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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Oct 18, 2017.

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  1. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    Rewards are disappointing, especially those on mini event... Block strength runes are useless for most of us!!
    I finished it only for drakens. Cuz thats probably the only way to get uniques these days...

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  2. sjwing

    sjwing Forum Apprentice

    As a fairly new player, less than a year, I have enjoyed this game quite a lot. I cannot speak about things prior to my starting the game, but, I do see the changes this year. The drop rate has decreased almost everywhere. I was very pleased I got the cape t5 on the first run. I don't get much luck like that. I had hoped if it was that easy for me to get it, then it would be for others. Reading the posts here in the forum, I see it is almost impossible to get the uniques. I thought that was the purpose of events, to have a change of pace and to get uniques.
    I use Wiki all the time, and it is so useful. I thank Trakilaki for taking the time and effort to do this for all of us. We would be lost without it. This was my first time in this event, so I relied heavily on Wiki for guidance.
    We make runs daily in the event, and nothing new has dropped for us. This is harder than Dragan's event to get drops. I know the cape is a much sought after unique, but I see it has become almost impossible to get, along with the pieces from Gwenfara. We do Gwenfara every day, and no drops. Particularly in higher difficulties. If we have worked our way up to being able to do the higher difficulties, then there should be an easier reward for that effort, being more frequent drops. It has been rare that we even see a legendary item. Everything is green and a some blues.
    As with other areas, the higher the difficulty, the lower the drops,.. or so it appears. We can drop down to lower difficulty, and sometimes get the uniques, that are either useless or we have to craft up to our level. That is expensive, and time consuming. Albeit, maybe worth the effort. I feel like the higher levels are being punished for being higher, and I understand they are trying to help the lower levels, but at our expense. Can there be a middle ground?
    Either way, I still enjoy every event, do every event. I just wish there were some positive remarks in the forum. So many complaints that it tends to turn those who are new off or away. If it's so bad after years of playing, why keep playing? if it's so bothersome, why spread that to those of us who are enjoying the game, or trying to move up? It's a good game. People enjoy spending their time playing it. That means there are some fine points to it, some enjoyment we get from it. Obviously, if those who find fault in everything are still playing, then there is something in the game that they still enjoy... Or, they would have left the game.
    I don't care how it was in the past. I have to play in the present. Yes, we have to adapt to changes, and people don't like change. But that change also makes it different. Yes, its harder. Yes, there are less drops. So we play longer. Sometimes, we find something that is a better fit than the item we were seeking. We build around new things, or perfect what we have through crafting and upgrading. In a perfect world, we all would get the drops we want, when we want them, without a lot of struggle.
    We group, and find that sometimes the group size can be too big or too small. We then learn from that, and make adjustments. It's all a learning experience , and all in all , we enjoy it.
    We are not DSO, and after years of this game being around, they are taking it in a different direction, it appears. Stagnation is not a good thing. So change happens. In the process, things need to be tweeked here and and there, and they do listen to our feedback. We are along for the ride, and can give feedback, but not direct DSO in the direction it is trying to go to improve the game for all. We are players, and can give feedback. If the feedback is productive , then they can make the changes.
    Maybe after all these posts about drop rate, it can improve some. Maybe that is not in the grand picture. There have been so many changes in the 10 months I've played. Runes, sapphires gone, new areas opened up, new levels, the expansion, new events, new pets and mounts and costumes, new achievements, new group leaderboards.. and new responses to feedback have come about. I can only play in the present, and enjoy what is there.
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  3. krawler2018

    krawler2018 Junior Expert

    at my lv55 the cloak didnt drop once so i bought it with 4200 drakens from inf1 but on my lv41 ranger it dropped in the first round at painful mode the max mode i could get in the map, it was nice if the cloak had a damage line
  4. Falk101

    Falk101 Junior Expert

    After a lot of the bosses killed, I still haven't gotten anything. If your goal was to frustrate the players by showing them unique items they can't have then this is a successful event! This game should be fun but your stingy generates frustration and that's a shame. Only the luckiest ones in the game can have these uniques, you can keep them... Things like that make me sick of playing this game.
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  5. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Here my rates: 84 runs in inf 2. Dropped the cape twice (the second one had really low stats and enchants).
    Never seen any weapon nor offhand in 84 runs.
    The drop rate of the uniques is really bad, basically it seems the same of PW but with the "little" problem that this is a one time event (once in a year) and it's not fair for anyone to keep this low drop rate (I think it is around 2-3%).
    The shop should have been the "safe net" for the ones that didn't have the time to complete the event but, for enyone that completed the mini it should have been "normal" to complete the full set with at least 4-5 drop of any unique (and the RNG rolls of the item should have given the ones with the highest time invested the best rolls).
    This is not the way it should have been handled the drop RATES in the events, Grima SHOULDN'T be the first way to get the uniques, it should be the SAFE NET. I could understand Grima's beeing the first source of uniques in PW where you can endelessly farm matery fragmets 24/7 but this shouldn't be the case for events in which you can't farm drakens endlessly.
  6. morituritesalutamus

    morituritesalutamus Forum Apprentice

    Pathetic event especially given its form last year where you could earn the uniques from progression. No Unique drops anywhere at all, wow that was fun. Cruddy items on mini progression, why would you bother. It is not clear to me why you feel obliged to ruin events the second time around. Your rationalization that it should be like the PW is bunk, no PW drops a cape and why not give us some relief from the tyranny of your "random number generator" ?
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