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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by -Fre5h-, May 31, 2021.

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  1. -Fre5h-

    -Fre5h- Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, I just hit lvl 40 and now get an option to kill three gold bosses for a daily challenge. I have some keys of prowess which should get me to such a boss, as I understand it. Can anyone please explain to me how I can reach a 'locked entrance' where these keys can be used?
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    First you'll need to reach the right entranceway (you can see boss icon marker on the world map). You can either walk there, or buy a pass to jump there from Thabo.

    Then when you get to the entrance, you need to take the slider in the middle of the screen up to Painful or higher mode in order to use the key.

    Just... in consideration of the fact you're asking this question, I'm assuming you're fairly new. I'm unsure if you'll necessarily be prepared to tackle Painful mode, much less anything higher. IIRC your 3 boss kills for this quest just has to be "worthy," meaning it can be anywhere from -5 to +45 levels of yourself. So maybe doing a few normal mode bosses would be easier.
  3. dkarl

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    Oops! Silverseas answered already. Oh, well, more details below:


    You're level 40, so you've just completed or are wrapping up the Helios/Atlantis area. There are two boss dungeons in that part of the world map: Gorga within the Temple Sector, and Medusa within Atlantis Above Ground.

    Because those two bosses are at your level, you can enter their rooms without paying a Key of Prowess. However, if you want a tougher challenge, when you click on the entrance to either of their rooms, you'll have the option of changing the difficulty slider up one step from Normal to Painful. If you enter on Painful, you'll have to pay 1 Key of Prowess.

    On the other hand, I doubt you're strong enough to go Painful in either of those boss rooms.

    If you're still up for a challenge, go back to the Norselands and try Sigrismarr on Painful. I think you can still enter on Normal and get decent loot, but once you hit 41 you'll be more than 5 levels above Sigri, so the loot will be lacking. By the way, you can probably enter his room on the third difficulty level, Excruciating, which will cost 2 Keys of Prowess.

    Similarly, you can travel back to Teganswall and attack Arachna or Herald on Painful, Excruciating or Fatal (cost 1 Key, 2 Keys, or 3 Keys, respectively), or Duria and challenge King Heredur, Bearach or Khalys on Painful through Infernal modes.

    When you move on to the next area, Myrdosch, you'll eventually encounter the boss Destructor. Until you hit level 45 (the level cap for that area), you'll only be able to enter Destructor's room on Normal difficulty.

    I hope you see the pattern here: Every 5th level of experience you gain, you'll be able to tackle any previous lands' bosses at one difficulty level higher than before you hit that multiple of 5 Experience Levels. You can't attack the boss of the current land on Painful until you've reached the level "cap" for that area. Each difficulty level above Normal costs one additional Key of Prowess than the next lowest difficulty level. When you get to Bloodshed difficulty (dream on :)), you'll have to pay Fragments of Infernal Passage in addition to the Keys of prowess to enter the boss rooms.

    Oh, and I misled you: You can't change difficulty levels as you're entering the boss room, but instead must change difficulty levels when you first enter the main dungeon. So, to attack Gorga on Painful, you need to enter Temple Sector on Painful.

    (There's an exception to this rule: If a boss room can be accessed directly off of a Wilderness map [where mobs constantly respawn and multiple players can run the same instance at the same time], you can choose the difficulty as you enter the boss room. This applies to Nefertari at the Agathon's Alliance Hall within Twilight Downs [part of Lor'Tac, a couple of areas beyond where you're at now], and
    Asar's boss room, the Closed Chamber off of the Great Desert [see the Qaizah area]. You'll find that the Great Desert is a hybrid, halfway between a Wilderness map and a Dungeon because you won't encounter other players on that map [unless you officially enter as part of a Group], but the mobs to consistently respawn.)
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  4. silverseas

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    Only because you typed like 3x as much as I did lol
  5. -Fre5h-

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    Thank you both very much for the detailed explanation. It appears I have been trying to do some of the bosses already, just did not remember these were the gold bosses.
    Indeed, I was only able to kill such a boss when it was more than five levels below my own. Oh, and Sargon on an even level. Then maybe there is still hope after all.