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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Oct 28, 2016.

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  1. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    I did 15-20 boss runs, but no unique yet. I don't think you can calculate the odds, it's pure luck.
  2. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I got mine in ~15 runs (4500 progress). It was a run #11, approximately, all in fatal. But I might have missed it previously, as it drops as white item. So look closely.
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  3. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I got the claw on the first run and the third run. The first iteration had the lowest possible stats on it. Second was better. Looks like drops are pretty random.
  4. Sshadowfang

    Sshadowfang Forum Apprentice

    nice event gets a bit boring though and im only halfway through could have done with a few more side quests, i agree drop rates for blue purple etc are very low but im playing it solo on normal level still not got the unique yet im on 2700,plus most rewards are a bit naff and all seem to be event related rewards such as pumpkin candy and sophias remedy, could have offered something better to be fair,
  5. DuttyBus83

    DuttyBus83 Someday Author

    I Got The Axe the 3rd Time i killed the Queen. It Drops as a common grey item so watch very carefully!
  6. wenny0119

    wenny0119 Junior Expert

    What's the drop rate for the weapon like? Some players got it on their first run or so...and another's progress was above 3,000 and still hadn't got it...

    Another note: there should be more repeatable quests, or a longer storyline. It does get boring after awhile, and the only repeatable quest only gives 5 draken...and takes two runs.

    Hm, now the repeatable quest only takes one run...

    By the way, shouldn't Gwenfara, as the final boss, drop at least one extraordinary item??
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  7. azuerrzu11

    azuerrzu11 Forum Greenhorn

    nice.. i farmed almost all day long (like 6-7 hours it's pretty much for me) and i got nothing from the boss i done like 20 runs some of them were solo and i mostly done fatals. i love how someone always gets the weapon (some of them is new to the event 1st , 2nd , 3rd run.) from my team but i get nothing. my unique drop rate is really bad (everywhere btw , in pw's and in events too) and i think it's a little bit unfair i should do 100x runs maybe for nothing but even f2p players (like me) get the bow/weapon easely... just why i should suffer under this curse? -.-

    well the event progress's drop rate is really cool if you are alone.

    i got almost 1k ander just by farming map1.

    the quiver is nice and i will get it at least.

    overall it's a good event with a great spooky mood (may i miss spelled this word) but the weapon's drop rate triggers me so hard why i can't be lucky just once...
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  8. JPDayz

    JPDayz Forum Apprentice

    Well for those who are seeking drakens after the past dragan event this still cant be useful for anyone. 2 Weeks event and we can't even farm draken, it's basically 2 weeks to get the weapon and fill the bars.
  9. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    we need to know from developers if we upgrade ghost bow as a white item and open slot and put in the gems and after that they fix it do we loose the glyphs and the gems in it?
  10. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Mage's uniques are bugged. Every crit doesnt count towards that useless bonus. Maybe every 3rd one. Tested at 80% crit rate and 2.02 speed. Destruction is bugged too. Hit 10 mobs, 9 crit, and only got 10 points.

    But you can ignore it. Those uniques are only good as melt.

    However, I will now watch closely into another bonuses like this. If crit is bugged here, who knows it is not bugged somewhere else.
  11. Exormist

    Exormist Forum Greenhorn

    Dwarf unique is also bugged. The weapon says you gain ghost energy every time a mechanical turret hits an enemy, but what actually happens is you gain energy when you place the turret only...

    The real question is, are any of the uniques NOT bugged? :O
  12. papalel

    papalel Forum Apprentice

    I have a lvl 50 dk with the ghost axe in Dragonrise SEA. I noticed that equipping the axe I experienced much increased in repair cost eg. by testing running map 2 & 3, the cost is more that 1 gold whereas using wolf slayer mace the cost is only about more less 3 silvers. I wonder if it's the same here?
  13. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    It is the very same thing here with regard to the cost of repairs. I used the axe on several runs and experienced "ghost" repair costs of over 1 gold and change on the 1st run with over 2 gold and change on the 2nd run.
  14. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    Not a bad event compared to the previous ones.
    You need to increase the drops on higher difficulty levels on map1.
    Another negative thing is that when you get disconnected in map2 after you kill the monster that opens the door towards the next map, the portal disappears... just like on full moon with the bloodmoon one. You need to rethink these kind of portals.
  15. Cantab

    Cantab Forum Apprentice

    I got the axe after 4 or 5 runs, did the first on normal but quickly changed to painful due to the better drops of souls, didn't even know i had it till i saw it in my bag, main issue i see is that takes quite a while farming for the body parts to make an entry. i think they're hoping everyone will shell out a few anders to buy enough to complete event.
  16. fuzball15

    fuzball15 Someday Author

    great event guys droped 3 axes and the last one had max stats so was happy with this keep up the good work and no tier system makes all the difference regards
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    My general impressions:
    Not bad. As always, props to the art department, but there is nothing in this event that is enticing for me to work on. I think I'm doing it just for a time filler.
  18. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    For once, I'm glad I don't have a wall of complaints to write xD. I'd suggest progress auto-loot as well (in all events, please :D - Moon ones included, future ones also, DoE, etc.) and maybe the Fleshwalker and Shrieking Fiend mini-bosses to count to the 1k elite achievements. Also, it'd be nice if the rewards for Morana's quest would be higher... double at least. I, for one, have always got enough to do that in 1 run, except only once (so far). Other than that, I'm really liking the event as a whole for the reasons others have already noted (quite enjoyable, cool atmosphere, good duration, dailies - though the Keeper one gives 250 ess. while the Gwenfara one gives 200 xD, and so on). Good job and thank goodness for not another flop of an event ^^ (that would've been such a desolation, IYKWIM ;)). Yeah, no groundbreaking rewards (0 uniques for me, very few reported @ guild, though my brother got it on his lv40 Ranger on his 1st run, mode 1, LOL - will serve him well as he goes up, hehe) and a bug here and there, but all in all better than usual. Good work! Keep it up. Now we'll just have to wait and see how the mini fares.

    BTW, HAPPY HALLOWEEN \m\--(^o^)--/m/ !!
    Upgrade it once, then you should be able to melt it, if you so wish.
    Who said one MUST do all 3 achievements in ONE event? That being said, I know people who are almost done with all, and there is still a lot of the event time to go. Not impossible, just takes quite some dedication to the farming. An alternative would be to do as many kills as you need to fill the bar and save the Minion Parts for next events and repeat. This would be the most resource-efficient method (main event + achievements).
    As if this were the first time they recycled things xD. It happens and I understand what you feel. But as long as they at least look different and have different background/stories and maybe some differentiating attacks, then I can tolerate it.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
  19. perkovic15

    perkovic15 Forum Apprentice

    My OCD will take care about achievements , even if its too grindy xD. And yes, at least bosses have different look
  20. TerryPenrod2

    TerryPenrod2 Forum Apprentice

    Will we need to access the castle in order to get to the mini challenge map? If so, then we will need to farm a LOT more Path of Darkness passes and fight a LOT more enemies just to get to the mini map. This makes the mini completley unappealing. The walkthrough is unclear.
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