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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Below you can find out the main changes introduced in Ghost Festival Event - 2017 Edition!
    Following a list of what has changed, with comments from the Game Design (in italic).

    Halloween Rewards

    Progress bar and equipment rewards
    The Halloween rewards (offhand item + 1h weapon) are valuable event equipment rewards that will improve with increasing the tier. The effort to receive these items can be compared with past events. Of course, the equipment has to compete with other items in the game (Parallel Worlds, Dragan Event etc.) but players should also be aware of the increased effort to get these items compared to the Halloween items. People who went through the endeavor to get the desired item in the Parallel Worlds should certainly feel rewarded.

    In addition to that, the players obtain runes, vanity items (+1 new costume) (these items can be also used to get new rewards from the Collector’s Bag) and other consumable + event items.

    As we want to ensure that players receive their equipment reward on the desired tier, we have removed them from the progress bar. They have to fight leaders/bosses to get the equipment parts or buy them with Draken from Grima.
    Therefore we have also added the additional
    infernal modes to this event.

    The new cloak/banner is, even without a tier, a valuable item and it improves with a higher tier. The Tier 3 version has values almost equal to those of the cloak/banner from 2016. Since this cloak/banner is a very good item which can compete with others from different regions and events it has to have similar costs at Grima’s shop as the other items, too.

    Runes in progress bar (Runes of Devastation + Runes of Persistence)
    Apart from this, the player is rewarded with valuable unique equipment, vanity items and other items such as essences, legendary equipment, and event consumables. The progress bar includes more improved items and introduces them earlier.

    Monster drop and strength

    • In the Halloween event you can obtain the same items from monsters as in other events, such as Mystic Cubes, Gems, Equipment etc. The drops have been reworked and improved since 2016.
    • The armor and attack values of the monsters, as well as the loot chances in general, have been improved.
    • The auto pickup function has been added to both progress items Saved Souls and Scary Skulls

    The challenge is fairer to play because most monsters are weaker than before and the “Face of Death” monsters that drop the keys to the Dungeon of Despair are also weaker. All difficulties will benefit from these changes.

    The Halloween themed decoration has been added to Hiraja

    Bug Fixes

    • The quest item drop chance for "Mirror, Mirror, in my Hand" has been increased
    • Gwenfara and Avalona – the event bosses now drop Draken cores
    • Exit to Kingshill: Players can now travel from the Creepy Castle and the Dungeon of Despair back to Kingshill
    • Temporary items: We do not have any temporary items in the event anymore – only the new Scarecrow costume is available as a 7-day version in a free event package
    • The Gwenfara Off-Hand item effect now works as described in the tooltip and generates Ghost Energy with every critical hit.

    Re-use of maps and other assets

    It is understandable that players ask for more completely new content and we try to provide as much new content as we can. For this event, we decided to reuse maps that the players have not seen for a while and combine them with a new scenario, new quests, new NPCs and new monster combinations.
    There were some players who liked seeing maps that have been removed from the game wrapped in a new event theme.

    Happy hunting!
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team​
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    How to call Avalona?
    Condition: Main event quests "Spooky Visitors" & "Tale of Heroism" are complete

    1. Accept quest "Promised to Death" from Sister Morana in Oldfield (first map)

    Finish the quest tasks in the Dungeon of Despair.


    3. After completing "Promised to Death (1/2)", the quest will be called
    "Mirror, Mirror, in my Hand (2/2)". Finish this quest.

    4. Accept quest "Immortal Eternity" and finish it.


    5. Quest row repeats with "Mirror, Mirror, in my Head"

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