Hotfix for R128 (RISE OF DRAGAN)

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  1. LIVE SYNC, Wednesday 25.06.2014


    09:00 am (CEST UTC +2) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (CEST UTC +2)
    start maintenance (takes at least 90 minutes)

    Good to know:

    The quest from Gnob will not be reset – players will not lose their current event rewards and they can get double the amount of drakens!!! (i.e. they have a chance of receiving draken drops from the chests the second time around too)

    After the event Rise of Dragan:

    Extra ONYX SKULL GEMSTONES will be removed via script after the event.
    A player will only have one ONYX SKULL gemstone in total after the script.


    After the hotfix all players will be able to do the quests of the Rise of Dragan event once more. All chests can be opened once more.

    We noticed that some of you have not gotten items which they should have gotten.

    The event is designed in a way that if you play it from the start until the end, you should get all the rewards.


    A bug was fixed that would cause the Mac client to crash

    Still Unsolved:

    Event – Rise of Dragan


    ·If you fail the Black Knights Battleground Quest you have to erase the quest from your quest log and accept it again

    ·Test of Merciless: Every player has to speak to the NPC Dr.Jullov (in his laboratory) otherwise the quest Test of Mercilessness does not count

    ·Test of Bravery: All members of a group need to speak first to NPC Perceval and then activate the gong. If a member of a group speaks to
    NPC Perceval and activated the gong before other group members have spoken to the NPC, the quest only counts for one group member
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