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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by MountainMidget, Apr 22, 2020.

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  1. MountainMidget

    MountainMidget Forum Greenhorn

    Good day everyone, Im new to DSO and chose Dwarf (Level 41 atm) as my Main character (f2p)…..I am enjoying the game a lot but im a bit frustrated as to finding any in depth guides/builds/strategy for Steam Mechanicus's anywhere on the internet and trying to find a youtube Video to my native language (English) is nearly impossible….I generally Solo but have 3 other friends playing in our self made guild (Old and Busted/Agathon) ...I would surely appreciate a general "rotation" of skills that experienced players use or used in lower levels...ATM I generally use the following for Soloing trash mobs....I put up (x2) Mechanical turrets in front of me (sometimes they absorb damage) before the mobs/quick shot/use shrapnel shot for aoe when a lot of mobs around....use rocket pack to escape crowds, use steam conductor as a self heal when out of combat, use dwarf in a box mainly in group to distract trash mobs or against bosses.....My Talent points are ..quick shot maxed(all three), mechanical turret maxed, first 2 in rocket pack, first 2 in steam conductor and maxed out shrapnel shot....Wisdom Talents are...2H attack speed maxed, 10 into 2H weapon dmg and 4 into hangmans pride..... Any suggestions on where to find detailed info on the net or general criticism would be appreciated...thankyou.
  2. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I'm a DK so I can't give You precise instructions but follow basic rule for all classes - rings & amulet cd, adornment crit all other items id% & id oti for weapon!

    Anyhow this site could help
  3. MountainMidget

    MountainMidget Forum Greenhorn

    Thankyou for the reply and your opinion...appreciate it, Ive been playing point and click arpg games since diablo2 and always try to balance a mixture of experienced players styles with my own splash/twist on things and to make sure its fun along the way..Most importantly its the interaction I have talking to friends "joking" around while playing that makes it most entertaining to me!!!!
  4. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    I´m not exactly a long-term dwarf main but i play dwarf along side withmy mage for quite a time so
    Till you reach 55 there´s really not that much about builds that should interest you basically just go for region uniqs or the best legs you can find then when you reach 50 start unlocking Qs one by one till you reach the end after just nerd Desert for the time being or finish off the rest of your quests to reach 55 and then well rather try to find a good soul that can help you on high mode Q7 and hopefully 8 as well or just go as the OGs from t1 to the max

    About builds...
    The most efficient one for a dwarf is
    • Helmet: Dragan belicoses set( crafted for 4x dmg)
    • Shoulders Witch seeker(if you look for more dmg) or sh. of fercious beast are a very popular piece(Run speed)
    • Torso Q8 (4x dmg)
    • Gloves Q7 (4x at.s)
    • Boots Dragan b. set(4x run speed)
    • Weap. Q7( 4x doti)
    • Adornment Q8(4x crit rate later possibly crit dmg)
    • Rings Dragan b. set (4x CD)
    • Mostly up to you favorable picks are Mortis(for the beggining), Cube ring. Ring of zeal & Tearholder (4 CD as well after you upgrade your CD to a certain level you might redo it for 3/1 with hp or even 2/2- applies to any of the two ring obv.)
    • Belt If you run witch seeker shoulders you might conisder withc belt as it´s easy to drop from few amphoras even on t7 nowadays if not go for the Zeal belt (4x dmg)
    • Cape Any legendary with nice crit rate will suffice for start later look for at.s or max. dmg. probably and try to get herald´s cape with good crit rate
    • Amulet New dragan amulet w/ % dmg tho i doubt you´ll get you hands onto that anytime soon so go for Q9 (4x cd)
    Anything that doesn´t include dragan/Q8/Q7 together is a loss all other stuff is variable and up to your liking
    Skill tree is mostly up to you but i recommend maxed mech. turret and later on with Q7 speacial shot as well rest is solely up to you
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  5. MountainMidget

    MountainMidget Forum Greenhorn

    Awesome vkillerx ty so much for the info and the advice.....thanks for taking the time to respond.
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