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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Oct 18, 2017.

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  1. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    if he doesn't drop, he can buy, i would buy, but he can try the boss as many times and he wants and as he can. The shop after the boss is a nice option, but those who want can buy it, it's
    They should increase the drop rate, yes, but there should be the option to buy it, for the unlucky, otherwise you get the trash system which we had before, low drop rates and no vendor. Which one do you prefer?i prefer what we have now, not the past system
  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Actually there is an in between.

    Do you remember when Dragan was introduced as an event? One boss kill = one unique drop. Granted not all the parts dropped equally, there was still plenty of random, but all players were rewarded for their effort.

    That of course was a huge part of the reason people were begging every month for the event to come back. Once they switched the set out and created the "buy it" with draken, no one, not one single player has begged for that event to come back.

    The other completely fair option would be to put the reward as part of the progress bar. Again, this is reward for the effort. Yes, there would need to be adjustments for the different levels to stop someone from doing normal up the cape and then switching to infernal II, but that should be easy enough for a competent dev to program.

    As we have it now, the drop rate is less than 1% or those with draken get to buy it. If you can't buy it, you more than likely won't get it.

    If I were to begin fixing DSO, the first thing that I would do is address the reward to the time and effort ratio. However, I'm not a game developer, so that seems like an obvious fix to me. :p
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    [quote removed]

    You are a new player who doesn't have any clue about, people like grind,true, people like eating hamburgers, that doesn't make that good and no, it's empirically provable that rng is not good, it doesn't work, it makes people quit the game, you would know if you played the game for some years, the majority complained about the unfair rng, rng has to be fair, it needs to account for effort, otherwwise people quit and it happened in the past
    Of course you can't make everyone like it, in the same way you can't stop people from eating hamburgers all day, or you can't stop people who have some strange paraphilia, that doesn't mean they are healthy
    And stop defending bp, at least ask for payment
    And should anyone consider the opinions of anyone who is wrong? they are wrong, they should be ignored, their ideas do not work
    Yeah, that would be a compromise,in the past, when uniques had fixed values, but now, i don't think so, so the system we have here is the best we have, either buy or do 'till it drops, it gives a reason to farm drakens after all, there any new cosmetics sales from gnob, drakens are useless then
    Also, if they either reintroduce a system like that again, all uniques should have the same probability to drop, no more diverse probability nonsense

    Onestly i want dragan to come back, it's a good farm for draken and there are some cosmetics i want from it, the green spider, the achievements and draken cores/draken always nice, also the sphere from minievent and the golden clovers, always good toi have them
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  4. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Once again you wade into a topic of which you know nothing about. You were not around when loads of people played this game, you were not around when loads of people quit this game, and you have no idea what caused either.

    It appears that you get some form of satisfaction out of saying "take it or leave it", but allow me to let you in on a little secret. That's not an original thought, so you don't need to go repeating it over and over again like you came up with the idea.

    I like to think that some form of a better system could be implemented that is closer to what we had in between the complete randomness which we all hated and the buy it now version we have now with almost zero chance of drops.

    Take the pw for example. Everyone putting in effort can farm materi frags and use them to buy the gear that they want. It sort of makes up for the low drop rate. This is a good example of time and effort equaling reward.

    Each tiered item requires more time and effort. That works well.

    As draken can only be farmed during events and while it has improved a bit over the last couple years, it isn't keeping up with the demand as we have far more things needed to be bought.

    So my thought is that a similar concept could be used for events, something that rewards the players for the time and effort put into it. Scaling for those who can do the harder levels and for those putting in the time and effort.
  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    the drop rates have always been aweful, in the pw
    In events it was a little better,actually it was possible to complete a set during an event(essence set, the time where they put sargon set in dragan event, with the exception of forgetting the armor of sargon)
    Then everything went down and they lowered the drops in events too

    THings drop, i dropped the cape and i did less than 20 runs in minievent, i didn't drop neither the book nor the weapon
    And the farming of draken to buy things isn't similar to the farming of materi frags?
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend


    Proof that it does indeed drop:

    The funny thing is that I'm not running for the cape, I'm running for the cores.
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  7. sjwing

    sjwing Forum Apprentice

    I received the Gwenfara's Ghostly Shroud on the first run on Infernal II. ( Tier 5) First run...! It does drop. The run was done with a group of 2. We finished the event in a short time, and the mini-event/ challenge tonight after less than 17 runs. It's our first time in the event, so we relied on the Wiki for guidance. We cancelled the quest the first run, and learned not to do that again. We killed the Illusionist 3 times, without much difficulty. It's not impossible , folks. Got the cape on the first run... so go for it! it's possible.
    Server: Agathon
  8. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Well, for all those wondering what is the drop rate of all the uniques in the event , i would say this event is definitely one of the events i hate the most when it comes to that. Its not like dragan event at all. The drop rate is PURE RNG. Its not like you will get at leat 2-3 uniques per 10 runs or something like that.Its horrible. I made 30 runs on 2 characters. On the first one i got 2 times the weapon but no cloak, whereas on the other i got the cloak on my second to last run but no weapons dropped. So, 60 runs in total, 3 uniques. You know, in dragan event we have grima too but the drop rate there is as it is supposed to be, especially for players that go for inf2.

    Do the devs even know how frustrating it is to do 30 runs and get 1 unique? Where is the fun of the event when it comes to that? And whats worse is this : lets say someone decides to buy the uniques.
    First of all, the tier 5 prices are damn high. I would never waste 4600 + draken for something that does not even have guarranteed values. It could be the best or the worst values. That was the point when we were grinding for like old and new dragan. We could get the set but we kept farming for better lines. If we did not get the last item from the set, which was rare case, then we could buy it, but in that case it would complete the set. Why should i waste all my precious draken, just because you decided to make the drop rate like that.

    Back when dragan first came, it was so hard to get the cloak, but in the process we would get the rest of the set items and the cloak would eventually come. In this ghost festival it goes like this : farm gwenfara for the possibility to get 1 unique from her and farm avalona to get 1 from ther as well.It is not fun in the first place to try to grind for 1 single item per boss, let alone when the drop rate is like this. And whats worse is that all uniques in this event have the same drop rate.

    Jesus crist guys. Seriously now. Its okay to make the uniques hard to get, but this time you really messed up big time. It reminded of the bad days, when the new dragan set first came and we would farm days to get it, but even in that case it was super worth it and we would eventually get at least 2 items. In this event, nothing is for sure.
    END of this rattle
  9. lammendam

    lammendam Forum Apprentice

    I can defeat a boss many times. So, why i should buy the cloak (even if it not worth to spend draken) if i can get it from boss?
    Two reasons for why i say that: First - drop chance is low (below 1% i think) and player can't get the cloak from boss no matter how many times he go, and second reason - ability to kill the boss once per 8 enters, it's not normal, it's completely annoying to spend potions to do quest!

    If you are the oldest player than me, you must better know that buying the cloak (wich is not worth it) is shouldn't be the only reason to get uniq. When player can't get ANY uniq from ANY boss during ALL EVENT, no matter how many time player kill them, why he should play this event and buy the cloak or else uniq if it dont worth to spend draken on it.

    Many old players that i know, say that event uniqs have annoying stats... maybe it's true, but for new players who dont have these uniqs and drakens it good thing to drop something from bosses, but many players including me don't have any event uniq from boss, so why i should buy it? I should buy everything? And where RPG-part of game - to get item from boss, because buying is annoying and drakens don't worth to spend it on this event uniqs.

    You don't go to other forums and dont know how this items drops to other players. I beleive that this uniqs is drops, but it have really low chance, so, it's not a proof, when most of players can't get it from boss.
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    where did you get that 8 number from?The repeatable quest has you kill 200 mobs, so 3 runs, if the quest remains the same, you can kill avalona every 3 runs
    Also, as explained before by Baragain and others, group with other players, especially those who cancelled the first quest, then you would be able to do avalona every single run

    You can either buy or try 'till it drops, if i really wanted this cloak i would try and buy it anyways or i would do as many runs as i can, the drop chance is low, true, but you either have to buy or drop it, no other choice
    The drop rates must be increased highly

    Buying is a way to catch the unlucky, it is a bandaid
  11. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    It is amazing how many people post negative comments about events when they have never run that event. How many people making the negative comments have just repeated the lie that it takes 7-8 runs to get Avalona to appear. As you state at worst it is every 3 runs w/o the drop quest or group efforts.
  12. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I contacted the support, so the following information is confirmed:
    [In case you did not drop the quest (kill 70 monsters) in the very beginning],
    - the boss spawns every time if you complete the quest (kill 200 monsters) and you don't turn it in, nor you cancel it.
    The following has been tested thoroughly by me:
    - the boss spawns every 3 runs if you complete the quest (kill 200 monsters), then you do not turn it in, you cancel it instead and retake it.
    - the boss spawns every 7-9 turns (or so) if you complete the quest (kill 200 monsters) and you turn it in (which resumes the whole quest loop).​
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  13. lammendam

    lammendam Forum Apprentice

    Maybe, you have misunderstanded me or I have misunderstanded the event's quest system. Anyways, I'll explain, when I killed Avalona, I have quest completed, when I go to take it again, this annoying npc Nathan wants that I help him in protection, and collect glass and candles. When I've done that, he sends me to kill monsters (this takes exactly 3 runs without candles)... I'm tired to do this quests and I have no time to do all this loops... and its too late to say that I can cancel the quest and re-take it again... and anyways, I don't need to go this event and further explanations 'cause it bored me for quest system and for (not dropped to me) uniqs..
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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So you took the repeatable quest and completed it again?And then you had to gather all those candles and glasses
    I was talking about cancelling the repeatable quest, if you did that, every three runs you were able to do avalona
  15. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    my old cloak is can keep your cloak bigpoint i dont need it
  16. Falk101

    Falk101 Junior Expert

    After so many runs in infernal 1 and 2, still 0 unique on this event... Only best luckers of this game can get something, it's not fair.
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  17. ABN555

    ABN555 Forum Apprentice

    If, like me, you didn`t cancal the first quest you can still get 2 boss per 3 runs

    After killing the 200 and boss don`t cancel but teleport to kingshill
    Next time you enter the dungen click on the quest keeper. Click the back arrow to close the keeper.
    Cancel the quest in the journal then the quest keeper to start the quest and you will get the boss on this first run as well as when you have killed the 200.
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  18. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I have finis event and mini and tank for other teams i think about 30+ runs or maybe 40 and no unique item.
    This is very bag drop.
  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The drops is this event are a mess, this is not the parallel worlds, this is an event, event should have much higher drop rates then pw,especially this event that comes once in a year
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  20. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    The drop rates are insulting to say the least. The day before this event began, I asked the question "Have the drop rates been increased, since the items are removed as progress rewards" and it went unanswered. This is particularly unfair to new and lower level players. Last year I got the items from the progress and they really helped with my character development. I would hate to be that low under the new system.
    This time around I completed the main and the mini. The mini was much easier thanks to traki and his wiki. What bums me out is, I did runs in all difficulties. I Had 1 drop of the cloak in my final run, on normal. 1 drop of the axe, on normal, and one drop of the shield on excruciating. So nothing I can use. I thought about buying the shield on T5 but think I'm going to save the drakans, as my lvl 51, T2 wolfslayer shield (old) is still better.
    Overall it was fun, but just, not cool BP. Your greed is making new events worse and worse with every iteration.
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