. The monsters of the heroic dungeons and their difficulty is adjusting to the level of the player with the highest level of a player group.

    Yes, the dungeons are definitely not a piece of cake but the key to success here is the right co-player. An individual player will find it quite difficult to compete against the (mini) bosses all alone. The heroic dungeons are recommended to be entered with a group of 3-5 players.
    The health bar of the enemies does increase with every player; however, it is not doubling 1-to-1. Therefore, each player of a 3-5 member group will have to subtract less hit points of a monster, than as if the player would have to face the enemy alone. Monsters start with 3 times the power for 1 player and scale up to 5 times the power if 5 players are in the group. Also like before, all Monsters in the Heroic Dungeons equally provide XP and loot for every player in a group without the normal reduction for groups (but decreases for Level-difference between group members still occur).

    While encouraging you to team-up, you therefore need to be aware who you pick to accompany you to the dungeons. A level 45 is not going to make its easier for two level 40 players who are searching for a companion.
    We realized that a larger pool of players are new to the dungeons and that we need to emphasize to team-up stronger.

    Wider pool of players:
    The heroic dungeons used to be for level 40 players only, which we found to be a small pool of players. Now, having an increased level cap (until level 45) we had to adjust the heroic dungeons respectively. On top of that we have widened the group of players who can participate in the dungeons from from level 30 until level 45.
    We felt this step was necessary to allow a larger pool of players to seek the ultimate challenge.
    Before R109, the heroics were rather exclusive and you simply cannot call them heroic anymore if a level 45 character is defeating a level 40 mini boss.

    Coming Soon:
    Having said that, this is only the beginning step of the dungeons, the dungeons will not remain as they are right now. The aim is to give you players a challenge but at the same time we want you to enter them more confident and prepared.

    Obviously, it was not intended to have bosses heal their complete health bar as soon as a player dies and rejoins the group. This is a clear bug and will be fixed with the upcoming version.
    Additionally we will improve the various messages and tooltips that currently hold wrong information.

    Better Rewards:
    We know that you are hungry for new unique items and a more fitting rewards for your heroic endeavours. Release 112 will provide you with the first step, where Ammon will have new tools for you.

    Difficulty degrees:
    As you can already see in the game, we are planning to provide multiple difficulty degrees, so every player can choose the right level of challenge for him. But this system still needs some work until we can release it. Until then we will reinstall the previous evolving difficulty between the different dungeons for release 110, because we can hear from your feedback, that we aimed to high with the current balancing settings.

    Improved Team-up:
    This is a major topic for future releases. The Atriums were only a first step until we can provide you with more suitable solutions.

    With such an active community, we do read your feedback and we are aiming to meet your needs. The new atriums are a solution which was recommended from the community and implemented for the community. We enjoyed reading that you welcomed this feature!

    Thank you for your active engagement
    and participation in Drakensang Online

    Kind regards
    Team Drakensang Online
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