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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ashan_sha, Jul 24, 2019.

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  1. ashan_sha

    ashan_sha Forum Greenhorn

    I would like to share one of my Suggestion for DSO team,

    With my DSO experience i have seen so much new players and old players are getting some questions with their Crafting, in Quest, with their Gears, and skills using, etc. Actually players need some helps in this while playing the game.
    Because so much players i have seen they asking these things from local chats, guild chat, and some old players. if they got stuck in that some of new players getting off-mood to play and leaving game.
    Most of players just trying to enjoy their time in playing game, ya.., old players trying to find out things from forums, wiki, or you tube. but the thing is if we can give some back-up and support inside game severs that would be help full to all players coz players need help and support at that moment itself.

    I would like to explain about it bit,..:-if we can get one or few admin assisting players in game, who can see all local chats, and helping requirements of players. These admins need to be friendly with players, with that thing we can get more online players and players interest for game. who want to make them strong, no doubt they will keep follow up what they want. But for new-bees complicated game always lost interest and hope for playing.

    To end up this would like to add if we can increase chances to get some unique drops from bosses from painful to fatal levels it will be more helpful for new players. They can get unique drops easily and their interest will increase to play. I mean few years back mostly when we defeating bosses they will drop their unique, but now its bit hard to do.


  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    This can as well be left up to players, not admins or advisers. However, to describe stuff in the in-game chat may be hard, no matter if it's another player giving you tips, or an admin.

    People may ask: "How do I craft?"
    To answer this question, you need a lot of space. You have to explain how the work bench works; inherited enchanting; random item crafting; cores; unique crafting; what enchantments are good to have in what kind of item - and that may differ depending on individual players. That's a lot.

    So you can have people advising newer players in-game, but realistically, that works only for some small tips. No one will be able to give you explanations.

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