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  1. caramelosdecianuro

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    Something else, what happened to the unique objects and all my equipment that I had saved! ??? I had many unique objects that I collected but everything disappeared, they only left me the gems and thank goodness because they cost me a ticket, although they are not all, I am missing many unique gems too: (((((
    and in the lat server there are no people anymore? why is it so empty? where do people play now?
  2. Melethainiel

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    Hi @caramelosdecianuro ,

    Welcome back!
    What you may be experiencing with your items is explained here.

    Hope this helps.
  3. TwiliShadow

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    Why is it that anyone coming back isn't smart enough to READ the "Patchnotes and Maintenance" which explains 75 to 80% of what is going on? They are all there in chronological order. Start from the one dated just after you left.

    I'm not sure if that bodes ill to those coming back or more to those of us who have stayed... :(:rolleyes::D
  4. Nostalgiac

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    Uniques got MELTED. But do not despair, for they would have been useless shortly anyway.

    With gems and jewels (I guess you mean jewels by "unique gems"), there were some conversions of jewels to runes, you should have all of them in one form or another. (or some got flat out removed? not sure)