Guild: BringSargonBack is recruiting new members!

Discussion in 'Guild Introductions' started by Hinata, Apr 21, 2019.

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  1. Hinata

    Hinata Forum Greenhorn

    My guild: BringSargonBack is open for new players!
    Server: Heredur
    Language: English
    Youtube: Hinata & Yunno DSO
    Post your name and u will get invited :)
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Hinata and welcome to DSPO EN Forums. I am sure you will find nice people to join your guild! Good luck and enjoy Drakensang Online!

  3. pedo01

    pedo01 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, i would really like to join your guild ...
    Nick : pedo01
    Server: Heredur
    level:55 , but i came back to the game after 2 years sooo .. :pP
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  4. TSMfrostfire

    TSMfrostfire Forum Greenhorn

    hello, I would like to join your guild
    character name: Sverre13
    server: heredur (duh)
    character: RA just level 55
  5. prumi

    prumi Forum Greenhorn

    I could join. Just came back after 3 year break or so. Im ranger lvll 44 and my in game name is Pmjjv. I wont be insulted if not invited since im not maxed.
  6. David_Tactic

    David_Tactic Someday Author

    I'd like to join, I'm a returning player with 3 lvl 55 characters (all relatively weak). I haven't decided which one I'm gonna focus on. Schietmeneer123, Koppenhakke02 and Peoplesaver2000 are my characters.
  7. oxixi

    oxixi Forum Greenhorn

    nickname: p2ac2
  8. mixalispao13

    mixalispao13 Forum Greenhorn

    nickname: ΛεωνίδαςΑπο300
  9. Dido12bg

    Dido12bg Forum Greenhorn

    I would like to join in your guild :)
    Nickname: Dido12bg
    Level: 45
  10. basilis474

    basilis474 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi I can join in your guild??


  11. pedrorem

    pedrorem Forum Greenhorn

    Hi I would like to join your guild
    Character: Pedrorem
    Realm: Heredur
    Lvl: 25 (Second time playing after a year off)
  12. SamuraiD

    SamuraiD Forum Greenhorn

    Hello. I would like to join ur guild if active:
    name: Samuraid - ranger - lvl 52 end of the week will be 55. Server Heredur. Thanks!

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