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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Divinefury, Oct 29, 2018.

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Do you like the upcoming changes in PvP?

Poll closed Nov 8, 2018.
  1. No

    112 vote(s)
  2. Yes

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  1. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    I don't like the current PVP game modes to be change. Just keep it that way.

    However i agree to add a new game modes. Gearless PVP and MOBA type.
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    it is balanced for you, because you know win, you sound like the reactionaries during the french revolution, desperately trying to save their priviledges
    Sorry about that, but they have to go, since they are hurting pvp

    And yes, forcing players to play as the devs want is not balance, it's lazyness

    Also it's not balance that maximum offense can let you get maximum defense, you need to compromise
    Also, the new changes to pvp are going to benefit dwarves, no way a 1h ranger or SW or warrior would be able to compete with a dwarf and his turrets
  3. kavekanis

    kavekanis Forum Apprentice

    simply because you do not create two paths for the pvp:

    1st-a pvp where it is possible to use runes, gems, bonus sets as it is now and even with pets like before I would say
    2nd - the pvp proposed by the development team

    and that each one choose where to play to see which is more satisfying

    Why should this issue be white or black? there are more people besides those that are full of runes and gems (and I include myself in them) for which the pvp is frustrating for which it is not possible to give so much time or money to the game, only that is why they must have an experience frustrating? to be only boxing bags where those of us who are well prepared can annihilate them?

    I do not think that is the way to show that one is a good pvp player

    even more so when we all know what it takes now to have a good character, how many years will these new players have to suffer from pvp? Will not they end up leaving the game before? Is it really fair? Did not the old players have easier to make our characters than a current player?

    Many people leave the game also because of that fustration that I think is what makes the game sink. not only because they are bored of farm or have become end players with everything done, the majority of opinions that I read are from more boring end players for nothing to do and dedicating their time in the game to the pvp, it would be good to see what they think those we call noobs

    the lack of player renewal is what really kills the game and the current pvp has a lot to do with it
    I think the simplest solution would be to make 2 types of pvp
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  4. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Ok, can you explain me what set is broken in pvp except q8 for dwarfs? c'mon i wanna see
    You can make pvp even if you have a low char, you get oppenents arround the same lv with you so what frustration are you talking about? Of cause you cant be the same in pvp if you play 5 mins/day compared to someone who play a few hours/day, Once again this is (or was) an RPG, not a MOBA.

    EDIT: Those who like the change... i got a few questions
    1) Do you like the change because pvp will be based on skills? Then you need a lot of skill to play with no travel speed and 0.83/1.00/1.18 attack speed right?
    2) Secondly did you thought that the balance between chars will be worse than now?

    I bet a few weeks after the update everyone will complain about DK so have fun :)) Why i say that? As DK you heal 2%/sec and with that extremly low dmg everyone have added to tha 1.00 speed is pretty op, another reason are the 1h weapons from new moon which have pretty good base dmg + 1.18 speed + 2,5k critical. SO after this i am 99% sure this new pvp will require a balance sooner or later, with only base stats of the items working in pvp you have 2 things to change to bring that balance...those 2 things are the base dmg of the items or the skills of an character. Both of those changes will also have an impact and unbalance pve which also finally became balanced some time ago.
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  5. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Added those base stats will be available for any class.
    Tiny differences is also many players will look at the t6/7 q2 weapon also good base crit and damage, but this is for all classes.
    Finally however I see the ghost bow shining in pvp for rangers, especially on t7
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    so everyone who criticizes you is in favour of the update?I made very clear that i think this pvp change is not good and should not be implemented

    Yet i am not screaming at the top of my lungs that the status quo is good, you're behaving like the french nobles during the revolution, you do not the change, not because it's bad, but because it threatens your priviledged position
    Your motive is selfish and self centered, not out of rational and thoughtful objections
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  7. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Truly balance will be if they add option to enter pvp with any class you want, so no more this class better and bla,bla
  8. DriverArisS

    DriverArisS Forum Apprentice

    Let's get this straight. The last time I checked, DSO was an MMO RPG game WHICH MEANS that how good or bad someone is on PvP doesn't depend only on their skill but ALSO on their ability to choose the right combination of items to make the best PvP setup. Like it or not, THIS IS 'MMO-RPG' GAMES ! What you are trying here to do, is to turn the PvP system into MOBA, but not even a well-made version of MOBA, because even in those games, guess what ... ITEMS AND FARMING DO MATTER! And my problem is not if PvP would need more skill, I even want that. I really do want PvP to need more skill, but deffinetly not in that way! Just think of the 40-45 LVL era. Noone could die single hitted and everything was balanced because we didn't have all stats at 80%.
    Also letting those new gem tiers and items work on PvP is not a solution because then more money would be needed and all of our items will be completely useless since the max values will be increased. In general all this whole concept has many gaps and if BP doesnt fill them, players will start leaving one after another.

    PS_1. I don't get why some people above complain about dmgers using 2handed weapons at the farm. Dmgers exist in a team to make dmg, that's what 2hands provide. And this is a great thing because it's a clear improvement (the only one) of the 40-45 lvls where 2hands existed only for the image. They were useless, and now they do at the best way, the job that they were meant to do. So please..

    PS_2. That whole story with the Jesters removal is just silly. All those years you sucked our money on gambling like leeches, and after having gained enormous incomes from all of us, you suddently feel the need to follow the law and other beautiful and romantic stories like that.

    Stop playing with our intelligence and start working on something that will be really good for everyone. Even if you end up letting gems, items etc work on PvP battlegrounds, its going to be again a destruction because we would need again millions of money and hours of farming to renew the gems and items that we have.

    I'm in this game since 2011 (my ID is a 6-digit number) and a 100% arena player and what I can see year after year, is the game becoming worse and worse.
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  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    1) the problem is that you are forced to be two handed in pve, 1h are basically pariah in pve, that's not good, the devs shouldn't be forcing players to one build, they should promote diversity
    2)they need to follow EU laws about gambling in video games, those law didn't exist back when jesters were introduced
  10. verhabbal

    verhabbal Forum Greenhorn

    dso is going down rapidly:)wy do we play this game???they should ask this question dso EDIT managers ask yourself wy we play this game wy we buy delux and stufs?!!!!!!! EDIT tell u wy we like pvp wy we do farm?becouse we like pvp we farm gold for crafting we farm gems for pvp we farm items runes for pvp!!if u take outh this things u kill teh game basicaly we dont farm enymore we dont buy delux and u dso is ower if u change pvp...
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  11. DriverArisS

    DriverArisS Forum Apprentice

    1) This simply doesn't make any sense, if you are a dmger then you need to follow 2handed build, this is common logic. Except if you like wasting essences.. I don't get why you don't like that. It's the same in every single game. 1 handed weapon =shield=more deff, 2handed weapon = dmg and no deff. So simple and logical as that.

    2)I'm sure that back then there was some kind of similar law, but as long as this is not in my field of knowledge I won't continue it. But their actions are silly.
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  12. Bireescu007

    Bireescu007 Forum Greenhorn

    If you play 3v3, 5v5 and 6v6 there are allmost same 60-70 players fighting between them... all the time same ultra op players with max runes gems and items..... only a few new players test and then run away like hell because they have no chance. A player that have started game from 12-15 mounths ago have 0% chases to winn 1 round in 1v1a against those players .... so what should they do? Wait for another 3 years to have a chance?New players will never play much than 1 year and then will quit because of today pvp Not to say there are a lot of players with"no luck" that have to craft 1 year for a 4 gold weapon... and others make it in 3 weeks. If it stay like this, game will die much faster, because all new players will stop play.... with new changes game will resist a little bit more..... ultra op payers will leave because their supremacy is gone and maybe much more new players will come and maybe enjoy game, because they will have a chance. I think bp sucked all the money from old players or payers, those players are full.... they won't spend money anymore... and need new fresh players(payers), so they want to refreh population in game.. I m no newbee in this game....i play from begining... have a very powerfull character, i play for fun... i just wait and see how is gonna be... if i like it i continue if not i stop... it is so simple, no need to cry all over forums and groups... after all is just a game, and at some point the game will die or i will quit, it is not going to last forever. Have fun and enjoy game, good luck to all
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    no there wasn't, because there was no outcry over lootboxes in videogames, that( and EA's stupidity) was what prompted investigations in Eu countries about lootboxes

    So they are covering themselves from that

    Why should i be forced to use 2hand?Why can't i be a dps and use 1h, i'm not saying to use 1h + shield, but 1h + book,ecc.
    You don't get it because you're simpleminded, you don't think for yourself, you allow the developers to think for you and you follow the trend
  14. Don't you think the same should apply to PvP though? :) At the moment, ALL builds are inferior to crafted cube set, you can't argue with that. On top of that, cube set is only obtainable by premium users. That is not very motivating for new, f2p players.

    Just to be clear, I also voted against BP proposed PvP changes. However, I do think there needs to be a lot of fixing to be done. I want level 40 PvP back.

    Not this nonsense max stats everything with 100k hp... *** is this.

    Did any of you guys ever think about this, red essence used to increase base damage by 300% in PvE AND PvP back then, but they disabled it for PvP because it was too OP. Yet, now you can achieve triple fold damage without those red essence.. what was the point in disabling them in the first place when you're going to let players get that damage permanently??
  15. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    With some sense of humor .. its like Wipe . The game bring all the players at the same situation.
    I need this sense of humor cuase 2 days now i wrote too mutch ...
    Guys tell me one time the developers listen the Dso community ..Never! and why they will made it now?
  16. Divinefury

    Divinefury Forum Apprentice

    I want to say just 3 things we all probably will agree on.

    1. I see a lot of good ideas in this post (but not only this) to avoid this direspectful change and still help everyone to compete at a good level, push everyone into PvP and give them a boost to reach faster good levels.
    But none of these ideas were listened during the years.

    2. Once again, I'm sorry if I'll repeat it.
    This is (till this new PvP comes) and RPG (or at least Hack'n Slash) so basically since the first minute in this game players knows how it works. Farm, farm, farm, a bit of money, farm, farm farm.
    You have to farm to build your PvE set and with that set farm a PvP set, that's how RPG works.
    Now we have BP trying to turn it into a MOBA.
    Let's ignore who will take advantages or disadvantages by this change.
    Let's be honest everyone, do you really think something like this change is respectful?
    I mean we paid for an RPG, we farmed for an RPG, I farmed a lot because I wanted to be different to some casual players, same for most of us.

    3. Do you realize that DSO with this upcoming patches will die?
    Tell me one reason you'll play PvE.
    To keep doing over and over the same map for what? To do it 10 seconds faster?
    Tell me one reason you'll play a MOBA DSO PvP when out there we have the biggest MOBA game of the world with much more players, much more balanced, with real tournaments, with a real chance to become an "employed" pro player.
    On both sides PvE and PvP, DSO is gonna be destroyed in a MOBA market because is not even close to those huge games we all know.
    So what's the point of this change?
    Change all for what?
    To destroy everything we did and close the game in 6-12 months?
    Thats what I think will happen anyway.
  17. I agree, new players should NOT be instantly able to compete with the most elite players who spent years playing. However, the gap shouldn't so big like it is currently, that it takes years to reach such competitive level. At max, it should be a couple of months of extensive grinding.

    It's true, it will hurt the playerbase significantly. Complete PvP overhaul isn't necessary.. just minor changes/fixes/nerfs. I still think all builds should be focused on something, so that all options(2h and 1h+ defensive/offensive offhand) are viable.
  18. OMGitsValetrice

    OMGitsValetrice Forum Greenhorn

    Honestly who can remember the old times? Level 45 or Level 40?
    How was PvP? Is that what all long time gamers miss?

    Generally the players want fair matches, fair elo etc but is gearless PvP a solution?

    an example for the unlogic in this idea

    YOU are one player who farmed a PvP setting and one player with only green can defeat you.
    Only Basic Stats give a EDIT of the values from the items.

    Where is the logic?

    Do you remember this logic on 45? or 40? ehm ehm ehm *nop*

    The big problem in my eyes that they see this as a reason for the unbalancing and the 1 hit system.
    where are the problems in PvP?

    I remember the Chats: "stupid spamer mage" "mages only spam ice and fire ball" "warrior unstunnebal (cube weapon)" "mages can jump every 5-7 seconds in singularity perma antistun" "dwarves ice turrets are broken" "rage bug from gun" "explosion arrow goes on fire and armor" "q7 set explosion spam" and and and and and.....

    Also what is the problem? Effects

    on 40 or 45 was the principe you play for stats and nothing more. Sure there was cube set too but nobody use it or only many players

    The best idea for pvp is too deactivate all effects or values they are independently from stats
    that means deactivate dragan laser, q7 buff and fireball spam, ice shot, dragon rage from cube weapon
    every effect which are inpendently from pvp

    Otherwise a lot of player farm a long time for his PvP setting because a lot of players want to be the very best *na na na*
    and with the new crafting or dropping of items its like 45 and 40 times

    you farm to luck your items and in the end you can try to get stronger items with crafting 2.0
    why than gearless PvP?
    its easier to get gold items
    easier to craft on uniques
    easier to get stones and runes for what?!?!?! *hust Farm hust* Nice

    I wanna be the very best? Oh wow, my enemies dont deal any dmg and i can 1 hit them wow boring.
    I wanna play PvP *-* oh i forgot... Every item i farmed is useless

    Also why you make that things easier to get?

    There is something wrong.

    I have no problems to show skill, but something differents must be there and thats the reason why i think gearless PvP is no solution to balance.
    Make it like 45

    easier and faster farm items gems and runes, deactivate effects and set bonus from sets in PvP and make it like 45 that you only can farm for pvp to get stats no more

    in the end i will apologize for my bad english. im a german person and i don´t speak english as well.

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  19. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    yes should be something linking pve and pvp.. could be gems or runes or both
    also honor tree could be reworked and it should affect pve like the old anti stun

    people would have incentives to play pve to get better at pvp and viceversa
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  20. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Well, I remember, lvls I mean, remember pvp when ess & pots could be used, and I haven't complain ... then or now, I will play what they (bp) offer but I'm asking all of you - where is the fairness in case when someone who play 3 days can B equal to someone with 6,7 years in dso! This is insult, not for the pvp section, it's pve insult - because, who will farm them? PVP is, in my opinion - endgame reward, and it should be like that, not like another game in it.