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Discussion in 'Guild Search' started by .makelaris., Dec 27, 2019.

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  1. .makelaris.

    .makelaris. Forum Greenhorn

    hi , i search guild on heredur those are my stats, i no play for a long time so u understand why i am not that strong etc. no buffs etc in the photo also tell me a name to pm and talk if someone can invite me[​IMG]

    btw, i dont care for your opinion if i am low etc, dont even bother type if u aint for a guild, i dont think i force anyone to play with me so dont be kids :D if i am low for u you can just ignore this post :) :) wish u a happy new year :D
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  2. вøииεу

    вøииεу Forum Apprentice

    Hi @.makelaris.
    contact me in game, I can't write your name :oops:
  3. .makelaris.

    .makelaris. Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, yes my name has greek o , whats your name i will be online now
  4. вøииεу

    вøииεу Forum Apprentice


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