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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 28, 2015.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't need anything from the past. The only thing I would spend my drakens on is New Reworked Dark Set.
    BTW giving new players old items is a bad idea ... some things should remain only for the veterans ... even if it is only a costume.
  2. -DeathsRevenge-

    -DeathsRevenge- Advanced

    I wish Gnob would sell the Jewel of Rage. 5% crit damage & 1% attack speed is a lot if you have 4x like those who played since start. Is a huge boost to have 4x compared to others not having it. Only item I wished was sold too. What about the "veterans"? Lmao. Sure I get it, but give the new ones a chance too, something they can chase to get and not something they have to wait 6+ months to get 1x of everytime. :)
  3. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Well, Gnob should give us the real 'compensation' for the issues in this event by offering everything players couldn't get because of the technical difficulties.

    - The Cape is a must. - (laser bug, social bug, incredibly low drop chance)
    - I think people need the Torso - (torso being added to the drop way too late, social bug)
    - I personally haven't got Sargon's Powerful Shadow Staff in more than 70 runs in Ghastly Grave - (social bug, incredibly low drop chance)

    If you wanna go further, you can add:

    - Sargon's Costume
    - Headless Costume
    - The originally "guaranteed" permanent rewards

    What I wouldn't like to see Gnob selling is:

    - Anything pertaining to the mini-challenges (eggs for pet, chests for lion). Why? Because that wouldn't be fair. On Heredur, I've had the same issues as everyone else yet I've managed to somehow complete all 4 challenges. I made time, I played until my fingers hurt. I wouldn't want to see someone just clicking on the item and getting it.
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  4. Domainsoul

    Domainsoul Forum Greenhorn

    I missed the challenge 1 so I really need part 1
  5. jmie888

    jmie888 Forum Apprentice

    should be dessert essence set or Sargons terrifying armror or warlord set but the cape i think will be cheaper
  6. ApolloXrated

    ApolloXrated Forum Greenhorn

    Just like I've read in further comments not saying you guys should but you could at least give the people of the servers each the complete minor set for Dragan (weak) helm (weak)cape (weak) pauldrons...................I could have easily gotten the complete warlord set if not for when I go solo I cannot see Dragans lasers when he activates them, which handicaps many players.......this is what I think
  7. loudmute

    loudmute Someday Author

    sargon torso because it was a mistake by the DSO team and was added way too late plus the bugs. Doesn't matter if it is expensive but it should be offered.
  8. June

    June Forum Greenhorn

  9. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

  10. theStinkyJoker

    theStinkyJoker Forum Greenhorn

    My problem is slightly different. I am only able to complete the last of the mini event of fake Gnob i.e. 1500 eggs. Now I have only 1 part of chest and raptor egg. Will these be valid in the next castle event or shall I just throw them as I know even these parts are available in the market they will be costing like high number of ander.
  11. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I would like to see the following items available from Gnob:

    * Warlord Cape - due to the bugs and low drop rate

    * Sargon's Torso - This was a BP error and not added the the drop table until Friday

    * Sargon's Staff - Social bug, extremely low drop rate

    Pricing should be along the lines of the Dark Set

    * Headless Costume - I killed him half a dozen times or so and got notta'

    Pricing like other costumes

    Off topic but maybe on the next Dragan Event the pearls can drop in all maps to reduce the monotony of having to repeat the same map over and over. This was done with the "Sugar Beets" so why not here...
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  12. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    There are a lot of extremely rare uniques. They fell during their introductory periods, then seemed to disappear. Others were supposed to come when additional events were rolled out, but the events never came. Many think that DSO discontinued their drops, and for a multitude of reasons. I have a personal list, but destructor's torso, starlight, and the automated set are common topics.
    If Gnob can't provide access to gear to complete sets, maybe a premium merchant or jester can supply the missing items.
    Or DSO would adjust the drop schedules for more personal satisfaction. :)

    I would have liked to finish the FesterMare, but when the forum posted the parts would not be available in the future, I tossed 2 of the 3 pieces I did have. Oopsie!
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  13. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    I am not big fan of idea that you can buy any gear from event that still exist.
    You didn't get cape? Well bad luck. People say that you should work smarter not harder, but somtimes you just have to pull your sleeves up and work/play harder... now, i know that you will hate me because of this, if you don't have time to play 5-8-10 hours per day than you shouldnt reach for "stars" in this case warlord set and you should realize your possibilities.
    Cape drop was 1/10 on normal map, and 1/5 on hard map.
    And pleas, pleas, pleas don't you tell me that you did over 100,200,300 or 500 runs.
    I know "players" like that. They stand in Kingshill and whine how their drop is bad...

    I got tip for you and it is free "start playing stop talking"

    O and back on topic I would like new improved dark set for lvl 50....
    ...Well and some emotes and costumes so "players" can spend their drakens on something while they stand and talk in Kingshill or any Atrium in PW.

    P.S. later on i will be whining how my jester drop is bad and why i can get shield with 100/100% block rate/block amount and 4 slots and trophy with 4*crit rate and 4 slots...

    Stay tuned :cool:
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  14. Disoriented_Neighbor

    Disoriented_Neighbor Forum Apprentice

    I would love to see items from Sargon's Shadow Weaponry set because one can never have enough purple.
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  15. speedslasher

    speedslasher Forum Greenhorn

    well lvl 50is coming soon so my idea is, along with the idea's that your getting from other players abouting keeping some sets with gnob shop, why dont you give us something new like
    bow with-30%speed 125-175dmg level 50 would be good or change the formation of the bow bonuses as you like
    ring - 60dmg 3% more HP would be good as well
    Amult-450armor 350crite 10%more max dmg would be perfect
    arrows - 10%more dmg, 15%crite dmg would be just perfect for the up coming LorTac
  16. Raygerous

    Raygerous Forum Greenhorn

    Emotes: Power of the Heavens
    Costumes: Shadow Minion

    I would pay something about 4k drakens for each of it.
  17. monder888

    monder888 Someday Author

    I would like to see the costume Helios Armor of honour

    And the emote Power of the Heavens
  18. MortalisCZ

    MortalisCZ Forum Greenhorn

    I would be glad If Gnob offered these things:
    Power of the Heavens - emote
    Shadow Minion - costume
    I would pay a lot of drakens for them.
  19. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Defender's belt would actually be good one, since it does not exist for steam mechanicus.

    But I would rather see the defense/attack event storyline completed somehow and have all the old and new gear made available that way..
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