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    Heroes of Dracania,

    In order to guarantee a smooth beginning of the upcoming event Return of Dragan,
    we are polishing its content already now. Also we have eliminated several spots in the game where you would be dismissed from the game when hitting a particular monster.

    Monster behavior causes map crash
    Map server crash caused by monster behavior was fixed

    Upcoming Event: Return of Dragan

    Chest Mechanic finalization
    Quest reward mechanic corrected
    Final behavior for Boss Heredur and Boss Sargon’s do not use basic attacks against player if they stand in a certain place.

    Shop Window
    Shop window opening in wrong tab

    Known Issues:

    Dragon Mount sounds like a horse
    female character voices sound like male voices

    Item Tooltip:
    Tooltip does not refresh after identification of items and remains stuck

    The quest object for Quest “Hunter and Prey 3/4” can only be used by one person on the map

    LIVE SYNC, Tuesday 14.10.2014 TIME SCHEDULE;

    09:00 am (CET UTC +2) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)
    09:30 am (CET UTC +2) start maintenance (takes at least 90 minutes)

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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