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Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by AlphaZerø, Aug 27, 2018.

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  1. AlphaZerø

    AlphaZerø Forum Newbie


    Sadly even a blind man could see that pvp in dso is more than pathetic, it is a complete joke. The 1 hit kills have been going on for months and months and nothing changed. The huge power gap between level55 to any other level has never been higher and the classes have never been more unbalanced. Yet nothing changed and nothing WILL change because the developer team is clearly braindead.

    Let's start with the classes. First of all some are WAY harder to play and to master such as archer and DK while the other 2 are way way easier, but the sad thing about that is that pre level 55 the classes go like this:
    Steam mechanic: 10/10 combat
    Mage: 8/10 combat
    Ranger:4/10 combat
    DK:2/10 combat
    Now it has been like this since these classes came out and it does not seem like they are ever nerfing the complete braindead gameplay of the dwarf that literally just builds full damage throws 2 turrets, runs and always wins unless he is fighting a really really strong mage. So basically pre level 55 archers and especially DK will always lose to mages and especially steam mechanics eventhough they have such harder classes. Now let's talk about 55.

    Now here I definitely have to start off by saying how much of a mess this is. I mean it's a complete clusterfuck how bad the pvp is. So the damage can get SO HIGH (even up to 40-45k with green ess) and the crit damage so high as well that the one shot is just the expected anymore. I have played a lot of mmo RPGs and never have I seen such a one sided pvp. Basically you shoot randomly until u hopefully hit the enemy before he hits you... SAD!


    1. First of all arenas are literally abandoned right now and the playerbase cannot support them, especially in American servers. SO MERGE THEM! Merging the servers will help keeping up with the arena battles and help players find groups and friends that can be really hard to find sometimes.

    2.Balance the classes, dwarf is the strongest in both pve and pvp, change that, nerf dwarf a lot and surely buff DK by giving him more ways to catch his opponent sor something and also make ranger arrows a bit easier to hit, cause pitch perfect precision is never fun.

    3. This is the most important one: Balance the level 55 damage. Don't allow level 55 to be so much stronger than any other level and surely change the one shot pathetic excuse of a pvp like seriously.
    How to fix the one shots: Nerf hand crafted weapons by lowering their inherited enchantments every time one is done, also punish people for using 2 handed weapons by lowering their attack speed, that can be done by REMOVING ATTACK SPEED RUNES. Rune of celerity and rune of grand celerity removed. Also completely remove crit damage from the game. It is a big change to make but crit damage is just broken. I have never seen a game have crits do more than 100% damage, yet here they can reach 400% more with 80% crit chance, seriously stupid.

    I hope the developers listen and change their game because it will die out. Thank for reading the whole thing if you did.
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I hope they don't ... because everything you mentioned is more than just a bad idea.
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  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Agree PVP is completely broke... disagree combining the USA servers will not fix it. If you combine the servers you will lose a lot of players on the Asian rim, Australia, New Zeland,,, I find PVP is even worse then how you describe it in your thread.. Even worse now that they nerfed the distance Rangers arrows travel.. Can't even get close to a dwarf or SW to hit them. Dwarfs use their turrets and it is 3 against 1. SW use their guardian and it is 2 against 1.. So disappointed in the developers on what they have done to PVP.
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  4. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Truth be told, nowadays one doesn't need to spend the proverbial $5000 ( or often much, much more) or play 16 hours a day for 5 years. PvP has turned into One-Shot Business... that's how I see it anyway.
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  5. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    In my opinion pvp is in quite good shape now. If you are one shotted then you are using 2hand build . But builds using 1h def set-up are pretty balanced(1h dwarfs have upperhand but nothing that minor balancing would' not fix, namely extra shield of miniturrets and ridicilous hp regen). Current "meta" is that 1h def builds rule the show but if you have that build on and have similar gems&runes&golditems then outcome of fights is determined by skills and fact that who gets few hits trough without block :) but even that can be reduced by different build options.

    Basically what I want to say is that I like current pvp and besides minor balancing with baby steps I'd not change it.
  6. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    To start such a thread, you need first to build a pvp character. Any class, with 1h weapon and shield, with high HP, with 80% block rate and 80% crit hit rate, with high block strength and 400% crit damage. And more importantly, very high damage. Then, when all this is done, come back and complain in this thread.

    I play with 2H and can 1 shoot most of the players with 2H, and the old ones I can 2 shoot or 3 shoot maximum. But then there are the old filed and grand marshals with 1H and shield that I need to 20 shoot while they 1 shoot me. It is easy to complain that the PVP is not balanced, but let's not forget the game is the same for all. No one stops you from building a strong 1H pvp character.

    I had lots of balanced matches and lot of fun in PVP, but then I had tons of games where I was 1 shot by players with 1H.
    Bottom line, the pvp is not completely broken, the pvp is just fine as it is. No one needs to get nerfed. The match making is broken because adds in arena weak vs strong players. And for some reason, it is done on purpose. Is not like the match making engine doesn't know the next match is going to be imbalanced, it knows very well. It is written right in the beginning under one of the characters: "slightly favored" or even "favored".
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Everything you have described is a definition of imbalance.
    So how can the current PvP be "in good shape"?
    The PvP is a total mess.
    The balance occurs when everyone is able to play successfully with any build they want to.
    That means you can play with 2H, 1H+offensive offhand and 1H+deffensive offhand.
    On top of that any build would be successful more or less ... it would be matter of minor finesses.

    That is not the case ATM.
    The PvP is total wreck ATM ... in order to be successful one needs to use only and only one set (cube set) ... which BTW is premium set.
    That is uber crap and it is not representing balance whatsoever.
    The situation in the PvE is almost the same ... only one build is preferred over the rest.

    That is everything but balanced game ... it is not even fun.
    Who made that build as very definition of PvP?
    I remember the days of the glorious PvP when players were playing with quivers, shields, 2Hs ... yet the game was almost perfectly balanced.

    The cube set is ultimate broken feature.
    Having both max offensive and defensive stats in same time is a definition for imbalance.
    If someone is going for max defense they shouldn't be able to get more than 500-1000 damage and high crit hit/damage.
    And vice versa ... high damage and crit hit/damage leads to low defensive stats.
    At the end the players would be most probably playing with something in between ... having little bit of everything.
    But having everything at highest possible level is THE very definition of imbalance and broken feature.
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  8. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Hah, sorry. You do have a point Traki. What I mean that classes have now more balance. Equally runed, gemmed toons from different classes have now a honest chance. That is good enough for me since I can always then make a competitive build. But you are definitely correct about general imbalance