got stuck at level 31

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by P1NNgU, Jun 3, 2020.

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  1. P1NNgU

    P1NNgU Forum Greenhorn

    I recently got stuck at level 31 and 60% of the progress . I don't have any quest left to do and i can't level up , can someone help me or teach me how can I level up ?
  2. Mdk3

    Mdk3 Someday Author

    Strange to get stuck at 31, usually is at 34. Did you get to Jarlshofn town yet ? You get there from the Resistance command center town
  3. P1NNgU

    P1NNgU Forum Greenhorn

    Yes i did lel ... im at Hogni's Mine and got stuck there
  4. Imрerfect

    Imрerfect Forum Apprentice

    The best thing should farm some boss, Sigrismarr could be nice for you, he's lvl 35 though, you would need a party. Once you lvl up you will get more quests. It's nice to sometimes do this kind of things, since you won't always get enough experience from just doing quests.
  5. P1NNgU

    P1NNgU Forum Greenhorn

    Well , ik ,but I don't have any friends to play with xD cuz as i checked there is no community of DSO in Romania and it's kinda hard to find some other people to play with and be friends.

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    i tried to beat Sigrismarr but it's too hard for me i think , he just 2 shoots me everytime
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  6. Imрerfect

    Imрerfect Forum Apprentice

    Gimme' your name, maybe I can help sometime! ;)
  7. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

    You didnt get stuck, because it's impossible.You're just being lazy and want missions to do all job for you.That's not how it works in any game.Go farm on some map till you get next level.Once you do it, new missions should show up.And get used to that because that's how getting new levels gonna look like.
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  8. P1NNgU

    P1NNgU Forum Greenhorn

    Ur right sir :p i already did this , cuz until lvl 31 i just did only missions , now i understood how to do it , but still thanks <3 .

    Well :) i understood how to rank up by farming , but it still takes so much time :) . I have the same name in game as on the forums , but still thanks for the answers <3
  9. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Have you started the crafting quest series? if not, got back to Kingshill, look for the appropriate NPCs to give you the quests (Useless Rubbish first from Matthew Allthings; then From Disaster to Master from Petyax … you won't be able to complete them all right away as they have experience level limits). Some are as simple as showing a gem of a certain size, but most require you to complete a quest or two in scaling natural world dungeons (i.e., on difficulty levels of Painful or higher).

    If you've already started that series, go back to the Kingshill and re-take the repeatable quest, which sends you to Prison of Souls to collect bones from defeated mobs. Again, you need to enter the dungeon on Painful or higher difficulty (Painful will probably be difficult enough at this point :)). You'll get better experience and potentially better drops than farming in Normal mode in regular maps, and you'll begin to build up an inventory of Keys of Prowess as well. You'll need those later to enter boss rooms at Painful & higher difficulties.

    You could also farm the Full Moon map to build up special event items and to get junk drops from the not-too-difficult mobs.
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