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Discussion in 'Guild Introductions' started by CoZdor, Aug 15, 2020.

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  1. CoZdor

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    My friend and I have returned actively in this game and decided to make a guild, farm with people and hopefully make new friends.

    Our aim is to farm in preparation for Level 60 and then hopefully become much stronger.

    Level 55 or nearly 55
    Active - Ideally daily but we're easy
    Only English in chat
    No drama - Nobody's got time for that

    We are both good enough to do Inf 2 without any hassle, Inf 3-4 with a push but do-able. We haven't even attempted any higher yet. We have a clear plan of what to farm, where to farm it and how fast we need to farm it.

    To join us, please message Cozdi or Dude on Heredur Server.


    First week completed with the new guild and we still have a few slots remaining.

    We've managed to get some OP players and some not-so OP. But it's great to see that everybody is helping each other out in preparation for the content expansion.

    Please contact Cozdi or Dude to join us.


    A month and a half since we started this guild and we're progressing really well.

    Are you tired of begging for somebody to carry you? Are you tired of being carried and want to have a good character when CE hits the servers? Join us. Everybody is helping each other in our guild and we're all well prepared for Lvl 60 (or whatever lvl BP give us).

    Send an in-game pm to Cozdi, Dude or Tolucaville.
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