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Discussion in 'Quests' started by Kadgarcz, Dec 15, 2020.

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  1. Kadgarcz

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    I have problem, Im doin Shadow of the Past quets, and i need to get to atlantis above water, but i havent unlocked it yet, so i need quest harp of time, but i have no idea where can i get this quest, any ideas?
  2. dkarl

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    Why are you doing Shadows of the Past when you haven't even done Level 40 quests, let alone leveled up to 55? Did you take a 5 year break from the game?


    Go to the Atlantis area, specifically the city of Ashraya. Look for the primary main quest giver, J'Ibal in the northern part of the map; I'm fairly certain (s)he gives you the Harp of Time quests ... you should be around Level 39 or 40 by that time and have completed the Temple Sector quests.

    If you open the Compendium tab in your Journal pop up window, open up Act IV - A Serpent's Poison, then expand Chapter 3 - Tears of the Past ... the first set of completed quests in that Chapter should be the main quest (yellow exclamation mark) The Enslaved God 1-5 (located in Temple Sector), then some Temple Sector side quests (orange exclamation mark), then the Age of Rage 1-5 main quest series in Temple Sector, a few more Temple Sector side quests, and finally the The Harp of Time quests (these won't be in your compendium because you haven't finished any of them). If you don't see at least the two main Temple Sector quest lines in Chapter 3, then you need to back up even further in the quest tree.​

    The Harp of Time series takes place initially in the Abyss of Time dungeon which you reach through a door on the West side of the Heart of Atlantis dungeon. The Harp is at the top of the Abyss of Time dungeon (and also at the top of the Atlantis Above Water dungeon). Playing the Harp of Time quests will eventually open that door behind the Harp of Time in AoT, giving you access to HoA.

    Be aware that to complete the rest of the Shadows of the Past quest line, you'll need to unlock the rest of the content through Atlantis (player levels 35-40), Mydosch (levels 40-45), Lor'Tac (levels 45-50), and Qaizah (levels 50-55).
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