Hello. I have never played this game. I have two questions.

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Vlad993, Feb 12, 2023.

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  1. Vlad993

    Vlad993 Forum Apprentice

    Hello. I have never played this game. I have two questions.
    1. If I start playing this game, will I have problems with game playthrough (directly story quests), leveling and upgrading the character, farming good equipment, gems and runes, at the beginning of the endgame and in the endgame itself, given the fact that I will always play solo and only solo and will never play in a group EDIT?
    2. Will I be in trouble considering everything I wrote in the first question + the fact that I will never buy in-game purchases with real money, not even deluxe and premium subscriptions, not to mention other things?
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  2. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Hello and welcome :) Playing in groups for certain things might be easier, but you can certainly progress to a certain extent by playing solo, as long as you read up on the current methods of developing your character. ^^ It is actually a bit faster to grow characters now than it used to be, so as long as you learn the ropes, you will likely be able to develop your character properly.

    You are also not required to make any in-game purchases or even premium/deluxe in order to progress in the game, although there may be times when certain objectives might be a bit more convenient with them. But there are plenty of people who have progressed very well/to endgame in the game without making any purchases at all. In fact, sometimes you can get some of these purchased items for free from rewards, events, etc. - for example, some events, codes, or rewards give things like free premium/deluxe packages, certain currencies, lucky bags/chests that would give you rare goodies, etc. :)
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  3. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Regular

    - No problems with quests as long as you have the level (otherwise they don't appear),
    take quest yellow(story), green (craft) , orange (secondary quest), blue (events), red (pvp
    leveling and improving the character are long.
    gems, runes, jewels you will need a lot of these to reduce them to dust and a lot of gold or alterium coins.
    - playing solo is good but boring and you drop much more in a group and more quickly. and more, effect of the group increases your stats and drops.
    - Player without putting real money is doable - you can still have a lot of things by performing events and farming a few hours. Organize to have the various essences or keys to enter certain maps. moreover in view of the events of recent months (bug - lags) it is preferable for the moment. After all also depends on what the player expects. win it - straight away or to relax while playing
    - the full moon and new moon event, for example, can allow you to raise your runes and gems -it's a good training to show you how to organize yourself to farm essences, ingredients and fragments of passage for events...
    .... on the other hand, events such as the birthday in August or kranparus in December require more organization, and teamwork if you don't want to spend 28 hours/24 playing... (yes 28;))
    Have fun
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  4. Vlad993

    Vlad993 Forum Apprentice

    >but you can certainly progress to a certain extent by playing solo, as long as you read up on the current methods of developing your character
    I mean, I will always and in any case only play solo or I will not even start playing it. In that case, will I be able to upgrade my character for bloodshed difficulty by playing only solo? Where can I read up on the current methods of developing my character?
    >It is actually a bit faster to grow characters now than it used to be, so as long as you learn the ropes, you will likely be able to develop your character properly.
    by playing only solo from level 1 to level 100 and in endgame itself?

    How long will it take me to level 100 playing only solo 5-8 hours a day?

    will I be able to upgrade my character for bloodshed difficulty by playing only solo?

    and will it take more than 3 months of gameplay?
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  5. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Regular

    it depends :
    what do you have for xp's pet?
    do you have an xp grimoire?
    do you have an xp rune? you had to get it in your daily life a stone to up your xp - there are xp runes falling everywhere -
    what rank is your rune? simple or legendary?
    where are your wisdom?
    what mode do you farm in?

    perform blood mode while playing ONLY solo, and without premium, will take you several years (3months:rolleyes:.. it isn't Oui-Oui alias Noddy in the land of Dracania:D)

    the information you find here everywhere + drakensang wiki and a lot of youtubers and you have discord (post#2sectionFr)

    NB: not to make several posts click on "edit" to rework your text otherwise the moderators will fire your posts
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  6. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hello @Vlad993 ,

    Welcome to the forums.
    Please, if you wish to add to your previous post, use "edit" function as consecutive posting is not allowed.

    Good luck!:)
  7. anil611

    anil611 Forum Greenhorn

    Believe me, you have no chance if you want to move forward with this methods. This is a game that is either pay to win or spend 23 hours a day. I myself considering quitting the game for good since couple days because everything about this game is collapsing for a long time. Do not even start this game :)
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  8. Vlad993

    Vlad993 Forum Apprentice

    Thanks for the adequate response, after talking on the game server in the discord, I already understood this
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  9. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I don't play super efficiently and have taken a few breaks, but my current main toon is 5-6 years old and I can only get 1 of 4 bloodchests in a scaling dungeon, and I have to proceed cautiously at that so I don't get smacked by too many special mobs at once and die.

    I'm also only just now fairly comfortably killing Parallel World bosses on Parallel Infernal mode (the equivalent of Level 125). I can survive basic mobs all the way up to Parallel World Bloodshed (level 145), but bosses (who drop most of the loot) are impossible still.

    You have to (grind endlessly in order to) upgrade:

    1. Wisdom tree (get yourself to 150-175 Wisdom level before you start feeling you're making progress) ... can drop pretty much anywhere, but you may want to grind Natural World bosses at least off and on
    2. Gear (variety is poor; check out Discord for the 1 or 2 builds that might possibly be useful for you character type)
    3. Runes (which drop at any level above Normal, but the sweet spot is Merciless [where mob strength is the equivalent of level 120]) ... you need thousands of these, plus endless amounts of gold ... absolutely prioritize the Wisdom drop increase runes first for upgrading, then upgrade Crit Rate runes, then Winter Solstice runes (which contain crit, but which also only come rarely in 1 or 2 events a year, so it might take several years to get the full complement of 5 runes)
    4. Gems (frankly, I'm still not able to focus on these ... spending all my gold on upgrading Runes; probably will work on Jewels next)
    5. Jewels ... pretty much have to get these from events; they supposedly can drop from Parallel World bosses, but don't bank on ever dropping even one in your lifetime; these use the same (Shiny Dust) ingredients as Gems, and tons of it, so save your dust, don't upgrade gems too much, hope you drop better Gems instead ... oh, upgrading Jewels also eats up tons of gold
    6. Pets collection ... you only need a couple of pets, chiefly the dog who increases selling price of junk gear, and an attack speed or a multi-purpose pet with a mixture of speed, crit and damage, so don't waste money upgrading the random other junk you might find; add them to your Collector's Bag, hope you drop another later so you can sell that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. drop for gold ... but adding pets to the Bag can give you one-time gifts or permanent stat upgrades. Mounts and other collector's item categories can give you rewards as well, but other than travel speed, nothing too worthy
    You need millions of glyphs of power (melt junk gear at the town blacksmith) to transfer gear enchantments to gear with good base stats ... but you don't have to worry about this until you hit level 100. You may choose to start earlier, but you'll be throwing away some resources.

    You need hundreds of millions of gold coins (ironically, from selling the same junk gear you need to melt for glyphs) to pay to transfer enchantments, to grind gems / runes / jewels, to upgrade gems / runes / jewels, to craft potions & other consumables, etc.

    Unfortunately, drop rate of ... everything ... in this game is horrible, so you'll be grinding constantly to make minimal progress on one item at a time, progress which you won't feel in game play in isolation, but only after an accumulation of multiple little steps over time.

    So, yeah, you can get to level cap (100) in a few weeks or months, but you're literally looking at years, not months, to reach true endgame while playing solo.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner


    I dont think you will have much trouble with the quests in this game as a solo player. The problem is that those quest rewards are outdated and mostly useless, except for exp/ander. But if you want to go just for quests and take time level up to 100, I do think thats possible.

    Just as I said; The events that atleast have some kind of usefull rewards, are very hard/impossible to clear for new players. I tried the current event with a low level on the lowest setting and even tho its possible, it takes forever and progres is very slow. So sure....even the events might be possible in theory, but you wont get much sleep :)
  11. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Yes, you will be able to upgrade your character all the way, although it may take a little bit longer than with groups, in certain scenarios. :) There are various guides, tips, and tricks discussed throughout the forums here as well as the discord server, so feel free to peruse the wealth of information floating about ^^

    To get to lvl 100, it may not take you too long - just make sure you are using xp buffs wisely (both the free ones you get from finishing daily challenges and the paid ones from ander shop), as well as farming the right maps with lots of mobs that you can fast clear to use those buffs. You can also use upgraded xp pet, xp runes, etc. as well making sure to complete all yellow quests (which are the main storyline, so they are essentially 'mandatory' in a way), and can also even do some orange side quests - since quests can be a good source of both xp and ander.

    Your road to endgame will start after lvl 100, since that is when the most of the long-term building starts. From there, you can start obtaining the uniques you need for your long-term build, as well as gathering and crafting the right enchantments, setting them up with the right gems, upgrading the most important gems/runes, etc. Keep on working on wisdom as well, and participate in events that give useful and valuable goodies, so on and so forth. :)