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  1. tomishek13

    tomishek13 Junior Expert

    Hello, we would like to introduce to you our brand new international guild - ГЭИЭЯΛTIØИŞ - on server HEREDUR.

    We are looking for EU players in common so it doesn't matter where are you from, but you need at least basics in english language.

    Rules for accepting your application:
    - you need to have a discord (server invite will be given to you after joining the guild)
    - english language on at least basic level
    - activity, politeness - it would not work without these basic stuff. (Age doesn't matter, but you have to understand that you are in and will be in guild with people above 18 years.)

    Straight to the characters now, one of the basic requirements is 55 level. Stats doesn't matter, because we stick to the rule that guild is about teamwork, fun and help.

    We don't have a problem to farm with anyone, PW or event, we play for fun and for meeting new people.

    Here I enclose my stats and stats from СЦДØ (guild master) purely for the overview and actually the presentation of the guild:

    If someone is interested, leave your response here on forum or pm in game. Good hunting.
  2. UnluckyOwl

    UnluckyOwl Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, im interested in joining. Im very active playing +6h daily. Im mage and my stats are not so perfect for now, 25k dmg, 66% crit(still trying to get +110% crit adorment) 310% cd. Username: Falleηangel
  3. tomishek13

    tomishek13 Junior Expert

    Hi, can you write me in the game? I can't find your nick...
  4. Fant0masGR

    Fant0masGR Forum Greenhorn

    Question , is there a slot surplus in the guild or the slots are a few to zero? Would be interested to join when i reach lvl 55 soon.
    Qυinn(υ in latin)


    If there are any slots i would like to join your guild, i reached level 55 today and i have no guild. I like the idea of teamwork and a guild without stat/rank requirements. My name's Qυinn in-game once again and i will also contact you through private messages.
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  5. Ikings

    Ikings Forum Greenhorn

    hi im intrested im a lvl 55 dk also playing on herredur my name is Ikings and im very active usually play everyday for hours
    i also have discord and i am from norway and i also speak english pretty well
    my discord= Elgrande#3385
  6. SniperSatan

    SniperSatan Forum Greenhorn

    Hi im intrested i am lvl 55 mage on herredur my name is Snipersatan and i play every day 5-6 hours per day and i speak english very well my discord is LUCIFER#6767
  7. Beamerboy

    Beamerboy Forum Greenhorn

    Hey im a new lvl 55 dwarf , very active and polite , would like to get better with some help , and helping if i can , write me ingame if i can join :) name Beamerboy