Help me , please! I can't do anything...

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by stavro.cheliev1, Feb 22, 2022.

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  1. stavro.cheliev1

    stavro.cheliev1 Forum Apprentice

    Hello. I haven't played DSO for some years. The last time when i logged out, everything was ok. However, since my last play, a lot of things have changed, and now I'm unable to play DSO in any meaningful way.

    Now, I'm level 55. I can't do any Q, because the easiest Q level is infernal, all monsters are level 80 - and i can't kill even one monster. Back then, i was able to do any Q alone, but now, i can't do any Q.

    Back then, my character was very strong, but no my character is a 100% completely dysfunctional thing that can't do anything without someone's help.

    Some of my pets and animals are missing, and i don't know why. All my costumes are missing, too, as well as some gems and items.

    Currently, my character wears the green chameleon costume. I want to take the costume off, but i don't know how. Since all costumes are missing, including the green chameleon costume, there is no costume i can click on and then off in order to remove the costume. Do you understand me?

    Can someone tell me how to solve the problem with costumes?

    Also, i have a request. If there is an overpowered player, who is willing to carry me on Q missions until i become a little bit stronger to the point where i can do some Q missions by myself, feel free to do it. My character is in the Grimmag server.

    If you are willing to carry me, say it in this thread.

  2. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    however, for a long time you did not play.. in the top panel, find the Collector's Album, open it, perhaps there you will find the missing pets and costumes.. press all green crosses and you will make room in the inventory, in the same place, in the Collector's Album, find your costume and right-click clicks on it.. well, regarding monsters, swing to 100 levels and do not go to difficulty above normal..

    about an independent game, you can forget.. and for a long time.. look for friends in the game, make new acquaintances.. now DSO is created only for group game:(..
  3. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I would recommend playing Painful as soon as you can. The chance isn't super high, but you can drop Runes on Painful and above.

    Wisdom is incredibly important now: A large amount of your HP, Crit rate, Damage, etc. come from the Wisdom tree. If you have Keys of Prowess left over from when you last played, use them to run scaling dungeon bosses on Painful as well ... bosses drop a much higher quantity of wisdom, junk equipment, gems and occasionally unique gear (only some of which is useful for more than a level) than any normal to semi-special mob.

    Gold is also very important: Everything costs literally 100 x what it used to. Which is why you'll sell most of the junk equipment.

    However, one major twist to the new game is the ability to transfer enchantments from any type of gear to the same or any other type of gear. You'll probably already be eligible to enchantment transfer craft; if not, look at the Achievements tab in your Journal, specifically at the Equipment sub-section of the Crafting group. The first item shows you the requirements needed to gain that transfer crafting recipe.

    Oh, and forget about Qs for now. Maybe for a long time, especially if you end up playing solo a lot of the time (there are now markedly fewer players to hook up with, of course). I slowly limped my way from level 55 post CE to level 100, and have kinda stalled out from there. I can now kill general mobs and special monsters in Q Infernal mode fairly easily without any essence; Q Merciless mobs are doable, but the special mobs require more focus; Q Bloodshed ... not my cup of tea so far. And, Q bosses are out of reach ... maybe a few of the "softer" bosses, like Khalys. Pre-CE I was playing Q Infernal 3 fairly confidently.

    Potions don't drop; you have to craft them. But crafting implements are very costly (see, however, the crafting master in Qaizah); crafting ingredients drop but not frequently enough from mobs; you can harvest consumable raw material, but the required harvesting tools are super expensive (Andermant purchase only). Bottom line, learn to live without healing/resource potions or buffs for now. Mobs don't drop healing spheres very often, either. Focus on increasing HP, to a lesser extent on building armor, and forget about elemental magic resistance. Spare some of your Wisdom points to increase HP and potentially resource recovery.


    Back to your confusion on the mess they've made of your toon at conversion ...

    Yes, emotes, costumes, mounts and pets can be found in the new Collector's bag (see the option pretty much dead center of the top of the display).

    Yes, a lot of gear has been flagged as obsolete and converted to glyphs of power. Some Runes have been converted to Jewels and vice versa. Speaking of which, Runes and Jewels no longer get added to gear, but instead are added to special holders in a separate tab in your inventory (look at the top left of the inventory window).

    Yes, many other items, including various keys and ingredients, have been added to a different Special bag in your inventory.

    Yes, a few other special items are also considered obsolete (some of which were converted to gold, some of which still show up in your inventory but can't be used any longer).

    Yes, attack speed gems are back, now called Zircons (yellow).

    Yes, there are separate gems for each kind of elemental resistance (but we also have the old overall resistance gems).

    Yes, there are new movement speed gems (purple-ish Rholodites).

    Yes, gear now longer has tiers, nor can gear be leveled up (again, with the important addition of enchantment transfer crafting partially compensating for the loss of those other features).

    Yes, Andermant, essence, and junk gear rarely drop from random mobs (concentrate as much as possible on running past normal mobs and killing only Guardian and up special mobs). You can only drop Runes from special mobs (including bosses). I actually find I have better luck dropping runes from Guardians (green level) than Champions (blue level) and higher mobs.

    Yes, a million other things changed about the game, but you'll figure it out (that is, if you don't immediately quit again ;)).

    Good luck!
  4. Eyehategod

    Eyehategod Forum Greenhorn

    I can help you tomorrow afternoon. Just leave ingame name here and ill write to you.