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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear heroes of Dracania,


    In order to celebrate Drakensang Online’s 6th Anniversary, Gnob was called upon for a very important quest: to make a celebration cake.

    Despite the success of the last year’s anniversary, Gnob seems to be having trouble this year. We all know that he’s the best baker in Kingshill, but… he ate too much chocolate and he decided to revise part of the recipe. That’s why you are needed! In order to prevent another “stomach” problem around Dracania and another epidemy around Kingshill Sewers, Gnob decided to create a new bakery specialty.

    Our chef de cuisine, Gnob, created a delicious cake with 2 tiers made of crème! He decided to include, besides choco chips, some small pieces of crystals of truth! Don’t miss this new success of world bakery!!
    According to the recipe, Gnob must make sure that there are 150 crystals of truth! But… he forgot how many more are still missing. Help him and find out how many small-crystals of truth are missing.

    • How many crystals of truth are missing in this celebration cake?

    If you think you are the one that knows the answer, let us know and participate in this contest!
    It’s Drakensang Online birthday but, today, you are the winner!

    Start: 14th August, 2017 (12:00 CET UTC +2)
    End: 21st August, 2017 (12:00 CET UTC + 2)
    Winners Announcement: 21st August, 2017

    We will pick randomly a total of 5 winners**! Gnob is promising some super revolutionary rewards. Take a look down below:

    Phestos’ Pinata Truncheon
    Anniversary Arena Chip
    14 days10 000302

    ** Please note that only active EN Forum participants are eligible to be one of the winners. Which means, 5 posts in the past 30 days.
    ** We will also check your IP address. If there is more than one participant per IP, you won’t be eligible.

    1. Post the number of crystals of truth cakes that are missing in celebration cake in this thread and please also provide us your character name and server.
    2. You can only give one answer in this thread (multiple answers will disqualify you immediately). However, you can edit your answer until shortly before the deadline.
    3. We will not accept posts that are published or edited after the deadline!
    4. Make sure that you are an active user of EN Forum before participating in this contest.

    Have fun counting and good luck!
    Crystals of Truth Invasion has just begun!!

    > Share you guess HERE

    Best regards,
    Your EN Moderation Team

  2. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Thank-you to those ones who participated in this forum contest!
    The right answer was
    27 crystals of truth once there are 123 in the picture.

    The winners are:

    • Magellano (Heredur)
    • Creepers4 (Heredur)
    • Benzius (Agathon)
    • Nostradamus88 (Heredur)
    • Brighteyes (Tegan)

    You'll soon receive your rewards!
    If you are not a winner, don't panic :p More opportunities will follow... soon! Stay tuned.

    Kind regards,
    Your EN Moderation Team
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