how deep is your gems drop?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ghostmagicus, Mar 6, 2019.

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  1. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    [video of a boring song removed]

    Mine is awfull, 99,99% fllawed, i guess i need to be imortall to upgrade my gems to top stats only from drop.

    PS:unfortunatelly beautifull song "How deep is your love" of Bee Gees was removed, i just added in order to give more fun to forum readers, and somehow was kind of expressing that BP dont love us too much with such poor drop rate of gems, sorry for inconvenience if i brekead some rule.

    I will try to read more carefully agrement in order to know what contentt i am alow to add on forum.
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Mogul

    What gem drop? I'm way more likely to get 0 gems in 3 hours than to get 3 gems in one hour. And, yes, virtually all are flawed gems.

    Bear in mind that I rarely play three hours a day, and that my primary toon can do Excruciating, but not without some concentration on my part, so most of my playtime is in Painful (or even Normal with my other two toons).
  3. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

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