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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DonHavocc, Mar 7, 2017.

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  1. DonHavocc

    DonHavocc Forum Apprentice

    Hello im find one litle bug in new map yesterday sadly i no have screenshoot

    Map : Agony Temple
    Type of Bug : Elite Monster w/o texture

    Desc : Yesterday i enter there to end quest game spawn Elite monster Flame Giant Scrab
    Sadly i se only flame mark on ground and monster name when i hit it no monster texture.

    Question : In this patch my characters are lvluped to 50lvl but now i have problem coz i land with lvl50 characters with lvl 10-25 Eq

    There is any chance to recive any items, drakens or ander from Game administrators im stuck.
    For expample mainchar Dragonknight Lvl 50 :
    lvl 9 Knowlage
    lvl 25 eq
    No pvp points
    ~ 50drakens
    Weak stones +3 +7

    I cant test efective anything on that stuff please give me some tips what to do with this. Atm i trying play stable char but it also to weak to effective test anything.
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