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  1. yılmazcan47

    yılmazcan47 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, I am a Turkish player who has been playing darkorbit for 12 years. Can you tell me about this game?
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Drakensang Online (DSO) is an action-oriented fantasy role playing game. You choose from 1 of 4 character types (Ranger, Spellweaver, Dragon Knight, Steam Mechanicus [dwarf with steam-punk styling & ballistic weapons]), kill monsters, collect loot and experience, open up knew skills as you progress.

    There are various quest lines, but most are of the "kill x of this kind of monsters" and/or "collect y number of this item."

    You grow stronger by leveling up (current cap is Level 55, but will change to 100 in the next release), by earning certain items through playing through special events, by looting gems from monsters, by dropping better equipment and/or improving your existing items through a "workbench" (which requires a lot of luck to successfully upgrade an item).

    You can also harvest various ingredients then craft them into potions, elixirs, tonics and physics which, when consumed, can temporarily boost one of your statistics.

    The social aspects of the game are minimal, consisting of player to player and player to channel chat, along with friends lists and guild lists. Guild benefits are minimal, conveying minor boosts in various drop chances; nothing as "sophisticated" as guild halls, for example. You can form spur-of-the-moment groups of up to 5 players to enter a dungeon together; there are some advantages and also some penalties associated with grouping, but I play solo, so will leave you to discover more about that on your own.

    There is a player-versus-player component, but the matching system is atrocious and the entire paradigm was shifted a couple years ago to strip most of the power of the individual toon's equipment. It's not a truly gearless structure, and is pretty much universally despised.

    I'll leave you with a couple caveats:

    1. The grinding elements of this game are endless; it can take a couple years before your toon is strong enough to complete most events
    2. The next release, labeled as a "content expansion," is bringing many, many changes to the game, the consequences of which might include:
      1. A mass exodus of existing players due to existing gear being reduced in capability if not outright destroyed; skills being altered to weaken them; diversity in game play decreasing; etc.
      2. Higher cost to play … it's currently free to play in name, but events have been increasingly structured to force players to either not even attempt to play them or pay cash for special event gear and ammunition in order to try to complete them in time … in the new release (still in testing), more standard play necessities are sky-rocketing in in-game currency costs, meaning you may have to cough up cash to do even casual quests and crafts
    I recommend that you wait a few weeks / months until the Content Expansion is on the live servers (it was recently postponed to Dec 1st, but will probably be delayed further), then give that version of the game a try.
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  3. Banterssaurusrex

    Banterssaurusrex Forum Greenhorn

    when is the next release?
  4. yılmazcan47

    yılmazcan47 Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks we can wait and see
  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Should have been today, but they've delayed it until December 1st. I expect them to delay it more as the test version doesn't look very... ready.