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  1. magic68

    magic68 Forum Greenhorn

    After the maintenances annoucement that appeared 2 days ago my character is moving by itself. I unistalled and installed the app and nothing changed. I saw on the forum more ppl with the same prob... what should we do? unwrap gifts and wait? :))
  2. lajkesz1131

    lajkesz1131 Forum Greenhorn

    I have 600-800 ping continously after maintenance. I do not play. Please fix it!
  3. sharlih

    sharlih Forum Greenhorn

    I went to Winter Solstice map and skills are not working, I'm taken back by some lag force with every step I try to do forward, but I was very patient and finally after 15 minutes of knockbacks I reached the mini map. On mini map there was no bug, but getting there is a waste of time, so would you fix this?
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  4. MightyMag

    MightyMag Forum Greenhorn

    The game is impossible to play. Most are looting the tree in Kingshill and some of us are running out of Anderment or can't participate hence the 'looters' who are using autoclicks and more tricks. ...It is impossible to continue with the event as well. :( Servers are not active, why is there no reaction from the team here?
  5. jelbeat

    jelbeat Regular

    I'm kind of curious what kind of "tricks" there are...;)

    Anyway, if u have proof of all the things u write in ur post u can always sent prove to support, who knows, maybe they "accidentally" do something with it.o_O

    But it is very annoying that no one from the team gives some kind of explanation of all what is happening.
  6. MightyMag

    MightyMag Forum Greenhorn

    jelbeat: I'm kind of curious what kind of "tricks" there are...;)

    I can only tell from what i read on the chats in Kingshill from players giving eachother advises how to..:cool: Noob as i am i do not have the know how to prove it. Team should be able to detective auto click somehow, if they work at all these days :rolleyes: