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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes,

    A hotfix is scheduled for tomorrow, the 17th of December.

    Thursday, 17.12.2020

    Start Countdown: 08:30 CET
    Start Maintenance: 09:00 CET
    Maintenance finished: 09:30 CET

    • Incorrect guidance and missing NPC in the quest “Surrounded”. This has been fixed now.
    • Players were not able to enter the Parallel World Tegan’s Ceremonial Hall via the dungeon entrance. This has been fixed now.
    • Due to missing monster spawn the quest “Dear Diary” could not be completed correctly. This has been fixed now.
    • The level of some monsters in the Crypt of Kings did not scale to the player level. This has been fixed now.
    • Additional fixes for the quest “Brigavik” so it does not behave incorrectly when leaving the map during the quest.
    • Additional fixes for the monster spawn behavior to avoid map server crashes and client crashes.
    • The visual effect of the explosions triggered by the talent “Unleashed Dragon” and the skill “Fury of the Dragons” has been reduced.
    • Andermagic Fighters & Rangers spawned from the Birthing Andermagic Monster do not drop items anymore.
    • Sigrismarr, Arachna, Gorga and King Heredur kills are counting for the Daily Challenges again.
    • Bloodshed:
      • Guaranteed drop of 40 Ancient Wisdom has been added to the drop of World Bosses
      • Players cannot enter the map anymore when all enemies have been defeated
      • Slightly increased damage and health points of all monsters
      • Added additional debuffs to all attacks of the Sludges
      • added an aura to all Sludges that will buff all enemies nearby
    Next steps for Release 246
    • Adjust drop of Ancient Wisdom, Gems, PW Unique items, Fragments of Infernal Passages
    • Fix incorrect skills and talents
    • Fix minor issues like missing icons, texts, environment issues
    • Apply script for missing crafting recipe Basic Crafting 1
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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