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  1. lion3370

    lion3370 Someday Author

    French guild, we also accept those who are not French.
    Lesguerriers2 is on the Heredur server.
    We are a small guild, created around August 2014-2015.
    Our guild is based on mutual aid.
    The guild is unfortunately no longer as active as in its beginnings.
    But even though we are few in number, we help new members if possible, whether in-game or via help on the site, or on Discord if they have questions.
    Lesguerriers2, to be together more often, do guild activities proposed by guild members, such as PVP/PVE events in the guild as well as guild photos.
    Contact Lion3370fr to be invited (On the game or Discord), it is also possible to make a recruitment request with the form, on the guild website.
    The goal of the guild is to play together when we have time, so all levels are accepted subject to mutual assistance.
    You can find the guild website on the internet, just type Lesguerriers2, you will quickly see the home page then receive the recruitment form as well as the guild discord.
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  2. helphyre

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    bonjour vous recrutez toujours?
  3. lion3370

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    Hello, yes, what is your pseudonym in game?
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  5. helphyre

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    salut, le pseudo est "filborg"
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