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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello Heroes,

    This hotfix is predominately fixing issues with the event Curse of the Black Knights.

    LIVE SYNC, Tuesday 14.04.2015

    12:30 (CEST UTC +2) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)
    13:00 (CEST UTC +2)
    start maintenance (takes at least 120 minutes)
    15:00 (CEST UTC +2) sync finished

    Legendary King’s Unique items for 1 day
    The 1 day set items (gloves or torso) are meant to drop in the Dragan Easter event.
    However, they are not supposed to drop anywhere else in the game, and especially not on boss monster Mortis. This has been corrected and boss monster Mortis is not dropping these pieces anymore.

    White Rabbit Costume cannot be combined

    It is currently not possible to craft the White Rabbit Costume, as part 3 does not drop from the dark chests during the event. This has been fixed now and the correct part is now dropping from the chest.
    Important information: A script will compensate all players with the missing part – the missing part will directly be placed in the character’s inventory, there will be no notification popping up. Please also do not destroy the duplicate parts that you until you get the missing part.

    Colorful Dragonspawns zero drop
    The Colorful Dragonspawns do not drop anything when they are being defeated by a group of players. This has been fixed and the Colorful Dragons drop rewards as intended.

    Other bugfixes, not related to the event Curse of the Black Knights:

    FMoD Studio Audio Crash
    3 types of crashes have been fixed because of the new FmoD Studio Audio.

    Wrong Glyphs of Power amount credited

    Buying the 4000 Andermant Glyphs of Power package only gives you 1 Glyph of Power.
    This problem has been fixed – and a compensation will follow via script, however not during this hotfix but at later stage.

    About the invisible lasers in the event
    Our Team has been locking into this issue – it appears that players cannot see the Dragon’s Breath (Lasers) in Castle Ravencaw. However, despite this being a known issue, we cannot reproduce it with our team. This appears to be a loading problem of a graphic or an individual problem caused by outdated graphic cards.​

    Best regards,
    CM Greg and the DSO moderation team
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    Hello Heroes,

    The initially announced time schedule has been updated. The developers have confirmed that due to the execution of the script, the
    servers will be longer offline. The estimated time for them to return online is 3pm not 2pm CEST.
    Best regards,
    CM Greg and the DSO Mod Team